Google Says It Will Not Make Autonomous Cars Alone

Google Says It Will Not Make Autonomous Cars Alone

Google announced that it was hiring veteran of the auto industry John Krafcik as the CEO of its self-driving car project a couple of weeks ago. Now Google has announced that it is looking for established manufacturers to help it in bringing out the self driving car onto the road.

This information was confirmed by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin. Google is looking to partner with a popular vehicle manufacturer to jointly work on the autonomous car project. He said that the company is really focused on working with quality partners that includes top tier OEMS.

Google shared more details of its autonomous car on Tuesday at its Mountain view, California headquarters. Sergey Brin said to the media at the event that even though Google had planned to build the car own their own, they are now looking out for partners for the project. He emphasized about the good relationship that Google has with popular suppliers of auto parts. He also said that Google will not even shy away from looking for tie-ups with car giants in the industry for making self-driven cars.

When the autonomous car arrives in the market Google wants it to be an upbeat model and hence would take its own time to release the finished product. Sergey also said that the company is not sure on how the self-driving car will be rolled out. It could arrive in the market as a vehicle or as a service.

Google’s top executives are also in for the car and have made changes in their approach to make the new car from an idea to a real vehicle. The director of this car project from Google, Chris Urmson, had a vision of creating a car without brakes pedal and steering wheel.

It’s more likely that this car would initially come out with brake pedals and steering wheel that will allow the humans to take over them whenever needed. Brin says that, a fully autonomous car on the road however will not be possible in the near future.

Google has acquired 1.2 million miles for testing its self-driving cars on the public roads near its Mountain View campus. It has also accumulated more testing stretches in Austin, Texas.

Urmson said that Google will be making use of the enormous experience John krafcik has in the industry in developing the best self-driven car. He will also be helping Google in finding the right partner for the venture.

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