Microsoft Looking To Entice Developers By Taking HoloLens On A U.S. Tour

Microsoft Looking To Entice Developers By Taking HoloLens On A U.S. Tour

Microsoft looks to be intent on making its augmented reality headset a huge success. It has plans to take the HoloLens, augmented reality headset on a complete tour of the United States. The tour will be commencing in October and will end in November.

Microsoft will be taking the HoloLens augmented reality headset by virtue of a road trip to as many as 10 countries in the United States. It has plans to take it to Toronto as well. This is one way of showcasing its pet HoloLens project and also to woo a lot of developers.

The hands on trial of the new augmented reality headsets for the developers will commence in Seattle, its hometown and then will spread on to Austin, Atlanta, Chicago and New York City as well.

The HoloLens headset was showcased by Microsoft in Januarys this year. This gadget uniquely blends the reality and the virtual worlds through some applications like Skype or Minecraft game. There have been many applications of the new technology that was showcased by Microsoft. Even during the recently concluded Microsoft windows 10 event last Tuesday, Microsoft showed the Project X-Ray demo. This new game will need the user to fight with the army of spider like robots that are attacking the living room of the headset user.

The augmented reality headset on offer from Microsoft does not need any wires or PC connection or Smartphone connection to function. This will give the user to walk around freely in a varied reality surroundings.

The HoloLens is a pricey one and the first developer’s version will cost $3,000. It is expected to be shipped to the buyers in the U.S. and Canada during the first quarter of 2016. The consumer version of the HoloLens will also be coming out next year, after the release of the developer’s version.

There are many tech giant companies that are also looking to bring out their augmented reality headsets or virtual reality headsets to woo the tech savvy people all over the world. The other VR headsets are: Oculus Rift from Facebook, Google Cardboard, Sony PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR. What this means is that the augmented reality technology is here to stay and there will be many people seen wearing these headsets from next year.

HoloLens is special according to Microsoft as it gives the user a chance to interact with the surroundings. It can be used to play games, for work and also for medical purposes.

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