Google Built Pixel C Tablet Looks Impressive

Google Built Pixel C Tablet Looks Impressive

Google has just unveiled its brand new, company built tablet Pixel C during the Google event on September 29 in San Francisco. The tablet market is going through a lull period at the moment and Google is hoping to revive its fortunes by bringing out this new tablet that will help in increasing productivity of the user.

The number one internet search engine giant Google’s new Pixel C tablet comes with a 10.2 inch screen. The letter C stands for convertible and the tablet also has a removable keyboard. It looks like Google is looking to give Apple’s iPad Pro a good fight in the market by introducing its very own Pixel C tablet.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, said during the event that Google is looking to bring forward the next generation of computing and hence the company builds hardware to move forward. This is what you will find in the Pixel C tablet.

This tablet runs on, of course, Google’s Android OS and it houses an eight core NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor that comes with 3 GB memory. The tablet is offered with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard that is magnetically connected to the device. This will also serve the purpose of a stand.

The tablet as well as the keyboard experience will give the users new ways to work and play and to increase their productivity using Pixel C tablet device. This tablet from Google will arrive in the markets just at the beginning of the holiday season.

Google hopes to take advantage of the holiday spending season to boost its sales. The cost of the Pixel C tablet with 32GB storage space is $499 and the 64 GB storage space Pixel C tablet will be yours for $599. If you like to use the keyboard, then it would cost an extra $149.

The price of the Pixel C tablet is more or less similar to what Microsoft has priced its Surface 3 tablets. Apple’s iPad Pro comes at a price of $799, which is a bit expensive than Surface 3 and Pixel C tablets.

The Pixel C tablet gives you a laptop like experience and hence it will help in increasing the productivity at work. Google, even though, being known for its software and the internet services that it offers, shows that it likes to be in the device manufacturing field as well. The new Pixel C looks to be different from the original Pixel and could win a lot of Google loyalist’s hearts.

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