Microsoft And ASUS Signs Deal To Preinstall Office Apps On Android Devices

Microsoft And ASUS Signs Deal To Preinstall Office Apps On Android Devices

Microsoft announced that it has signed a patent- licensing deal with ASUS on October 1st. The licensing deal will integrate the two tech companies further closer.

Microsoft already has an agreement with ASUSTek Computer Inc. but, it doesn’t include the Android devices. ASUS will now install the Microsoft office apps other products on the Android phones. Microsoft said that the deal opened the door to collaboration between the companies that were possible only through respect for each other and alliance on intellectual property.

Microsoft was making deals and signing patents with Android, Chrome and Linux device manufacturing companies earlier. This gave the chance to prevent any potential disputes and to settle multiple disputes for years. The expansion made on the patent licensing agreement on October 1st will make the tech company based in Taiwan to produce Smartphones and tablets which are pre-installed with office apps from Microsoft.

Nick Psyhogeos, the president of Microsoft Technology Licensing said that the agreement has significant value for Microsoft as well as ASUS. He said that the agreement will ensure continued improvements for Microsoft products.

There were rumors in 2014 that ASUS stopped the production of laptop- tablet hybrids because of Microsoft. These devices had the feature to dual boot to Microsoft OS windows. The latest developments, however, indicate that the two companies are now in harmony and they will provide better innovations in the future with the collaboration between them.

Microsoft made a similar deal with Samsung earlier in 2015. In February 2015, Microsoft and Samsung settled the dispute over patent licensing of Androids. In May 2015, Samsung agreed to use Microsoft office software and other services from Microsoft on their android tablets.

Microsoft is now making more than 30 OEMs to preload its software and services. This includes OEMs from regional and international level. Microsoft is looking for peaceful solutions through making collaborations. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, preferred to stop competing with Google in the OS for Smartphones. He wants Microsoft products to be used in maximum number of Android phones. It seems this strategy of Nadella is working better for Microsoft.

Microsoft and Google made a blanket agreement of 20 patent lawsuits two days back. The terms of the deal are not revealed by Google or Microsoft. It is not likely that Google will agree to preload its device with Microsoft software or services. It is expected that Google will make apps that will work on Windows devices.

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