Go90 Mobile Video Service From Verizon Goes Public

Go90 Mobile Video Service From Verizon Goes Public

Verizon is one of the popular wireless carriers in the United States. It has now come out with a new mobile video app called Go90 to cater to the needs of the younger generation who like to watch videos on their smartphones than use it to make calls.

The Verizon Go90 app will be available for download on both the Apple iTunes App store as well as the Google Play app store. So, users of both Android and iPhones will be able to download the Go90 video app on their phone and watch videos on their phones horizontally.

The Go90 video app was offered by Verizon wireless in beta last month for a select group of Verizon customers as well as for a few subscribers of other carriers. The name Go90 is given to the app as most of the users will flip their phone horizontally when they watch videos on their phone and vertical viewing does not offer the thrills.

The Go90 app will feature music clips and popular TV show videos from popular networks like MTV, Comedy Central and also content from the Food Network. You can also watch video clips from the NFL and ESPN network apart from getting access to web shows from sites like Elite daily and Vice.

The Go90 app is free and hence will be ad-supported. The app is currently only offered to U.S. users who are on both android and iOS devices. There are a few videos that are restricted to wireless customers of Verizon. The company is looking to tap the younger customer base with the video apps and the app is architectured by Brian Angiolet.

Verizon has come out with a video streaming app Go90 at a time when users are lessening their dependence on cable TV and are turning their attention towards streaming services like HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Chromecast among others. Go90 has its focus only on mobile users than its competitors like Sling TV and Dish that focus more on online customers.

The Go90 app has a few attractive features like cutting and sharing the OMG moments you have enjoyed watching with your friends and relatives. The app also offers you an option to create a group chat where like minded people can chat about your obsessions and so on.

Verizon is gambling on the horizontal viewing when most of the leading video streaming services like YouTube, Periscope from twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are giving users the option of watching videos horizontally.

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