Lamborghini Displays Huracan Spyder In Frankfurt

Lamborghini Displays Huracan Spyder In Frankfurt

Many car makers revealed prudent electric cars which are performance oriented and with zero emissions. Lamborghini revealed the new Spyder version Huracan with moveable top at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show.

Huracan Spyder with a 5.2 liter V10- powered was on the centre stage of Lamborghini stand at the show. This Spyder version will be a rival to latest Ferrari 488 GTB spider which was also displayed at the Germany’s biggest car show.

Huracan Spyder is expected to reach the showrooms in spring this year and the price will be approximately £ 205,000.

The successor of Gallardo Spyder, Huracan can pump out 602 HP power and 413 pound-feet torque. The seven- speed, dual clutch gear box spreads power to the four wheels.

Lamborghini has added the cylinder deactivation feature for the first time in this vehicle. With this feature the cylinder gets deactivated when the throttle loads are low and this helps in saving fuel considerably.

Huracan will be the fastest open top cars available in the market with 0 to 62mph sprint achievable in 3.4 seconds and the top speed of 201 miles/hour.

The fabric roof of this car is electrically operated and can open within just 17 seconds at a speed of 31mph. The fabric of the roof is available in three different colors black, brown and red.

Just like Ferrari 488 spider, the back glass window can be opened or closed as to the requirement of the driver. It is not clear how effective this mechanism would be at the top speed of 201mph.

Lamborghini has used a special duct to reduce the air flow in the head room.

Like the coupe version the Spyder has four-wheel drive as standard and there are three driving modes to select- Corsa, Strada and Sport. The driver can select the driving mode using the button present on the steering wheel. This feature in Lamborghini is known as “ANIMA” (Advanced Network Intelligence Management).

The automatic pop-up safety bars ensures protection for your neck in case of emergencies.

The Huracan Spyder weighs 3,399 pounds and is heavier than the coupe model which is only weighs 3,135 pounds. The aluminum and carbon fiber chassis of Spyder provides stiffer torsion than the Gallardo drop top. The new bodywork produces 50 % more down force.

There are 11 choices of paint colors, five trim packages for the interior, 17 options for interior color and many more options for personalization available for this new Spyder.


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