Mercedes Benz Diesel To Be Replaced By Hybrid Engines

Mercedes Benz Diesel To Be Replaced By Hybrid Engines

There are many German automakers who have had great success in selling diesel powered cars in America. Mercedes Benz is one such company that is enjoying great success with its diesel powered cars. The diesel powered engines will be replaced slowly by hybrid engines and in the long run all oil burners will be replaced by electric hybrids. This is why most of the concept cars that we have seen for the past few years have come out with a plug in hybrid or some sort of hybrid setup and less number of diesel mills.

The technology behind the diesel mill is complex and expensive. The additives used to reduce the particulate matter costs a lot. This is why Mercedes is looking to come out with more hybrid cars. Also with the recent troubles that Volkswagen is facing with its diesel powered cars in America, it is better off for Mercedes to think of replacing all its diesel cars with hybrid ones that are also environmentally friendly.

The Mercedes Benz AMG will be embracing the hybrid power in 2020 and the main reason behind this move is the rise in the CO2 emissions in the U.S. and EU. The manufacturers have also used many different means to counter the release of carbon in the atmosphere and one such thing is the use of additives or particulate filters like AdBlue. The diesel powered engines will hence be phased out as time goes by with a setup that is similar to the E 300 BlueTEC hybrid in the future.

Mercedes is on a product launch spree for the past two years. Mercedes has just come out with the new GLE SUV family. The GLE team of engineers is working hard on the next generation that would be coming out within the next 5 to 6 years with a new chassis technology.

Mercedes also has plans to introduce more technology on the future vehicles so that the vehicles become user friendly and are very easy to drive. Mercedes will also be coming out with a new compact crossover that would be having the GLA platform underpinning. The GLA platform is also shared by A class, B class as well as CLA class models. Mercedes Benz has confirmed that any time there is a talk about a new crossover they would seriously consider the car for the American market. One will have to wait or the next big announcement from Mercedes Benz about the replacement of diesel mills to hybrid ones.


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