Citroen May Bring Its DS Luxury Brand To U.S Market

Citroen May Bring Its DS Luxury Brand To U.S Market

There were debates going among the speculators about the possible launch of PSA Peugeot Citroen’s DS brand in the American market. PSA sources have revealed that such a move is necessary and it is likely to occur within a few years.

The DS is an upscale brand from the French automaker, created from the lineup such as DS 4 premium compact, Citroen DS 3 minicar and DS5 crossover station wagon.

With the US debut a few years away, the company will have to prepare the distribution channel, sales and marketing wing and the service network.

These multitudes of challenges make some people still skeptical about the American entry of the Citroen DS brand. There is no proof that the company has started any preparations yet for this entry.

A certain group of buyers with a liking for art and architecture in China and Europe has accepted this brand as they are completely different from what other luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW   has to offer. If you want your car to be different from that of your neighbor, then DS is the best option available now in China and Europe.

Earlier the Europeans had many more options when it came to selecting the best luxury cars. There were brands such as Lancia, Saab, Alfa Romeo or premium cars from the companies such as Renault, Peugeot etc. for the intellectual buyers. Now the niche is dominated by the DS from Citroen as brands like Lancia and Saab are disappeared and most of the companies stopped making premium cars.

The updated DS4 made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015.

Things will not be easy for Citroen in North America. There is a need for a huge marketing campaign and extensive dealer network in the country. Having left the U.S auto market more than 40 years back Citroen is an unknown name for the buyers in the country and nobody would have heard of the Citroen DS classic which was popular in Europe.

The classic DS was the ultimate in comfort, aerodynamics, user interface and set new standards for the automotive industry 60 years ago. Classic DS was in production for more than two decades and was replaced by another futuristic model called CX.

At present Peugeot owns Citroen and DS will be their premium brand with different models to offer. Though the present vehicles are not as innovative as the classic DS, the brand still have remarkably stylish choices.


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