Is Tesla Coming Out With A Model Y Falcon Wing Crossover?

Is Tesla Coming Out With A Model Y Falcon Wing Crossover

The Tesla model X, all electric cars have taken the world by storm. It looks like the Tesla Motors is now looking to come out with a model Y crossover after the successful launch of model X. This was the information that leaked on the internet when a tweet was deleted from Tesla CEO’s Twitter account. The tweet claimed that the crossover variant model Y would also be coming out with rear Falcon wing doors.

The tweet was soon to be deleted from the Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s timeline. This tweet can be viewed in the cached form. CEO Musk has tweeted this in response to a tweet from a fan as to whether the model 3 crossover would be offered with Falcon wing doors.

It was only last Wednesday night that Musk had launched the model X crossover SUV and handed over the founder edition model X SUVs to chosen customers. This tweet about the model 3 and model Y was done by Musk last Friday. The tweet now has gone viral despite Musk deleting it from his account.

Model 3 will be a sedan and could come with a hatchback like the model S. There is also a crossover that will be built by Tesla motors on the smaller platform that model S uses. This crossover SUV will be called as model Y and this model could feature the Falcon wings at the rear.

Musk might have deleted the particular tweet because he had revealed something that he was not supposed to make public. From the deleted tweet it is understood that Tesla lineup is sure to have models S, X, Y, Roadster and of course model 3.

This wasn’t the only tweet that Elon Musk had deleted from his twitter account. There was a question about the future model X to be coming out ales expensive and smaller 70 kWh battery. Musk in response to this question said that the 70 kWh battery could probably make it in a year’s time. This tweet indicates that there will be a lower priced Model X to roll out of the Tesla’s factory in the near future.

The model X, the Tesla is selling right now in the market is offered with 90 kilowatt hour battery pack. The model 3 would be unveiled by the company in March 2016, the limited production of this model will happen in 2017 and full production commences from 2018.

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