Google Decides To Celebrate September 27th As Its Birthday

Google Decides To Celebrate September 27th As Its Birthday

Google is still a teenager and is about 17 years old. The Google search engine first made its debut on the internet in 1998 and this year it has celebrated its 17th birthday in style. Google is one of the main contributors to make the internet what it is today. You can hardly find a person not using any of the Google services while accessing the internet every day. Googling is a very common phrase that you will hear these days.

The birth date of Google has changed as many as four ties all through these 17 years. Now, Google has accepted September 27th as its birthday. It celebrated its 17th anniversary on September 27th. It was done in true Google fashion with a doodle. This is the normal practice of Google to mark any important dates in history and the doodle tradition continued on its 17th birthday as well.

Google has changed its birthday from September 7th to September 8th and then to September 26th. Now, it looks like Google has decided to celebrate its birthday on September 27th.

Google has seen a massive expansion of its search engine services to having plans of coming out with Google autonomous cars in the future. Now, it hosts many services online like Google Maps, Google Play Store, and Android OS for mobile phones, Gmail, Google Hangouts, and many more. Google has become part and parcel of any internet user now.

There have been several conflicts made by Google officials on which day have to be celebrated as the Google day. After so many deliberations and change of dates, Google had earmarked September 27th as its final date in 2006. It is not very clear as to why Google is constantly changing its official birth date. Now, it looks like the company has sorted out things and has accepted 27 September as its birthday.

Google wanted to do something special for its 17th birthday. This birthday is the least random birthday of Google and hence Google decided to come out with a vintage Doodle that took everyone in the first days of Google.

There might be a few changes up Google’s sleeve in the 17th anniversary. With new CEO, Sundar Pichai, at the helm of affairs, there is going to be a personal touch of Pichai in every plan of the company. A lot is expected from him when he will be hosting the press event on the 29th of September.


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