Former Volkswagen Boss Investigated For Diesel Emissions Cheating Scandal

Former Volkswagen Boss Investigated For Diesel Emissions Cheating Scandal

The ex-boss of the Volkswagen group, Martin Winterkorn, had resigned following reports that Volkswagen had manipulated the emission testing levels of its diesel cars across various brands using a cheat software.

Once the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought this cheating scandal in the open, Volkswagen had to admit to the use of software to manipulate the emission testing readings.

In the wake of this crisis, Volkswagen’s then boss, Martin Winterkorn, stepped down from his office. The rigged emission tests had rocked the global car market as no one could believe that a big and popular company like the Volkswagen group could involve in such a cheating case.

The German prosecutors have initiated an investigation into the case against Winterkorn for the diesel emissions scandal. Volkswagen is looking to save its face from this scandal and has now suspended three of its top engineers in association with the cheat software case.

The Audi development chief Ulrich Hackenberg, Porsche development head Wolfgang Hatz and Volkswagen research and development chief Dr. Heinz Jakob Neusser have been suspended from their respective jobs. There were rumors doing rounds that all the three were slated for dismissal by the Volkswagen Group.

The Volkswagen’s board met last Friday to discuss this serious issue and it decided to suspend the top executives of Porsche, VW brands and Audi. The board also decided to axe Volkswagen’s sales and marketing boss, Christian Kingler. They accepted the resignation of ex boss Martin and named Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller as the new Volkswagen group CEO.

There are reports in the media that the three top executives who have been suspended from the company have said that they were unaware of the illegal diesel engine emissions cheating software use. There are also rumors that Volkswagen is quite close in finding out the engineers who were responsible for the use of cheat software in the diesel engines.

The ex-CEO of Volkswagen Group had said why resigning that he was also not aware of any unlawful activity from his part and is quitting in order to give the company a new and fresh start.

The Volkswagen’s executive committee might be meeting on Wednesday to discuss about the appointment of the popular U.S. law firm Jones day to lead a new external investigation into this diesel emissions crisis. This is the biggest scandal that Volkswagen has faced in its 78 year old history. VW shares have plunged about 35% after the company admitted to diesel emissions cheating.

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