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HTC One A9 Arrives On October 20
October 13th, 2015 by Robert

The HTC is all set to release yet another One brand handset into the market and this time it would be the One A9 Smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The HTC One A9 is said to launch on the 20th of October and there are more leaked images of the A9 handset doing rounds on the internet. With so many leaks, the handset buyers would have definitely got an idea of what all are on offer in this new A9 Smartphone from HTC.

The new leaked images are that of the dummy Smartphone set of the all new HTC One A9 handset. This is not the real A9 piece, but one that you will see on display at the mobile stores once to product gets launched. It is not certain as to these leaks will make or break the sales of the HTC One A9, but it will give a lot of insight of the phone for phone buyers.

The leaked images suggest that the new A9 handset from HTC takes the shape of the iPhone 6 as it has the curves, lines and the looks of an iPhone. The curved aluminum unibody design looks similar to the Phone design.

A rear camera with raised circular hump is placed at the middle of the top end of the back side of the phone makes it look beautiful. The MicroSD card tray and the SIM card tray are seen on the side of the phone. The rear end also has machined holes at the bottom of the speaker output.

There is no way that a comparison to Apple would do justice to the phone as HTC was the first to use the plastic antenna channels integrated to the aluminum unibody design first and not Apple. The A9 is expected to be coming out in a multitude hue of colors.

The front facing, Boom speakers are gone in the new A9 model and has now been moved to the rear end of the phone with little speaker holes. The fingerprint sensor now takes its position on the front.

There are not much of the specification details that have been leaked about the HTC One A9 Smartphone. Overall, it looks like the phone will be fitting the upper mid range. There is no doubt that HTC will be coming out with a competitive price for the new A9 handset as there is great competition in this category of Smart phones already on the market.

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Apple Blocks Chinese Access To Its News App
October 13th, 2015 by Robert

According to the reports in New York Times, Apple is blocking its News App which is a part of iOS 9 in China. This move is a result of tough media and online rules in China. The foreign companies are finding it difficult to manage the online terms in China.

Apple launched the News App in June 2015 and is presently available to users in the United States. The App is under testing in Australia and Britain. Customers in the United States are able to download the app by using the registered phones in the country.

The users were able to see the news contents even when they travel to other countries. The users have found that the app is not working in China. When the users are trying to get the Apple news feed they are getting an error message, instead of the display of the news articles that they usually receive based on their preference of the media.

The error message displayed stating that the app is unable to refresh the news feed and that your current region doesn’t get news support. However, Apple has declined to make any comment regarding the matter.

According to sources, the Apple News app has never in function in China so that overseas handsets were prevented from using the news App in the country.

China plays an important role in Apple’s business. China is the second largest revenue source for Apple, the first being the United States. In the third quarter this year Apple achieved more than $13 billion sales in Greater China. This will make Apple to take a careful approach while delivering latest news content through its app in China.

According to Beijing rules, censoring the contents delivered to the country is the responsibility of the company involved and this means Apple would have to create a new censorship system for China. The Chinese companies are avoiding sensitive articles by using employees and automated programs. It seems Apple is completely avoiding the situation by disabling the app for users in China.

China government has stringent censorship rules to limit the ability of their citizen’s to share their opinion and information on sensitive subjects. China made its policies stricter by upgrading their internet filtering. Gmail, Twitter and Facebook remain blocked for the Chinese citizens. China’s censorship rules have affected even the game developing companies. The country prohibits the sales and distribution of game titles which promotes violence, gambling, drug use and obscenity.

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USB Wireless Windows 10 Adapter For Xbox One Arrives On October 20
October 13th, 2015 by Robert

There is no doubt that wireless controllers will be a boon for any gaming console than the wired options. With a wireless controller in place you need not worry about power connection problems. Microsoft’s Xbox One is going to have the wireless adapter for Windows 10 on USB to go on sale from October 20.

This is a great way to control the content that you stream from your Xbox One device to your PC monitor wirelessly. There is no need for any long cables or complicated wires from now on to stream the content on your Xbox One to the PC. Microsoft, the software giant, looking to also make an impression with its hardware lineups, is hoping that most of the Xbox One users take advantage of this new wireless controller that works on the latest Windows 10 operating system.

