Google To Show More Relevant Ads In Search Results, YouTube And Gmail

Google To Show More Relevant Ads In Search Results, YouTube And Gmail

The tech giants have revealed their latest ad product called Customer Match. This new product will let the advertisers to upload the lists of their emails and to match them with the Google users to search, YouTube and Gmail. Google is also planning to boost their game in app ads.

Google is at present using the terabyte information to convey the ads to the targeted customers. Now Google wants its customers to give more of their data to deliver the ads to the target.

Google made a statement on Monday about the new ad product. According to the statement the advertisers will now be able to share the email address of their customers with Google and Google will use this information to match with its user data. Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management at Google said that their goal is to improve the relevance of ads that appear alongside the search results, YouTube and in Gmail.

About 90 % of Google’s sales are generated through the advertisement business and Google wants to boost this sales. The new service called Customer match is similar to a service offered by Facebook Inc. Facebook uses the information they have about the user to select relevant ads that the user will see.

Google has informed that they will safeguard the privacy and protect the user information that it receives from businesses that use ads on Google. According to Dischler, it is really a bid deal for the company and it is convincing.

How this service will work can be understood with an example. If an automaker or an Italian restaurant could share the list of the customers with Google, the businesses can ensure that Google will put their ads to the customers next time when they search for a minivan or pizza delivery.

At present, Google allows the businesses to target the web surfers who had already used visited the site once. With the new system Google will allow the advertisers to target even the new customers who might be interested in their products or services.

Google will roll out the customer Match within a few weeks. Google will also unveil its new android app promotion tools in the near future. This will target the app users on different Google platforms like Google search, Google play, YouTube, Google display network, etc.

Facebook also announced a new metric for video ads called “Total Rating Point”.


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