Karvachauth 2015 : Few Tips For Healthy Fasting

Well, Karvachauth is on Friday and all the married women are looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. Women want to look their best on this auspicious day, after all it’s for their beloved husband, but fasting all day without eating and drinking water sometimes takes a toll on their health. Later on in the evening they look tired, dizzy and the entire glow on their face is vanished…which is not good.

Don’t worry…there is solution to every problem .Now you can flaunt yourself and look stunning even after fasting whole day .All you have to do is follow some tips for easy and healthy fasting….

Boost yourself with protein and nutrients


Before sunrise you can have multigrain or whole wheat items like cereals as they are high in fiber and easy to digest .Have some nuts like almonds etc. which are high in protein and keeps you going all day. You can also have fruits that will keep you hydrated all day .Drink Luke warm milk instead of caffeinated drinks ,as they make you feel very dehydrated afterwards .Protein rich items such as milk, curd, cheese, nuts etc. keeps you full for longer periods.

Avoid eating sweet foods


There is a tradition of eating sargi on karva chauth before dawn .It’s a must for newlyweds as it is their first karvachauth .Sargi contains sweet and oily preparations like pheni ,puri ,parantha ,pakodas etc.

Well, try to avoid consuming too much sweet in the morning because they tend to aggravate hunger and thirst later on .Eat food which is light on your stomach and easy to digest.

Drink plenty of water


It’s a long day ahead so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water at the time of Sargi .It will be better if you take Luke warm water , as it gets absorbed easily.

Keep yourself busy


Staying busy is also a good way to keep you from hunger pangs .Go shopping ladies!!Markets are flooded with karvachauth goodies. Get your hands and feet painted with the latest henna designs. Beauty salons also offer great discounts and packages for this occasion, grab them and look your best in the evening.

Do’s & Don’ts after breaking the Fast


Tea & coffee:

You should strictly avoid tea or coffee right after breaking the fast .Consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach will increase the acidity level which can cause you discomfort .Try to avoid it.

Oily and spicy food:

Avoid oily and spicy food because the acidity level of your stomach is very high this time, due to lack of water and food all day. Consuming oily and spicy food will make you feel lethargic .Instead, eat carbohydrates and protein rich food to restore the energy levels in your body.

Fruit juice and lemonade:

Replenish you body with fresh fruit juices and lemonade to prevent dehydration and weakness. Consume at least 3-4 glasses of liquids before you sleep .Lemonade will be best, as it will also help in digestion.

So, best wishes for your karvachauth, I hope this will be helpful.



Karva Chauth Pooja Vidhi

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