LSU Tigers Fans Ready To Cheer South Carolina Game

LSU Tigers Fans Ready To Cheer South Carolina Game

At the point when the Tiger Band strikes up the South Carolina fight song, we trust that LSU fans will let free a gigantic cheer in Tiger Stadium.

We know how it feels, South Carolina.

Saturday’s defining moment ought to have been in Columbia, however the University of South Carolina authority felt — and we concur with it, as a matter of fact that it is hard to hold a game amid the mayhem that still wins in a rain-saturated state.

Ten years prior, amid the outcome of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, Arizona State University facilitated the LSU Tigers, who couldn’t play in Baton Rouge as scheduled. The players contended as energetically as they generally do, yet the occasion was made really extraordinary for us by the liberal accommodation and bolster our team got.

Louisiana will always remember the Sun Devils’ neighborliness amid our season of trial.

We trust that the general population of South Carolina why should capable make it to Baton Rouge for the game will appreciate as critical an experience.

God realizes that Louisiana has had its offer of common catastrophes, including storms Katrina and Rita in 2005. A football game is such an immense undertaking in the Southeastern Conference, utilizing more than players and university faculty.

Floodwaters are unforgiving of our schedules. The waterways and floods of South Carolina will be tested into this weekend and past by overflow regardless of the possibility that the overwhelming storm has proceeded onward. Moving the game was an intense choice, yet it was the right one.

Governor Nikki Haley hasn’t even speculated yet at the harm’s measurements, past the undeniable effect of the loss of life. Yet, after the South Carolina-LSU game has gone into the history books as the 21st meeting of the teams, and as a home game for South Carolina, we are certain that the general population of Louisiana will keep on adding to alleviation endeavors. LSU volunteers will take gifts to the American Red Cross on Saturday.

We encourage the Louisiana appointment in Congress, at the suitable time, to be champions for storm alleviation in South Carolina. In nowadays of legislative issues and gridlock in the country’s capital, it can be overlooked that the legislature of the United States is and should be there to assist the with statesing in times of extraordinary trial.

There was a tactless verbal confrontation over Hurricane Sandy guide in 2012 that we trust is not rehashed for the current year. What’s more, in Louisiana, we can just think about what number of individuals in South Carolina added to storm alleviation in 2005 and came as volunteers to help us here.

There’s something more vital than even football, two fine teams and capable coaches, the fans and the good times. There is the general population’s solidarity of Louisiana with those of South Carolina today.

Our hearts and requests to God are with you.
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