Honda To Recall 143K Fit And Civic Models For CVT Issues

Honda To Recall 143K Fit And Civic Models For CVT Issues

Honda, The Japanese auto manufacturer, is going to recall as many as 143,000 and odd Civic and Fit cars to rectify a possible problem in the CVT system. The recalling of cars has become a fashion now in the United States and the latest Volkswagen emission tests scandal has made many of the auto manufacturers to be very cautious. The U.S. safety regulatory agency NHTSA is also very strict now on the car manufacturers than before.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has said that 2014-15 Honda Civic cars and 2015 Fit models will be recalled by Honda shortly for Continuously Variable Transmission issues. There is a fragile drive pulley shaft in the CVT that can break sometimes when hydraulic pressure is applied in force. This can cause a break in the power and also might cause the front wheels to jam or lock while driving. This might result in an accident that can be easily turn out to be a source for injuries or casualties.

The company first saw this problem in July 2014. It has so far got 23 warranty claims from various car owners for the broken shifts and problems in CVT. This can turn out into a serious issue and hence Honda has been advised by NHTSA to carry our quick recall.

The Honda dealers in the U.S.A will be carrying out an update of the CVT software that will help in reducing the pressure that gets developed within the gearbox under certain situations. This will be done through a stress reduction program.

The software upgrade for the Honda Civics and the Fit models that come under the mentioned model years will be done by the dealerships free of cost. There have been no crashes or accidents reported so far due to a problem in the CVT system of these cars.

The Honda Civic and the Fit customers will be sent email notifications regarding the problem and when they need to take the vehicle to their respective dealerships for getting this problem corrected for free. Honda has said that it will start the update of the transmission software in the cars by the mid of October.

The 2014 Civic and the 2015 Fit are offered with the “Earth Dreams” continuously variable transmission system that is also automatic. These car owners are not affected by the CVT issues that have made Honda to call the cars back for rectifying the issue.

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