Google Releases The Renewed Photos App For iOS With Interesting Features

Google Releases The Renewed Photos App For iOS With Interesting Features

Google has recently released the update for Google Photos for Android and now Google has come up with a renewed Photos app for the iPhone and iPad users. The latest iOS photo app version comes with some new interesting features.

Google has announced on Google + that the new version of iOS photo app called Version 1.4 has better search capabilities that has been created for the people labeling feature, first introduced on the Android photos app from the company. The labeling feature allows the users to add the names of the people in their photos and merge the different groups so that people will be able to search easily for the particular person by combining the names with other search terms which are significant with the things or places.

The user will be able to get more specific results for their photo search with the help of this new feature. The user can avoid going through each and every photo to find the one needed by them. It will save your time. At present this feature will be available only in the United States. Google has not provided any information on when the users in other countries will be able to use this feature.

According to the change log of Google, they have included another feature that allows the iOS users to share the animations directly to Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. The improvements made in the photo app for iOS do not include Chromecast support and Google has promised to do it in the next update. The improvement also includes app startup changes and some bug fixes.

The Photos app from Google allowed the users to back up the photos in their device automatically to the cloud, but for the users who want to keep their privacy and want to have a private backup of the photos, there is a new option provided now.

Google has also released a Google drive Update for iOS so that the users can automatically send the backup of their photos to the drive. The updated app will help the users to create the backups with fewer clicks than earlier.

If you are an iOS user with lots of photos, you may like to store the photos in photo app. If the photos are below a certain level of resolution, Google offers unlimited free storage space. If you want to keep the resolution of the images unchanged you can opt for extra cloud storage by paying $1.99 for 100 GB for a month.

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