Ford Escape ST Performance SUV Might Be On Its Way

Ford Escape ST Performance SUV Might Be On Its Way

If you loved using the Ford Escape ST sports utility vehicle and want to have more, then you will be happy to hear the news that Ford Motors is looking to bring out a high performance Escape ST crossover into the market.

Ford was always looking to introduce high end variants with great performance features to its popular Escape ST car. In Europe, the Escape car is sold as the Kuga crossover. There is every possibility of an ST version of Ford Escape to be introduced globally.

The Ford Motors had earlier limited the ST performance cars to just the mass market hatchback cars it produced. Hence, only the Ford Fiesta ST and Focus ST were seen in the American markets. Now, the Escape will soon be getting the Escape ST performance crossover that can do wonders for Ford both in the Mercian car markets as well as in the European markets.

The European Vice President of Ford, Roelant de Waard, said that there is great scope for the Ford Escape ST both in European as well as American markets. As the SUV segment doing brisk business and the great demand for SUVs these days, the derivatives of the Ford Escape is not a bad option at all.

The performance crossovers are the order of the day and hence Ford is also looking to bring out an Escape ST performance crossover like Nissan’s Nismo RS versions and Mini Countryman JCW.

As the Nissan and Mini and other hot compact cars hitting the market with high end variants, there is no doubt that Ford Motors would not be sitting idle for long. The high performance crossovers are in great demand in the car market globally and hence it is better for Ford to bring out the Ford Escape ST performance SUV now than later.

The current top end variant of Ford Escape is offered with a 2.0 liter Ecoboost, four cylinder engine that offers maximum power of 240 HP and torque of 270 pound-feet. The St Version of the Ford Escape would be offered with an even more powerful engine with stiffer suspension, bigger brakes and with much better aerodynamics. The manual gearbox could propel the power of the engine to its wheels.

There is also a chance of introducing the Titanium and the Titanium X trims in the Escape ST version to make it more powerful. Let’s wait and watch to see what Ford Motors has in its mind.


September 29th, 2015 by