GoPro Exposes Under $200 Hero+ Action Camera With Wifi

GoPro Exposes Under $200 Hero+ Action Camera With Wifi

GoPro is known for making some of the best camera, but the cameras do not come at a cheap price. If you are looking to get GoPro’s top camera models, then you will have to easily shell out $400 to $500 from your pocket. The company also offers some of the best entry level action camera for novice camera users and one such camera that it has unveiled recently is the Hero+ camera.

The new Hero+ camera from GoPro is slotted between the Hero and the Hero+ LCD cameras. The camera is offered for $199.99 and comes with most of the features that you will find on the Hero+ LCD camera. It is offered at a price closer to the base GoPro camera, the Hero. But, it has a host of features that you do not find on the Hero camera.

The Hero+ does not come with the touch screen facility that you enjoy in the Hero+ LCD camera. Apart from that, all other features like: Wi-Fi support and recording capabilities are just like what you get at the Hero+ LCD camera. The Hero+ LCD retails in the market at $299.99 and Hero+ is offered at $100 less at $199.99. There is no doubt that Hero+ is a better bargain for the host of features that it offers.

The Hero+ is offered with an 8 MP camera and has a recording resolution of 1080pand 720p video at 60 frames per second. It also supports the tie lapse feature seen on Hero+ LCD and is waterproof up to 40 meters. The only downside is that it does not have an LCD screen at the back. The GoPro app can be used to achieve the results that you get with the Hero+ LCD camera.

There is no doubt that the Hero+ is always a better product than its sibling Hero. The Hero camera from GoPro costs $129.99, but lacks features. With the new GoPro Hero+ camera released in the market, there are doubts that GoPro would slowly put the Hero camera on the shelves.

GoPro is looking to impress many of the camera users as it has come out with price cuts for its cameras, apart from bringing the new Hero+ into the market. The Hero 4 session mini camera is now offered at $299.99, $100 less than before. The Hero4 silver action camera can now be bought for $399.99. GoPro has confirmed that the Hero+ action camera will be available for consumers from October 4.


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