New F-150s Recalled By Ford For Cruise Control Brake Problems

New F-150s Recalled By Ford For Cruise Control Brake Problems

Ford Motors, the U.S automaker, will be recalling 37,000 new F -150s vehicles for brake issues when running on cruise control. Some of the Ford F-150s might hit the brakes when they are not supposed to and this could possibly cause an accident. Ford F -150 is the best selling truck of the company.

The manufacturer said that an F-150 in cruise control mode might apply the brake if it detects an obstacle. The problem can occur even if the pickup truck passes by a big truck. The automatic braking system of Ford F -150 has the tendency to incorrectly sense that there is another vehicle in its lane and start to hit the brakes.

The collision warning system of F-150 would also get activated and flashing red-light and an alarm in the cabin of the vehicle will sound. The U.S automaker recalled nearly 37,000 F-150s of model year 2015 that is having this problem. Most of them are in the United States.

The F-150 recall would involve an update to the flexible cruise control module software. The issue of the adaptive cruise control braking all of a sudden might be linked to one accident, according to Ford, but there were no injuries reported for the issue.

Ford will also be recalling 342,000 Windstar minivans for the possible crack in the rear axle. The two recalls announced yesterday by Ford is the largest of its recent recalls that covers about 382,000 vehicles. There are four other recalls made by Ford that are fewer than 1,500 vehicles each.

70 Ford Escapes as well as Mercury Mariners for the model years 2001 to 2008 were recalled for loose-fitting shift-control bolts that might make the vehicles slide away.

1,500 2016 model year stripped chassis vehicles F-53 and F-59 are recalled for an issue in controlling of the gear shift.

700 2016 model year Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion cars are recalled for improper fuel tanks which might lead to a crack during a crash.

250 Lincoln MKS, Ford Tauruses and Ford Explorers are to be recalled for improper tightening of fuel tank attachment bolts that might sometimes cause a leak of the fuel and can result in a fire.

The Windstar mini-van recalls from model years 1998 to 2003 relates to an earlier recall for cracking of the rear axle from 2010.

The Ford dealers are advised to inspect the vehicles and carry out rear axle replacement for free, if the bracket was installed wrongly.

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