Jaguar F Pace Makes Its Entry Into Luxury Crossover Segment

Jaguar F Pace Makes Its Entry Into Luxury Crossover Segment-2

The first luxury sports utility vehicle from the stable of Jaguar was revealed just ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The design and the specifications of the Jaguar F Pace crossover proves that it will be a fun SUV to ride. Now, Jaguar Land Rover is all set to show the 2017 F Pace model at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show today. Now, the heat is really on in the luxury crossover market with Jaguar steeping into it.

The Jaguar F Pace has drawn inspiration from the previous revealed concept by Jaguar, the C-X17. It will make its debut this week on 19 September at the Frankfurt Motor show when the general public will be allowed to watch the Motor Show. The midsized crossover is all set to give Porsche Macan a tough fight in the luxury crossover segment.

The performance of the Jaguar F Pace in the market will show if Jaguar Land Rover is capable of making a luxury SUV. This would mean that Jaguar F Pace could even out against the Land Rover SUVs in the market later on.

The design director of Jaguar, Ian Callum, said that the all new F Pace was designed with the thought of it begin the first and the foremost SUV coming out of the Jaguar stable. Hence, due importance and detail is given to its sensuality, dynamic stance and pure surfaces.

The Jaguar F Pace powertrain will be a 380 HP, 6 cylinder supercharged engine that can travel at a speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.1 seconds. The 6 cylinder engine is shared with the engine that you find under the hood of the F Type sports car. Jaguar will also be bringing out a diesel version of the F Pace that would be having a 180 HP, 4 cylinder engine under its hood. It would be priced around $40,990.

The Jaguar F Pace SUV will also be offered from $40,990 to $56,700. There are no details let out by the company about the fuel economy figures.

The Jaguar F Pace is expected to hit the U.S markets in the spring next year. There is no doubt that the F Pace SUV will be an eye grabber on the road with its unique and stylish design. The sharp handling of the vehicle in many areas is due to the employment of aluminum and high quality steel.


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