All you need is to get the wireless controller USB for Windows 10 and plug it to your laptop or Windows desktop to enjoy wireless gaming through the Xbox One controller. The USB dongle will come out on October 20th and it is priced at $25. The Xbox One controller costs about $60 and the USB dongle will cost you $25. This sounds a bit expensive, but is a good package for everyone looking to buy separate controllers for bedroom or office.

It is an ideal option for those who do not like to always carry the wireless controller from one room to another. The new USB dongle can be used on both Xbox One wireless controller as well as in conjunction with the Xbox wireless controller. This will allow you to play both the Xbox One games as well as the Windows 10 games. You can also enjoy the in game chat and stereo sound features using the new USB dongle for Xbox One wireless controller.

The wireless adapter is an effort from the Microsoft side to bring together or merge the Windows 10 OS and the Xbox One. This will help in bridging the gap between the two. Microsoft has not announced any pre-order options to get the new USB wireless dongle. The new dongle will be working only with Windows 10 OS and with Xbox One controller and does not work with Xbox 360 controllers.

It is currently not available for sale on the Microsoft store. The adapter will only be made available after it has been launched by the company on October 20.
Image Credit : MicroSoft

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Xbox One Head Not Sure If Xbox Can Overcome PS4 Sales
October 12th, 2015 by Robert

The Xbox One from Microsoft did not get a good start in the market when it was launched. Thanks to the efforts put in by Phil Spencer and his team, the gaming console soon started to catch the imaginations of the console lovers. The head of Microsoft’s Xbox One is happy about the journey that the console has had so far. One thing that worries him now is that he is no sure as to whether Xbox One will ever be able to eclipse its fierce competitor PlayStation 4 in terms of sales in the global market.

Sony’s PS4 has been having a good run in the market all these years and it is the top selling gaming consoles for some time now. It has a steady lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One and also Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console. The Xbox One was able to outsell PS4 in Latin America last year. But, still Phil Spencer is not sure that it will be able to upstage PS4 sales at all.

Phil Spencer during his speech at the 2015 Geek Wire Summit said that Sony has a very good product in PS4 and also has a huge lead over Xbox One. He does not think that Xbox One will be able to beat PS4 in sales this generation. He said that Xbox One has great content and a good line up of games and that he loves the Xbox One product.

Spencer said that Microsoft lost the trust of its very loyal customers once the Xbox One as launched. The features, the used games and the system as a whole did not impress the Microsoft fanatics at first and this is where Microsoft lost the battle. It has been hard to recover from its initial launch loss and even though the sales are improving and the quality of games offered are also improving, Microsoft’s Xbox One will have to go a long way if it has plans to upstage PS4.

There came a doubt in the people’s mind very early as to whether Microsoft was building a console for themselves or for the gamers. Once this doubt raised and people started to look at everything on offer from Microsoft Xbox, the trust of the customer is lost in the product.

The only way that Xbox One can get the upper hand over PS4 is to gain as many new customers as they can. Spencer wants his team to concentrate on gaining maximum customers and not to think much about beating Sony’s PS4.
Image Credit : Attack of the Fanboy

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Microsoft Looking To Entice Developers By Taking HoloLens On A U.S. Tour
October 12th, 2015 by Robert

Microsoft looks to be intent on making its augmented reality headset a huge success. It has plans to take the HoloLens, augmented reality headset on a complete tour of the United States. The tour will be commencing in October and will end in November.

Microsoft will be taking the HoloLens augmented reality headset by virtue of a road trip to as many as 10 countries in the United States. It has plans to take it to Toronto as well. This is one way of showcasing its pet HoloLens project and also to woo a lot of developers.

The hands on trial of the new augmented reality headsets for the developers will commence in Seattle, its hometown and then will spread on to Austin, Atlanta, Chicago and New York City as well.

