Hyundai And ARK Performance Team Up To Bring Solus To SEMA

Hyundai And ARK Performance Team Up To Bring Solus To SEMA

Hyundai is once again teaming up with their erstwhile partner ARK Performance to bring out the Hyundai Solus vehicle to the SEMA show. This show will be held in the month of November in Las Vegas, Nevada state.

The Solus genesis coupe concept car will be coming out with a lot of updates under its hood so that it delivers a maximum power of 500 HP. Whenever Hyundai and ARK Performance have combined to develop a car, there is no doubt that the car would be offering high speed and performance.

The most important update that the Hyundai Solus genesis coupe will be getting is that the V6 engine under its hood will now be made stronger to 4.0 liters. This is an upgrade from the normal 3.8 liter mill and hence the power of the vehicle will be enhanced by about 150 HP to offer 500 HP. This new V6 engine is mated to a six speed manual transmission system that transfers the engine power to the rear wheels.

The engine is boosted up by using new pistons, new and improved head gaskets, a brand new crankshaft, durable connecting rods and other modifications. A few of the mechanical parts that you will find inside the hood of the car in the Hyundai Solus Genesis coupe carry the parts number of Hyundai.

It is not just the engine that gets a major revamp; the exterior of the car too is modified in order to perfectly compliment the new power of the Genesis coupe. The sketch of the Hyundai Solus genesis coupe let out by the company shows that the car will be shown at the SEMA later this year with a deep front bumper that houses bigger air dams, broad alloy wheels, flared fenders and blacked out headlights.

The Hyundai Solus car is aimed at sports cars like Lexus RC F and the BMW M4. There are no details let out by the company of the cockpit of the sports car. This will only be revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. ARK has said that the dashboard also have seen an overhaul and comes with an integrated infotainment screen, new steering wheel, good amount of carbon fiber trims and extra gauges.

It is not sure as the ARK Performance and Hyundai combination in bringing out the Solus Genesis coupe concept to SEMA will be just for design studies or whether the car will be produced for the markets.

October 3rd, 2015 by