Fitness Among Children Should be Promoted to Prevent Diseases

Fitness Among Children Should be Promoted to Prevent Diseases

There are more than 10 million obese children in the United States and 60 percent of our population is overweight, according to the statistics from the Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention.  The bad thing is that the numbers are increasing.

Though grown-ups fight their own importance, children are left rising up in a fast-food and television-watching in a computer-addicted world that promotes this damaging lifestyle and enhances their threat for heart disease, diabetes and cancer afterwards.

Nevertheless, we are blaming fast foods, unsafe streets, the TV and computer but it is not the whole story.  The piece of information is that the family component is not working as well as in past decades.  It is already normal for working parents to be always busy  in their juggling careers and they forget their kids in their house to have limitations especially in eating fatty foods and the time spend watching TV.

According to a survey of the American Medical Association, it points out that normally, the weight of the child is based 25 percent on genetics and 75 percent on environment. Suggestions were given by AMA to family members to do an improved work of development with one another and setting practical limits.  If the parents want that their children will lose weight and become active, they have to be a good examples.  Ki9ds look up to their parents and they will follow everything to them.

If the child changes his diet, it means that it should be a diet change for the whole family.  The whole family will gain from more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The parents should give limitations in their family including the amount of junk foods that their children eat, and let their children watch television for only one or two hours everyday. And also try to set weekly exercise goals for the children and give them a reward to those who can meet the goal that something they will enjoy.

During holidays, it is the time to teach and inform your kids regarding “fitness is fun” attitude so that they keep it with them in their whole lives.

If your kids are so active, you have to be more active also.  Everyone of us is an athlete in our own ways and you have to show it to your kids.

Our center of attention should be on positive features of fitness:  family participation, variety, freedom and fun.  The family should plan family outings like bike riding, trips to the park, beach, zoo or walks on any of  nature trails. You have to make it fun and enjoyable.  Do not forget to always praise your children for their efforts. When it comes to motivating kids, praises can help you a lot.