The HoloLens headset was showcased by Microsoft in Januarys this year. This gadget uniquely blends the reality and the virtual worlds through some applications like Skype or Minecraft game. There have been many applications of the new technology that was showcased by Microsoft. Even during the recently concluded Microsoft windows 10 event last Tuesday, Microsoft showed the Project X-Ray demo. This new game will need the user to fight with the army of spider like robots that are attacking the living room of the headset user.

The augmented reality headset on offer from Microsoft does not need any wires or PC connection or Smartphone connection to function. This will give the user to walk around freely in a varied reality surroundings.

The HoloLens is a pricey one and the first developer’s version will cost $3,000. It is expected to be shipped to the buyers in the U.S. and Canada during the first quarter of 2016. The consumer version of the HoloLens will also be coming out next year, after the release of the developer’s version.

There are many tech giant companies that are also looking to bring out their augmented reality headsets or virtual reality headsets to woo the tech savvy people all over the world. The other VR headsets are: Oculus Rift from Facebook, Google Cardboard, Sony PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR. What this means is that the augmented reality technology is here to stay and there will be many people seen wearing these headsets from next year.

HoloLens is special according to Microsoft as it gives the user a chance to interact with the surroundings. It can be used to play games, for work and also for medical purposes.

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All Old Plugins To Be Dropped By Mozilla By 2016 End
October 12th, 2015 by Robert

Mozilla had announced on Wednesday that it will be doing away with the plug-ins built in its Firefox browser by the end of 2016. What this means is that all the NPAPI plugins in the Firefox browser will be history when you start to use the Firebox browser in 2017.

Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) is one of the most popular and standard plug-in used by many browsers. Google had recently done away with the NPAPI plug-ins and now Mozilla has followed suit. There are many other popular browsers that still make use of the MPAPI plug-ins like: Opera Software’s Opera browser and Apple’s Safari browser.

Mozilla has said that it will not be taking out the Flash plug-in option from its Firefox browser and will continue to support it. This is an exception to the general plug-in policy. The main problem with the NPAPI plugins is that it slows down the browser’s speed and affects its stability. The performance of the browser is greatly compromised when making use of the NPAPI plug-ins. The code base is also very complex in nature. This means that some of the plugins like Silverlight, Unity, Java and others will not be featured on the Mozilla Firefox browsers from the end of 2016.

Google had dropped the support to all the NPAPI plug-ins in its popular Chrome browser and was the first company to criticize NPAPI for what it did to the browsers that supports it. The Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft made use of its Active X technology to slowly relieve the users from the age old technology of NPAPI plugins.

The new move by Mozilla on NPAPI is another step that it is taking to synchronize its efforts with Chrome browser and also to some extent with the Edge browser. The Edge browser at the moment only supports Flash plug-in is looking to adopt Chrome like extensions like Mozilla.

Mozilla has been announcing an update for its Firefox browser every six weeks. If it sticks to this schedule, then the support for the NPAPI plugins will be cancelled by Mozilla in the Firefox 52 update that will be announced on December 27, 2016. The present Firefox version is 41 and the next Firefox version 42 will be released on November 3rd.

Firefox is just having a share of 1.5% of all the popular browsers in the month of September and will have to do something to prevent its share from slipping further.

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Apple To Roll Out Mobile-Payment Service To Popular Stores
October 10th, 2015 by Robert

Apple Pay, the mobile –payment system is trying to expand its operations in the U.S. Apple Pay executive, Jennifer Bailey during the Code/Mobile conference announced that they will make available the mobile payment systems in selected Starbucks establishments by the end of this year.

Stores like KFC and Chili will get the service from 2016. Bailey confirmed that all the stores owned by Starbucks will get the Apple pay service in 2016. There are more than 7,500 Starbucks stores located in different parts of the country.

Apple launched the mobile –payment service Apple Pay last year, but till now Apple Pay comes to only 1% of the total retail transactions in the country. The slow rollout is due to the fact that the retail establishments are yet to accept this payment method.

Apple believes that rolling out the payment system to the popular stores like Starbucks, Chili and KFC will help to widen their acceptance and will give some boost to the service.

The Starbucks coffee vendors were one of the major business chains to accept mobile payments through barcode method using its app. The pilot service of Apple Pay will start in some Starbucks stores by the end of 2015.

