Ford Edge Sport Will Be Going To The SEMA Show

Ford Edge Sport Will Be Going To The SEMA Show

Ford is going big at the SEMA this year with 28 customized vehicles. There will be a lot of exciting announcements that Ford will be making at the 2015 SEMA show in Las Vegas. There is no doubt that ford will be offering vehicles in all shapes and sizes at the show.

For the time being Ford Company has revealed three of the cars that will make its way to the SEMA show in the year 2015. The three customized vehicles reviewed by Ford are all variants of the Edge Sport crossover. Ford also has said that it could bring the 2016 Explorer Sport SUV to SEMA.

The three Edge Sport editions that will be showcased in Las Vegas are: Tjin edition, Vaccar edition and the Ignition by Webasto.

The Tjin Edge Sport will come out with 22” wheels that will be fitted with Falken tires. This is a lower end street performance SUV of Ford Edge Sport coming with the advanced airlift suspension. There are a few modifications made to the Edge Sport engine as well as the front and the rear brakes in the Tjin model. The interiors will be offered with Alea leather upholstery set and with custom exhaust and brand new intercooler for the engine.

The Vaccar Edge edition will be coming out with orange accents and silver look. This edition from ford will also feature the air- lift suspension and dual exhaust system with two mufflers. The wheels of the Vaccar edition are 22” models. The car will come with Vaccar badge, Alea leather custom upholstery set, an upgraded engine and many other things.

The Webasto ignition car is the most luxurious of the Ford Edge Sport SUV. It offers high performance along with attractive looks and is a package that is hard to resist for diehard Ford Edge lovers. Brad Keselowski, the NASCAR driver, has test driven the Webasto Edge Sport and has approved it. The car offers excellent comfort and aggressive handling that you can associate with any high end luxury car.

Ford has used carbon fiber components to enhance the performance of Webasto so that it delivers great power, performance and tight handling. Some of the features offered in the Webasto are engine pre-heater and ThermoCall TC3 of Webasto thermo technology and the sunroof.

There will be more cars that Ford will be offering at the SEMA show and there are reports that Ford will be arraying over 50 vehicles at the show.

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