Laura Schwab Hired As New Regional Chief Of Aston Martin America

Laura Schwab Hired As New Regional Chief Of Aston Martin America

Aston Martin has named Laura Schwab as the new President to take care of its American operations. Laura has moved from Jaguar Land Rover where she had worked for the last 14 years. She has rich experience in working in the luxury car segment and she will bring her expertise in driving the Aston Martin to become one of the popular brands in America.

The luxury British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, has announced that Laura will be joining the American wing of the company from October 26th. Laura is 42 years old and her recent post at the Jaguar Land Rover was as the marketing director of the JLR in the United Kingdom.

Laura will be moving from one former Ford company to another. Ford was holding the stake of Aston Martin till 2007. It also sold its stake in Land Rover to the popular Indian company, Tata Motors, in 2008. Laura is a native of Louisville, Ky.

She will be heading the operation of Aston Martin in the U.S., South America, Canada and Mexico. She will be dealing with as many as 46 Aston Martin dealerships in these areas. The American regions are a good region for the British sports car manufacturer as it gets as many as 25% of its annual global sales from this region.

Laura Schwab said that there is quite a lot of buzz around the Aston Martin company now and the company has some terrific plans for the near future. She said that she was really surprised with what Aston Martin has achieved so far achieved in the global market, particularly in the American region.

He has some plans for the company and she will be looking to do everything she can to help the company achieve its annual global sales target of 15,000 units in 2015. This target is about 4,000 units more than what Aston Martin had targeted in 2014.

Aston will be bringing out the DB11 model, a successor to DB9, into the market in 2016. There is also a possibility of bringing out a smaller version of the Vantage with V8 engines into the market. Apart from this, Aston wants to come out with an all electric Rapdie vehicle followed by the DBX crossover coup by the end of this decade.

In order to keep up to its production ambitions, Aston is also looking to come out with a new production plant in America and it has shortlisted Alabama as one of the sites to set up the plant.

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