Google Adds Power And Speed To Chromecast Video Streaming Devices

Google Adds Power And Speed To Chromecast Video Streaming Devices

Google, the search engine giant, has not had huge success with its Google Chromecast video streaming service. In order to get better sales of the video streaming device, Google has now revamped the Chromecast to offer a host of features and to make it a better gadget. The new Chromecast was unveiled by Google on Tuesday and it looked just like the leaked images that had come out some time ago on the internet.

It is not just the look of the device that has undergone a redesign, there are new features added to the Chromecast to make it more powerful and also offer great speed. With enhanced Wi-Fi, Fast Play feature and easy to find content options, Google Chromecast are a different kettle of fish now than earlier.

The Google event in San Francisco was the place where Google launched its new Chromecast video streaming device along with the likes of Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smart phones. Google’s Chromecast is a flagship device and hence Google decided to unveil it during the Google event.

Google’s new Chromecast will help it to stay in the competition with other Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Samsung and Amazon. The Chromecast will help Google to bring sophisticated technology into the living rooms of people. This video streaming device was launched by Google a couple of years ago and so far Google has sold over 20 million units worldwide. The video streaming device allows people to wirelessly watch video content from popular movie streaming services like HBO, Netflix, YouTube and HBO Go from a Smartphone, laptop or a tablet to a TV.

The first Chromecast looked like a USB thumb drive. Now, it has been reduced in size and has become a smaller circular device that comes with an HDMI cable. This will help in hiding the Chromecast behind the TV.

A new hardware has been used in the Google Chromecast that will help in improving the Wi-Fi performance of the device and is aided by the adaptive antenna system. The Fast Play feature ensures that Google Chromecast starts quickly. This will help in automatically loading the next episode of a series when the one you are watching is about to finish.

Google Chromecast now comes with more content that includes sports, music and all Showtime’s shows. The gaming content is also enhanced and you will get to play newer games on the latest device.

Image Credit : Google

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