Family Seeks Missing $504K from Estate

Family Seeks Missing $504K from Estate

A family is seeking over $504,000 in missing funds from a late family member’s estate. The decedent’s sister is pursuing legal action in the 4th District Court for money that was withheld by the family’s attorney who was hired to manage the estate of the late Clyde Carzat Tidwell.

Following Tidwell’s death in 2007, his sister, Lauretta Tidwell Robinson, and his siblings hired attorney Clyde Lain II to fulfill Tidwell’s last wishes and to appoint Lauretta as administratrix of the estate.

Lain’s job was to ensure that the succession funds were distributed to the estate’s heirs. When Lain found that the succession was larger than the heirs had anticipated, he gathered the funds and placed them into his client’s trust account for distribution. Once the money was transferred, the heirs lost all contact with Mr. Lain.

The family contacted the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel, and the office started an investigation. As it turns out, Mr. Lain had deposited the money into the trust, but converted that account to his own rather than distributing it to the heirs. In other words, Mr. Lain stole the money.

Lain admitted to stealing the money in a petition filed with the Louisiana Supreme Court. He requested to resign from practicing law in exchange for the court not taking any disciplinary action. Lain is reportedly now battling dementia.

The case is currently under review and has been assigned to Judge Robert Johnson. Ms. Robinson’s lawyer stated that although Lain has resigned, the family deserves to be repaid the money that went missing from the estate.


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