HTC One A9 Arrives On October 20

HTC One A9 Arrives On October 20

The HTC is all set to release yet another One brand handset into the market and this time it would be the One A9 Smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The HTC One A9 is said to launch on the 20th of October and there are more leaked images of the A9 handset doing rounds on the internet. With so many leaks, the handset buyers would have definitely got an idea of what all are on offer in this new A9 Smartphone from HTC.

The new leaked images are that of the dummy Smartphone set of the all new HTC One A9 handset. This is not the real A9 piece, but one that you will see on display at the mobile stores once to product gets launched. It is not certain as to these leaks will make or break the sales of the HTC One A9, but it will give a lot of insight of the phone for phone buyers.

The leaked images suggest that the new A9 handset from HTC takes the shape of the iPhone 6 as it has the curves, lines and the looks of an iPhone. The curved aluminum unibody design looks similar to the Phone design.

A rear camera with raised circular hump is placed at the middle of the top end of the back side of the phone makes it look beautiful. The MicroSD card tray and the SIM card tray are seen on the side of the phone. The rear end also has machined holes at the bottom of the speaker output.

There is no way that a comparison to Apple would do justice to the phone as HTC was the first to use the plastic antenna channels integrated to the aluminum unibody design first and not Apple. The A9 is expected to be coming out in a multitude hue of colors.

The front facing, Boom speakers are gone in the new A9 model and has now been moved to the rear end of the phone with little speaker holes. The fingerprint sensor now takes its position on the front.

There are not much of the specification details that have been leaked about the HTC One A9 Smartphone. Overall, it looks like the phone will be fitting the upper mid range. There is no doubt that HTC will be coming out with a competitive price for the new A9 handset as there is great competition in this category of Smart phones already on the market.

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