It’s Official! PS4 Now Offered At $350

It’s Official! PS4 Now Offered At $350

If you wanted to purchase the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console, but was worried about its cost being slightly higher, then you will be getting the new PS4 console at a discount of $50 from the US stores from today. Sony has reduced the price of the PS4 console by $50 and the predictions carried out on various online tech sites proved to be correct.

As the holiday season spree is all about to set in, there is no doubt that Sony PS4 enthusiasts will not get a better offer to buy the console than this. This is a very smart move from Sony to reduce the price at this crucial juncture and this will only help in boosting its lead in the sales over Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console. The reduced PS4 gaming console of $350 also comes with a game copy of the Star Wars Battlefront or the Nathan Drake collection.

The head of Microsoft Xbox One was also predicting that Sony would be making an offer of reducing the price of PS4 by about $50, after it did a similar thing in Japan. The PS4 now carried the same price tag that Microsoft’s Xbox One carries. This will increase the competition between these two popular gaming consoles even further.

Ps4 consoles have been outselling the Xbox One console even before the price reduction. So, this drop of $50 from the PS4 price will only further boost the sales of the gaming console in the US market. Microsoft has already started to offer attractive holiday bundles on the purchase of its gaming consoles in order to give Sony a tough fight in the market during the holiday season. It remains to be seen as to which gaming console the Americans opt this holiday season as gifts.

The starting price of the PS4 console is $350 and prices may vary up to $430 depending on the games that you opt. Sony has come out with the reduced price of PS4 in order to reduce the sales of new bundle offer from Microsoft for its Xbox One without the Kinetic sensor, even before the holiday sales.

As Microsoft had an affordable priced gaming console, Sony did not want to be left out during the holiday sales. Hence, it has come out with the reduction in the PS4 prices.

Sony has just announced this price cut in North America, especially in the U.S and Canada.

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