Most 2016 Volvo Models Recalled For Start/Stop Problems

Most 2016 Volvo Models Recalled For Start/Stop Problems

The Volvo, the Swedish auto giant, has called for a recall of the 7,800 2016 model year Volvo vehicles for a possible issue with its start/ stop button. Most of the popular models from Volvo have been recalled for an electrical problem in the start / stop switch. The Volvo S60, S80, XC 60, XC 70, V60 and V60CC are the models that have been recalled by the Swedish car manufacturer. This was made known to the media by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agency (NHTSA).

Some of the 2016 Volvo vehicles might be suffering from an electrical problem that could make the vehicle to come to a stop at traffic signals. The problem with the Volvo cars is associated with the stop/ start motor fitted in the cars. The fuse of the start / stop button might be the culprit that might even cause the car to come to not resume its run once it is stopped at signals.

The fuse will be performing normal when the car is in the running mode. The fuse might tend to get overloaded when the car restarts. The fuse problem might arise in a Volvo car when it accelerates from a full stop either in an intersection or during heavy traffics.

This problem in Volvo cars cannot be considered to be a small problem as the fuse will have to be replaced if the start/ stop motor does not restart. The fuse also has the possibility to blow up in traffic signals or during heavy traffic on the roads. This might cause accidents, particularly collision at the rear end and might also lead to injuries.

All the Volvo model cars that were sold in the United States during the period from April 8, 2015 to August 19, 2015 will be recalled to carry out a check in the start / stop motor of the cars. Volvo says that it will be recalling a total of 7,885 registered Volvo cars for inspection.

Volvo will be mailing notices to the U.S. registered customers about the recall from October 12. The Volvo owners who receive the notices will have to take their vehicle to the nearest Volvo dealerships to check out the condition of the motor. If the fuse is found to be a problematic one, Volvo dealers will be installing a high ampere fuse for the start/ stop motor, free of cost.

The Volvo owners have been advised to turn off the start / stop feature until the problem in the fuse is corrected.

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