Firefox 41 Released With Built-In Instant Messaging Feature

Firefox 41 Released With Built-In Instant Messaging Feature

Mozilla has released an update for the desktop and android browser Firefox version 41. The updates for the browser allow the users to personalize the Firefox account according to their need.

The users will be able to share the web browsing data including bookmarks. History and passwords and open tabs on mobile devices and desktop with the help of new features included. The users can now add a photo to the Firefox account.

Firefox 41 for desktop has the built-in instant messaging feature which works through the hello feature offered by Firefox browser. The users will be able to initiate video and audio chats with other Firefox users freely.

You will be able to send and receive the instant messages even while you are having a video chat with someone by using Firefox 41 for Mac, Windows and Linux.

With the updates Firefox cleared the issues of MP3 files on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above and the other security issues. This will provide a hassle –free use for the user.

Mozilla wants to give the best experience by enhancing the new versions of Firefox. Firefox is at the number three position in the browser market. The browser traffic for Firefox for the month of August was 11.6 %. It is far behind the Google chrome which is at the No.2 position. Internet Explorer holds the number one position. There was a difference of more than 30% between the second and third position.

Mozilla introduced the Windows 10 version in August and the company also came up with a version of Firefox for the iPhone and the iPad to woo the customers.

Mozilla has also improved the Firefox android edition. This will help the users to make the search easy and quick using search engines like Google, Bling, Yahoo, etc. The user will be able to select the search provider just by clicking the icon of the magnifying glass present in the search field.

To close the tabs on the tablet, you can just swipe them. You will be able to manage bookmarks better way by identifying the duplicates easily. The users will also be able to copy paste the password and username manually from the password mange option, in case it doesn’t get filled automatically.

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is used by 450 million users and holds about 12 of the market share.

The updated Firefox will be available on the Google Playstore and any new or existing users can get easy access to the new version of the browser.


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