According to Bailey, Apple Pay has gained momentum in acceptance in the last one year and merchants have started to use it. Bailey claims that more than 80% of the Apple Watch users are depending on Apple Pay to make payments. It is expected that the Apple Pay service will hit the KFC restaurants during the next spring as “Pay at The Table”.

We were hearing about using Smart phones as digital wallets for more than one year and Apple started the technology with contactless payments using mobiles last year. When Apple launched Apple Pay last year, more than 1 million people used the service within 72 hours.

Starbucks revealed that mobile payments make up 20% of their U.S customer transactions and company wants to provide all the possible payment systems to their customers. Starbucks is already using e Apple Pay service in U.K for a few months now and has been well received by the U.K consumers.

According to the spokeswoman for Chili’s, Apple Pay would be the first mobile payment system to be adopted by the company.

Though Bailey has confirmed that the loyalty programs feature will be available for Apple Pay in Whole Foods, Walgreens, Coca Cola, Panera Bread, kohl’s, etc., it is not clear whether Starbucks will include the transactions made using Apple Pay in their rewards program.

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Price Of Unlimited Data Plan By Verizon Increased By $20
October 10th, 2015 by Robert

I you are using the unlimited data plan on offer from Verizon then there is some bad news for you. Verizon has announced that it will be increasing the price of this unlimited data plan by $20 a month. The increase in the price is all set to come into effect from November 15 this year.

The increase in the price of the unlimited data plan will be affecting all users who are using the old unlimited data plan offered by Verizon. Any customer who is not contracted with the carrier is excluded from this price hike. Those customers who are contracted with Verizon will see an increase in the unlimited data plan rate by $20 till their two year agreement with the company is up for renewal.

Verizon is looking to offer the hugest quality services for its customers and to improve its network performance. It is to be noted that Verizon is not taking care of the unlimited data plan offered on the network as it has stopped the service to new customers from 2011. Now, there are just 1% of the Verizon users who are using the unlimited data plan offered by the company.

The price of the unlimited data plan has increased from $29.99 to $49.99 per month with this announced hike. Verizon is looking forward to more customers making use of the monthly data plans on offer that comes with a data limit. The corporate and the government agencies that are using the Verizon unlimited data plan will not have to suffer from this increase in the price of the data plan.

It was on October 16th that Verizon’s rival Sprint had announced an increase in the price of its unlimited data plans from $10 a month. Now, Verizon has followed suit and announced the price hike of its unlimited data plan. The Sprint’s unlimited data plan costs the user $70 a month that includes talk, text as well as data usage. The unlimited data plan offered by Verizon has been just $49.99, but it does not include text messaging and the voice call costs.

The data plan charges are increasing now and this could be a burden on the users. There is a steep increase in the data usage among consumers and Verizon is increasing the price of the unlimited data plan to offset the escalating prices to offer the unlimited data to their customers.

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It’s Official! PS4 Now Offered At $350
October 10th, 2015 by Robert

If you wanted to purchase the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console, but was worried about its cost being slightly higher, then you will be getting the new PS4 console at a discount of $50 from the US stores from today. Sony has reduced the price of the PS4 console by $50 and the predictions carried out on various online tech sites proved to be correct.

As the holiday season spree is all about to set in, there is no doubt that Sony PS4 enthusiasts will not get a better offer to buy the console than this. This is a very smart move from Sony to reduce the price at this crucial juncture and this will only help in boosting its lead in the sales over Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console. The reduced PS4 gaming console of $350 also comes with a game copy of the Star Wars Battlefront or the Nathan Drake collection.

The head of Microsoft Xbox One was also predicting that Sony would be making an offer of reducing the price of PS4 by about $50, after it did a similar thing in Japan. The PS4 now carried the same price tag that Microsoft’s Xbox One carries. This will increase the competition between these two popular gaming consoles even further.

Ps4 consoles have been outselling the Xbox One console even before the price reduction. So, this drop of $50 from the PS4 price will only further boost the sales of the gaming console in the US market. Microsoft has already started to offer attractive holiday bundles on the purchase of its gaming consoles in order to give Sony a tough fight in the market during the holiday season. It remains to be seen as to which gaming console the Americans opt this holiday season as gifts.

