Google To Announce Some Of Its Services To Be Available On Windows, According To Online Rumors

Google To Announce Some Of Its Services To Be Available On Windows, According To Online Rumors

There are only a few days left for Microsoft to unveil their two flagship smart phones with windows 10. The internet is witnessing an outbreak of rumors about the company activities prior to the event. According to the latest rumor on the internet, the two companies will collaborate to release some of the Google apps on windows 10 platform.

Google and Microsoft decided to resolve all the patent disputes pending between them last week and a ceasefire is expected between the two in the near future. If Google brings its services to mobile operating system of Microsoft many windows mobile users will be able to use services like Google maps, Gmail, Google hangouts, YouTube and more. Till now Google was adamant about bringing any of its services or apps to Microsoft. According to Google the market share of Window’s phones was not huge enough to making the apps for windows worthwhile.

Windows phone users were depending on other alternatives or unofficial apps from third parties for the needed services.

According to reports made on an Arabic site Google is planning to attend the event of Microsoft, which will be held this week and to make the announcement of releasing the services to windows 10 platform as well. According to the site the announcement from Google will be specifically for mobile OS. The reports are unverifiable and will be hard to digest for many.

Google and Microsoft have been long rivals and were competing with each others in the products and services offered to their users. This included search engines, mobile operating system, productivity tools and various other services.

On September 20th Google and Microsoft agreed to slump the 20 odd lawsuits against one another. The companies released a joint statement announcing that the two companies led by CEO Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella were looking forward to have joint projects and it seems the integration of Google Play store with windows 10 mobile is one among them.

According to the joint statement made by the companies, they have contracted to collaborate on some patent matters and are looking forward to work together in certain other areas in the coming years to benefit the customers.

Under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft is trying to become a friendly partner rather than a competitor in their journey towards success. Microsoft’s relationship with Apple has also become more amicable recently.

Google also has made a 3600 turn on its attitude towards Windows 10 and thence there are chances that this rumor will become a reality.

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