Infected Apps In The App Store Traced To Chinese Source

Infected Apps In The App Store Traced To Chinese Source

There has been a major attack by hackers on the App Store of iTunes. Apple is now in the process of removing dozen apps that have been malware infected. The malwares that were downloaded by unsuspecting customers induced many of them to reveal their passwords for iCloud. The malware also exposed their devices to malicious websites. The troubles started over the weekend when Palo Alto Networks discovered that several iPad apps and Apple phone devices were being infected by the malware.

The Chinese messaging app called WeChat was one of the apps that was infected, which is used about six hundred million across the world. The apps that have been infected are of Chinese origin. The hackers have modified Xcode, which is a software development kit of Apple.

This software refers to the set of tools that are used by developers to develop apps for the Apple platform. Apple stated that the apps that have been infected have been isolated. The counterfeit software that has been used in the development of apps has been isolated and the right version is now being provided to developers so that the malicious apps can be rebuilt.

Xcode is a tool kit that is made available to developers for free. The hackers convinced app makers in China to download the modified Xcode from the local servers. The local servers offered a faster download due to which many were enticed to download the developmental kit from the local servers. People who develop apps for the Apple platform in China find the download of the kit to be slow from the Apple servers. Hence, many look around for mirroring sites for download of the developmental kit.

The WeChat developer stated that they had fixed the problem associated with the app, but all existing members had to download the latest version in case they had downloaded the version that contained the malware. The company stated that it did not believe that the hackers were able to steal any confidential information of the users. There are other apps that have been infected like taxi hailing service app Didi Chuxing. The other affected apps are mobile office and railway train ticket purchasing app.

There is a Great Firewall that restricts access to social media sites like Facebook or American media sites like the New York Times. This firewall bans these sites due to the threats that are perceived by the ruling communist party.


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