The starting price of the PS4 console is $350 and prices may vary up to $430 depending on the games that you opt. Sony has come out with the reduced price of PS4 in order to reduce the sales of new bundle offer from Microsoft for its Xbox One without the Kinetic sensor, even before the holiday sales.

As Microsoft had an affordable priced gaming console, Sony did not want to be left out during the holiday sales. Hence, it has come out with the reduction in the PS4 prices.

Sony has just announced this price cut in North America, especially in the U.S and Canada.

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A Bizarre But Brilliant Angle On Camera Technology By Light
October 9th, 2015 by Robert

For those who are interested in advances in camera technology might be interested in what Light has to offer. It has the potential to be the camera for the future or it could simply be tossed aside as one of the several misfit models that have been invented. There are different attempts to redesign the camera and bring about new changes to make it fit for the new century.

There have been several innovations launched like the Kodak V570, which are a dual lens camera that was launched in 2006 as well as the original Light Field device that was Lytro’s offering in 2012. This camera has been given a more traditional makeover this year. It comes with phone attachments as well. This is a two year old startup company that is run by Dave Grannan. He is credited with the speech recognition software that went on to become Siri. He runs this company with Rajiv Laroia who helped develop LTE technology.

The company is now showcasing Light, which is a unique camera which is fitted with innovative features. Today it is being marketed as a computational camera with several apertures. The quality of shots is that of a DSLR, but it can be a pocket device, the size of the camera is such.

The specifications of the camera are worth considering. Its zoom range varies from 35 to 150 mm and its interface is driven by a touchscreen. The LCD screen is about five inches. The HD video and built in Wi-Fi capability of the camera are other wonderful features to look forward to. It can provide raw files of DNG format and it comes with an internal storage of 128 GB. The battery is non removable. It can be charged via a USB connector. The camera is equipped with a headphone and microphone jack.

The size of the camera is not too small as it can fit the pocket of a jacket maybe. It can provide 400 shots when fully charged. The LED light that it provides is the highlight of the camera which can act similar to a strobe light. The price of the camera will probably be in the range of $1300. The aperture and the resolution of the camera gets a little complicated for the unique structure and technology it flaunts. The sixteen camera modules comprise of a lens and a folded lens. Each lens comes with an aperture of f2.4 and can provide a resolution of 13 megapixels.

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Motion Detection Game From Sony Gets Updated
October 9th, 2015 by Robert

For those who love the motion detector games of Sony, they can now look forward to some more thrilling games of the same kind. The sensors that simulate flight as the technology that Softkinetic provides usually make use of gestural control. With the hand gestures the players are able to bring about changes in motion through the game consoles. The same effects can be created in car games as well as in games played through mobile devices.

There has been an added on brought on by Softkinetic which is a headset of the Oculus Rift technology that costs 99 dollars. If you are curious to know what are the different features to be included with this headset, there would be several like a camera that offers three dimensional sense of depth. Those who are developing apps based on virtual reality, they can add on controls through gestures through this accessory.

Soft kinetic Systems have been taken over by Sony and hence, it is expected that, the sensors and cameras that detect motion and distance will soon be part of the gamut of offerings from Sony. Softkinetic is known to have mastered the technique of time and flight measurement. That allows distance of an object’s location to be sensed by a sensor. It can also be applied to objects that can be bounced off a camera by the use of photon packets.

Xbox One already has a Kinect senor in place which can identify the players or allow gestures to be used to control games. Sony has made use of two cameras for providing the technique of detecting gestures through the controller of PlayStation 4. With Softkinetic acquired it will become easier for Sony to incorporate the time of flight technique to create a game console that offers futuristic features. The technology of Softkinetic will have more features to offer Sony for its games.

The sensors of time and flight depth technology will not require the use of stereoscopic cameras. As a result, the consoles can be made compact in design. These can also be mimicked in mobile devices. Similar control features can be used in cars in the entertainment systems. Through gesture drivers can change stations or do other functions without having to find the physical buttons. Hence, Sony car entertainment units will also profit from the incorporation of this technology. For Sony fans there is much to look forward to and a more immersive experience can be expected from the PlayStation games.

