Jaguar To Lower Its Prices For The U.S. Markets

Jaguar To Lower Its Prices For The U.S. Markets

If you are a fan of the Jaguar cars, then this is the right time to buy one for yourself. Yes, Jaguar has come out with free maintenance and price cuts for some of its car models for the U.S. markets. This is the best time to buy the car as you will not just get your favorite Jaguar for a low price, but also avails free maintenance of your car for a certain period.

This aggressive move from Jaguar is to capture the U.S. markets and to gain more popularity among luxury car buyers. This is also a way to attract more buyers to the 2016 models. Some of the 2016 car models are offered at a price cut of about $3000. Apart from the price cut, you can also enjoy free scheduled maintenance for the car.

The vehicles that do not fall in the price reduction category have been fitted with additional standard equipments to make up for its costs. So, all in all it is a huge gain for the customer who is interested to buy any model of the Jaguar car on display in the United States.

There is also a new maintenance program on offer from Jaguar and this was announced when the company divulged details bout the warranty and price of the 2016 Jaguar F-type car. This new F type car will receive additional standard equipment as it does not come with a price cut. The F type Jaguar is getting $12,000 worth of additional standard equipment.

The free warranty or schedule maintenance program from Jaguar is called EliteCare. This program includes a five year or 60,000 mile free maintenance schedule. Roadside assistance is also included in this policy. The Jaguar owners will be able to monitor their car ad carry out various functions using the new InControl Protect and Remote system app on their smart phones.

Jaguar says that the main reasons why customers in the U.S take a back seat when it comes to opting for a Jaguar car is its high price and huge maintenance costs. Hence, the British automaker is lowering the prices as well as offering scheduled free maintenance to woo more customers to buy Jaguar cars.

On an average, Jaguar is lowering the price of its cars from $1500 to $3000. This mover by Jaguar is coming in the wake of the launch of the 3-Seris fighting XE sedan car with a base price of $35,895 that includes shipping. This car will make its debut in America next April. The F Pace crossover from Jaguar will also be seen on the American roads from May next year.

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