Instagram Reaches The Milestone Of 400 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram Reaches The Milestone Of 400 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram, the photo sharing social network, has now 400 million active users posting 40 billion photos of food items and landscapes in its service. Now, Instagram has a number of users than its prime rival Twitter.

The number of Instagram users is now more than the total population of the UK and the U.S put together.

Instagram achieved the last 100 million users within nine months. Of this, half of the people are from Europe and Asia and three quarters of people using Instagram are living outside the U.S. The rival social network site Twitter has 316 million users, according to the Twitter website.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and the company is thrilled to achieve this milestone, according to the blog post. The company posted in its blog post that the world has become a little bit smaller for all the users with the help of visual communication.

The company said that when it was started it was difficult to imagine achieving the 400 million milestone. Now the company can strive to improve the network and can continue in helping people to experience the world using images and connect with other people by sharing the passions.

According to the blog the maximum number of new instagrammers is from Japan, Indonesia and Brazil.

The latest users of the site include celebrities like David Beckham, Caitlyn Jenner, Christiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, etc. About 80 million images are shared by the Instagram users every day.

The other latest noteworthy members from outside U.S include Raffi and Nagita from Indonesia, Toni Kroos from Germany, T.O.P from South Korea, etc.

This San Francisco Based social network was started in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger.

Instagram reached the 100 million active users mark in April 2012.Facebook bought the company for one billion dollars.

Twitter is still going unsteady as they are yet to find a permanent CEO. Instagram has also done far better than Pinterest, the site for digital scrapbook. Pinterest recently touched the 100 million user milestone.

The success of Instagram is not unexpected for many. Lately the company has enjoyed some major accomplishments. This includes the first surface image of the planet Pluto and support for photo formats like landscape, portrait, etc.   Another great feature offered by Instagram is the newly introduced search and explore function.

It is true that a picture is far better reaching than hundreds of words and hence this photo-sharing site will be used many more users in the future as well.


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