Mercedes Working On New Halo Car With 12 Cylinders

Mercedes Working On New Halo Car With 12 Cylinders

When Mercedes rolled out the AMG GT, many people thought that it would be the halo car of the brand for many years. There are reports that Mercedes is planning to bring a new 12 cylinder model to slot above its GT model.

SLS AMG was the jewel in the lineup of Mercedes Benz because of its performance. The superpower of the car was from the 4.0 liter bi-turbo engine. However, the company always considered SLS AMG as “Baby SLS”. It seems Mercedes wants to expand its performance car line up further with the new car with four additional cylinders.

It is expected that GT will continue in the top slot for some more time and the lineup will see some expansion. There are two more additions which are in line, the black series expected next year and another AMG GT model after that in addition to the 12 cylinder model.

The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT was the second model to be entirely developed by parent company’s performance subsidiary after ending the alliance with McLaren.

The base MSRP estimated for this model was $130,000 whereas for SLS it was over $210,000.

The new halo car with 12 cylinders will be mated with a battery pack as well as to an electric motor to give better performance and to reduce emissions. This model is expected to be the best performing Mercedes ever created. It will compete with the luxury models such as Aston-Martin vantage, Jaguar F Type, Audi R8 etc.

This will literally be a super car with improved fuel economy which will justify its position above GT.

According to speculations by the auto industry experts, the 12 cylinder engine will be of 600 ponies and 650 pounds and will produce an impressive power of 523 HP and 612 NM torque.

Meanwhile, Mercedes –Benz released details about its latest and eco-friendly rig, the concept intelligent aerodynamic automobile ahead of its Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 debut.

This latest concept IAA will save fuel and reduce the emissions in the most advanced cars from the company.

When the car reaches the speed of 80 km/h or higher, the concept IAA will undergo some shape shifting to provide better aerodynamics by using the aerodynamic model.

It is not clear when Mercedes will use the concept or the technology in its products. It is expected that the company will put the concept into use within five years.


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