Cyber ‘Scorecard’ Development In Progress At Pentagon To Combat Hacker Attacks

Cyber ‘Scorecard’ Development In Progress At Pentagon To Combat Hacker Attacks

The U.S. Military wants to get one step ahead of the data hackers by building up a massive database of the system vulnerabilities. This will help the Pentagon to keep track of the threats to the critical systems and to stay clear of the motives of the data hackers.

The Pentagon has said that the cyber ‘scorecard’ will be designed to fight against the hackers. This scorecard that is in its nascent stage will carry out research on the American military computer networks, installation and systems. This scorecard will give the officials guidance on how to fix them flaws in the U.S. military computer networks and installations.

There will be a security database in place for the American computer networks that will help the engineers to fix all the threats that the system and installation faces before the hackers can lay their hands to disrupt the work. This will prevent the leakage of government documents from being accessed by the hackers. It is not easy for a hacker to crack the network of American systems, but there is always a way to find a loophole in the system.

All the latest happening in the cyber security world will be at the finger tips of the Pentagon officials through the cyber scorecard that is being created. Initially, the scorecard will be hard coded. Later, it will be able to add and detect new vulnerabilities on its own to help the engineers to quickly respond to any new cracking of the database or if the network systems database is under threat.

The Pentagon says that cyber attacks are a real thorn in the flesh that is preventing the development of future weapons. Pentagon does not want to stop with the cyber scorecard option, but is also looking to create a response team to address a cyber security breach. Pentagon says that about 6,200 officials will be trained as part of this new project.

The main area of concern that the Scorecard and the response team need to deal with will be the threats that could harm the functioning of the entire network system of U.S military. Cutting down on the loopholes is the only way to protect the computer from cyber hackers.

Human weakness is found to be the major problem in the majority of attacks on the computers. It is important for the government to come out with a standard cyber security course in American schools to help the upcoming generation to be prepared for cyber warfare.


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