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Samsung Pay Reported To Be Unaffected By Hackers
October 9th, 2015 by Robert

The breach that was created by Chinese hackers on Samsung Pay has not been able to jeopardize the accounts of the users. The payment system called Samsung Pay received an alert when its subsidiary called LoopPay suffered from a network breach. The breach was created by hackers of the Chinese government. Samsung has since then issued a statement alleviating fears of having had accounts hacked. It has confirmed that the customers will find their data to be safe as Samsung Pay was not affected when hackers from China broke through the network of LoopPay, its US subsidiary.

The attack was discovered in the late week of August. The breach probably targeted to hack the office network of the company. However Samsung confirmed that no data of customers were put at risk due to the breach. The incident has been dealt with by LoopPay in a comprehensive manner as reported by Samsung. Even if the attack took place quite some time ago, the news was released only on Wednesday. A report was released on the New York Times where the group that was held responsible for the hacking was identified as Codoso Group, which is known to be an affiliation of the Chinese government.

As per the report the hackers wanted to gather details of the technology that were used by the company. They were not after gathering data of the customers or their payment transaction details. The attack caused a breach in the internal servers of LoopPay whose offices are located in Massachusetts.

LoopPay is a subsidiary company of the Korean electronics giant and it has been handling the mobile payment transactions even before the company launched the proprietary system called Samsung Pay. This app has been launched as a direct rival to Apple Pay. LoopPay has mastered the secure payment transaction technology due to which Samsung has taken over the company and acquired it for an amount of $250 million in the month of February this year. The magnetic form of secure transmission that is offered by LoopPay has been instrumental in setting Up Samsung Pay.

Samsung issued a statement assuring the public that Samsung Pay had not been impacted and no financial information or personal payment details were exposed through the breach. The isolated incident took place at LoopPay’s separate network. With LoopPay’s intellectual property being targeted by Chinese hackers, there is a hot topic brewing about this issue and how it can impact the relation between the two countries.

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Beats Announces Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker
October 9th, 2015 by Robert

Beats is a popular brand that is known for its high quality headphones. But, after the Apple acquisition last summer, the company has now announced its first speaker in the form of Beats Pill+. This is a Bluetooth speaker that looks quite attractive and also sounds better than any other Beats speakers that you have come across till now.

The Beats Pill+ speakers are always on the higher pricey side, even though the speaker is more or less similar to its earlier Beats Pill speaker. This is a midsized Bluetooth speaker that comes at a price of $230. This is the first portable speaker released after Apple has acquired Beats Company.

The only difference between Beats Pill + and Beats Pill speaker is that Pill + is slightly larger than its predecessor. It is smaller than the earlier discontinued Beats Pill XL speaker. The top and bottom of the speaker has been flattened so that it becomes more stable. The power and volume + and – buttons are now placed on top of the speaker instead of being at the bottom. The sides of the Beats Pill +are curved as usual.

The Pill + has two tweeter speakers on the sides and two woofer speakers located at the center of the speaker on the outside. There is an Apple Lightning port provided on the backside of the speaker in order to recharge the speaker. A USB port is also offered on the Pill + that can be used to recharge other devices. There is also a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input option offered on the speaker.

A full recharge of the Pill + speaker will offer you with 12 hours of continuous playback time. As the Pill + speaker is bigger than the previous Pill speaker, it will also offer better and fuller sound. The Beats Pill + comes with a simple yet sophisticated design that not just looks good, but also offers great sounds. The device is very compact and durable. You can take it with you wherever you go and with convenient control buttons on the top you can easily manage your music.

The Beats Pill + will be offered on Apple’s website as well as at all the Beats retailer stores. The speakers will be on sale from November this year. There is an option of pairing two Beats Pill + together to bring out a dynamic sound output. As many as 1 million and odd Beats Pill units have been sold in the market since it came out in 2012.

