EnChroma Glasses May Cure Color Blindness

EnChroma glasses may present the cure to color blindness. The glasses work by filtering out some light in the color spectrum to effectively rewire the eye to see light differently. According to initial research, the glasses allow viewers to see colors as vibrantly as those who do not have color blindness.

The glasses themselves are impressive and should be worn by anyone that has color blindness. Researchers note that the glasses are effective, but when the user takes them off, something unexpected occurs. Users note that when they remove the glasses, they can see the enhanced colors just as if they were wearing the EnChroma glasses.

No studies have been conducted on the phenomenon just yet, but experts state that the glasses may be training the brain to see color normally. This would explain why the user is able to see colors when the glasses are removed.

Dr Theodore J Rosenberg, a New Jersey Optometrist practicing for more than 30 years,  theorizes that the brain may be retrained to accept different color perceptions using filters, such as those in the EnChroma Glasses. As the brain is used to distinguishing these colors, the need for the glasses would lessen.

EnChroma Glasses are a risk-free way to correct color blindness and may cure the problem for wearers.

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