Luxury And Concept Cars Remain The Focus In Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Luxury And Concept Cars Remain The Focus In Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

For those who are reviewing the big introductions that have been made at the Frankfurt Motor show this year will see an emphasis on luxury and concept cars and less of economical and practical models for the road. This could be an indication of what the automakers are forecasting about the global economy, brushing aside doubts that the volatile markets might take a downward turn and bring down demand. The Motor Show has definitely brought the highlight on luxury as well as hybrid and electrical models, a clear shift from the mainstream and economical car designs.

There are many models worth ogling at like the concept car of Tesla, the Porsche Mission E or the Audi e-Tron Quattro. There are other cars in the premium compact category worth mentioning like the Mini Clubman, Infiniti Q30 as well as the SUV Bentley Bentayga which is of the SUV category.

Many all time favorite models are also seeing a comeback in a new avatar. Take for instance the Astra that was shown off in its new version by the Opel chief at the show. He talked about the performance of The Pulse, the other vehicle that has created a considerable impact from there were all kinds of brands to review as the mist had lined up several revolutionary models and make that would be seen in the forthcoming years. Toyota Motors had its European Executive Vice President to talk about the CHR concept model that was showcased at the show.

Porsche showcased Mission E, the electric car that it plans to launch as a direct attack on Tesla’s electric car range. This car is stated to be able to rev up on a charge in a matter of fifteen minutes and would be able to take up a speed from 0 to 60 within 3.5 seconds. The other cars worth mentioning are Mercedes Concept IAA. This is in the S class range and its initials stand for the International Automobile-Ausstellung. This is a sedan car of the four seater luxury category which will change shape as the vehicle takes up speed. The rear bumper will change shape as it extends out while the front bumper will retract like a fin to improve the air flow of the under body and help improve the aerodynamic features of the vehicle. This vehicle was certainly a talking point of the show along with Vision GT of Bugatti which also promises similar features and functions.


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