Mazda 3 Hatchbacks And Sedans Recalled For Fuel Leak Issues

Mazda 3 Hatchbacks And Sedans Recalled For Fuel Leak Issues

There is no doubt that the U.S auto industry is facing a big boom this year. The sales of almost all car manufacturers have seen an increase in the last quarter, thanks to lower gasoline prices as well as the launch of new and affordable cars in all segments.

With the increase in the sales of the cars there is also in the amount of recalls that many car manufacturers are making. For the past one month at least one car company has issued a recall for its cars due to various problems that could result in injuries and accidents.

The latest automaker to make a recall for its 2015 and 2016 models is Mazda. This auto manufacturer will be recalling 14,270 hatchbacks and sedans of the Mazda 3 for possible fuel tank leak problem.

The Mazda 3 compact sedans and hatchbacks for 2015 and 2016 model years are the ones that are re-called. Mazda has also instructed its U.S dealers to stop the sales as well as deliveries of the Mazda 3 vehicles.

There is a problem that has been noted on the fuel shut off valve of the latest Mazda 3 cars. This might allow the fuel to move into the charcoal emissions canister. If a decent amount of fuel gets into the canister, then it can cause a leak. This could cause a fire to break or even the engine to stall all of a sudden. Mazda has said that there have been no accidents or injuries that have been reported for this problem yet.

The recall of the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback is for the vehicles that were built from May 21, 2015 to august 24, 2015. Mazda has issued the recall, stopped delivery and the stop sale orders to all its U.S dealerships for the vehicles built during the period.

Mazda has said that it will start to mail the recall notices to all the Mazda 3 owners in October itself. On receipt of the notice, the owner will have taken the vehicle to the Mazda dealers. An inspection of the fuel tank will be carried out by the dealers.

If the fuel valve is found defective, the dealer will replace the charcoal canister and the fuel tank for free. As this repair could take time, the Mazda 3 car owners will be offered with a loaner vehicle for free until their car is fixed.

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