Get Your Blueprint To Exercise To Drop Weight Effortlessly

Get Your Blueprint To Exercise To Drop Weight Effortlessly

Most of us realize that weight loss is a lot of effort. We all know the adage of no pain and no gain. Hence, when one embarks on a journey of weight loss through exercise they realize that they need to sweat it out a lot to see the calories go down. Exercise can be demanding which includes several hours of cardio and a few minutes of grueling and high intensity workouts.

Exercise is as grueling and hard work, many are more open to following a certain diet than spending hours working out. However, with a recent study the findings are encouraging for those who think that they need to put in considerable effort for weight loss. A group of researchers is working on a blueprint for exercise which will offer new insight in the exercises that are needed for weight loss. A group of scientists from Sweden and Australia have collaborated to form this blueprint theory. They hired four men who are healthy but were untrained. They made them undergo a muscle biopsy, which provided them with tissue samples before and after an exercise session. The men were made to pedal hard on an exercise cycle for a duration of ten minutes. The samples were then analyzed by mass spectrometry in order to understand whether any alterations come about in the skeletal muscles.

The study revealed that exercise brings about complex changes in the muscle mass which are brought about thousands of changes at the molecular level. The weight loss drugs that are usually marketed bring about a few changes at the molecular level in comparison. Hence, the study aimed to find the alterations that were important.

The aim of the group is to come out with an effective formula or blueprint for weight loss which will mimic the several molecular changes that take place in the muscle mass and tissues in a body. To effectively identify the right molecular changes in order to come up with the right prescription drug for weight loss might take quite a while. However, with the method established, the right blueprint for weight loss might come by within a decade. Once the drug is produced and marketed, it will bring hope to many, especially those who are unable to exercise hard, like the elderly or those who are disabled and physically restricted in different ways. It will certainly bring in a new era in the market of weight loss supplements.

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