Lamborghini Looking To Make A Sales Record In 2015

Lamborghini Looking To Make A Sales Record In 2015

The Italian luxury brand of the Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini, is looking to make headlines by the end of the year by creating a new sales record. There is a strong demand for the new model Huracan and the company wants to cash in on this demand to boost its 2015 year sales.

This luxury supercar from the Lamborghini stable is a big hit not just in Italy, but in many other places of the world. Lamborghini last year boosted its car deliveries by 19 percent to record 2,530 car sales. Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has said that the company would be exceeding the last year sales figure this month, if things go according to plan. He believes that Lamborghini can conclude this year with much better sales figures than what it closed with last year.

Lamborghini, based at Sant’Agata Bolognese, is also looking to bring out a drop top version of the popular new supercar Huracan to cash in on its popularity. This car could feature in the Frankfurt Auto Show this week.

The reports of Lamborghini Huracan sales in the worldwide market have prompted Lamborghini to think of the drop top version. The drop top version of Huracan will be hitting the dealerships during next spring.

The increase in the sales momentum of Lamborghini cars is coming from the U.S and from Asia. The countries in Asia where Lamborghini is doing exceedingly well are: Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. The sales of the car are quite stagnant in Mainland China.

The luxury car makers are now seeing the United States as a feasible market and this is why Lamborghini is looking to quickly launch the drop top version of Huracan to woo the US car buyers in the spring itself.

Lamborghini also had announced in May this year that it has plans to come out with an ultra luxury sports utility vehicle in 2018. It is expecting to sell as many as 3,000 SUVs every year once the car gets launched in a couple of year’s time.

Next year could be an even better year for Lamborghini in terms of car sales. The Huracan Spyder will be going on sale during the spring season. Then, the new planned Supersport SUV will be hitting the dealerships in America in 2018. It looks to be a very good period for Lamborghini for the next three to four years and its car sales is expected to grow year after year.

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