Deltawing To Unveil GT Racer At Petit Le Mans

Deltawing To Unveil GT Racer At Petit Le Mans

The American company DeltaWing has come out with a sports car that is eco-friendly and looks set for the future. Named as the Panoz GT race car, this sci-fi concept car will be unveiling in the flesh at Road Atlanta’s Petit Le Mans later this year.

DeltaWing will be bringing the GT class race car as well as a two seat production car to road Atlanta. This is the place where the physical showing of the GT class racer from DeltaWing technology group will be shown to the world. For now, the American company has come out with a teaser image of the GT racer.

The Panoz GT racer will be a twin seat concept car that resembles the look of the earlier four seater version concept. The front end of the car has a sharper nose and the side looks of the car gets a complete makeover to what the concept looked.

The interesting feature of this race car that will grab the attention of many people is the triangular body shape. This blue colored GT race car whose image has been released by DeltaWing is a road legal car. The GT race car is modified version of the 2012 edition DeltaWing racer with Nissan engine under its hood.

The exterior pictures are only published as of now and there are no details about the interiors let out by DeltaWing. The only thing that is clear from DeltaWing is that the GT race car will be offered as both two seater as well as four seater models.

The Panoz DeltaWing GT race car is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The aerodynamic front end and low weight help the vehicle to offer 74 mpg on highways and 57 mpg on the mixed cycle. It is believed that a 1.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine will be seen under the hood of the Panoz GT race car. The engine will offer a maximum horsepower of 138 HP.

The GT racer will also be offered in an all electric powetrain, a turbo diesel engine and a plug in hybrid powertrain. There are even plans for DeltaWing to offer Panoz DeltaWing GT race car with an engine that is fueled by compressed natural gas or CNG.

With Panoz engineering skills and DeltaWings’s design skills, there is no doubt that the GT race car will offer more than what one expects. The first prototypes will start its testing by the end of this year.

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