Motion Detection Game From Sony Gets Updated

Motion Detection Game From Sony Gets Updated

For those who love the motion detector games of Sony, they can now look forward to some more thrilling games of the same kind. The sensors that simulate flight as the technology that Softkinetic provides usually make use of gestural control. With the hand gestures the players are able to bring about changes in motion through the game consoles. The same effects can be created in car games as well as in games played through mobile devices.

There has been an added on brought on by Softkinetic which is a headset of the Oculus Rift technology that costs 99 dollars. If you are curious to know what are the different features to be included with this headset, there would be several like a camera that offers three dimensional sense of depth. Those who are developing apps based on virtual reality, they can add on controls through gestures through this accessory.

Soft kinetic Systems have been taken over by Sony and hence, it is expected that, the sensors and cameras that detect motion and distance will soon be part of the gamut of offerings from Sony. Softkinetic is known to have mastered the technique of time and flight measurement. That allows distance of an object’s location to be sensed by a sensor. It can also be applied to objects that can be bounced off a camera by the use of photon packets.

Xbox One already has a Kinect senor in place which can identify the players or allow gestures to be used to control games. Sony has made use of two cameras for providing the technique of detecting gestures through the controller of PlayStation 4. With Softkinetic acquired it will become easier for Sony to incorporate the time of flight technique to create a game console that offers futuristic features. The technology of Softkinetic will have more features to offer Sony for its games.

The sensors of time and flight depth technology will not require the use of stereoscopic cameras. As a result, the consoles can be made compact in design. These can also be mimicked in mobile devices. Similar control features can be used in cars in the entertainment systems. Through gesture drivers can change stations or do other functions without having to find the physical buttons. Hence, Sony car entertainment units will also profit from the incorporation of this technology. For Sony fans there is much to look forward to and a more immersive experience can be expected from the PlayStation games.

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