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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages To Speed Up Mobile Web Browsing
October 8th, 2015 by Robert

Google introduced on Wednesday a new technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which allows the Smartphone to load the web articles almost instantly. This technology was first revealed by Google last month and is now under previews.

There are some other organizations that are already using this AMP technology. They are The New York Times, Twitter, BuzzFeed, the Guardian, Daily Mail, VoxMedia.

Companies like Apple and Facebook is having latest technology apps to load news content on mobile devices. Google also wants to provide the same experience to their users.

The AMP project from Google is an open –source HTML standard, which creates a structure that reduces the load time of web pages and adds tasteful advertisements. The use of Amp will reduce the use of plug-ins needed for ad –blocking. AMP technology will simplify the technical support required for the web pages involved.

When using the AMP the web pages can reduce the need for JavaScript coding and hence the articles appear faster and will use much less power of the mobile battery.

The publishers will be able to use the ad networks that they have been using earlier, but will not get to display certain adverts like “sticky images” and pop-ups that move along with the scroll movements of the page.

WordPress, Pinterest and Linkedin will soon follow this technology.

Facebook has an advanced technology that was launched recently. This alternative program of Facebook is called “Instant Articles”. This program is capable of providing speedy delivery of the content from third parties by hosting the content on its platform.

The news sites will be able to create the AMP versions of their news automatically at the time they publish and update their original stories.

Google will collect these stored versions from the web and will store them on the cache servers and release it to the required users through search options or other new tools.

In a similar way, the social networks are expected to direct the users to the AMP articles and not to the originals when the users click on the links in the apps.

Danny Bernstein, Google’s director of product partnerships said that 40 % of the net users abandon the idea to visit an article if it doesn’t get loaded within six seconds. It will be remarkable, if the users are able to access the article instantly from Pinterest or Twitter.

Google will support AMP in their search from 2016. But, they have made the code public for use by publishers.

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WhatsApp Chat History Can Now Be Backed Up On Google Drive
October 8th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

All the WhatsApp users on the Android devices will be able to back up their WhatsApp messages, images and videos on the Google Cloud in a couple of months time. Yes, Google has announced its integration with WhatsApp, the popular chatting software and all text messages, voice messages, videos and photos on your WhatsApp can now be backed up on Google Drive.

The WhatsApp users will get the option of backing up their data on the Google drive on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis. If there are too many videos that you have in your WhatsApp, then you also have the option to exclude the back up of WhatsApp video files.

Once the data backup is set on Google drive, then users will be able to use the backup data to restore it on the new Android phone that they switch to any time. This way all your data will not be lost or erased. Even if the user loses any of his or her WhatsApp data or have to restore their phone due to some problems, the backup of all WhatsApp data will be there on the Google drive.

Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp, but, WhatsApp is not making use of the Facebook infrastructure to provide back up for the user data and is making use of Google drive to back up the WhatsApp data. This seems very interesting.

This new integration between Google and the WhatsApp will make the WhatsApp or Android get closer to the WhatsApp service offered on iOS devices. In iOS devices, Apple’s iCloud storage offers the same backup data storage functionality that Google Drive now offers for WhatsApp for Android.

Google has also confirmed that it will not be using the WhatsApp user’s data stored on the drive to personalize ads. So, there is no need to worry that by using the Google drive to store your WhatsApp data, you could become an easy victim of personalized ads from Google.

So, for all regular users of WhatsApp who would like to look back at their messages and photos after a few months, it is now easy to get the information from the Google Drive. By using this special storage service, WhatsApp users will not have to compromise on the storage space on their Android device. This way you can save a lot of your storage space on your device for other apps or movies or music or games.

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Virtual Reality Will Become Part Of Life, Says Zuckerberg
October 8th, 2015 by Robert

The CEO of the most popular social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, always lets his heart out when he is asked a question or two. He was asked a big question when he was lecturing about the virtual reality at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit held in San Francisco. The question asked was as to whether Facebook will be coming out with augmented reality. Zuckerberg was immediate to answer in the affirmative and said that it would take some time.

Zuckerberg said the VR would be the future as there has been vast advancements made by technology and it has also gotten cheaper now. He said that virtual reality will be coming out sooner than later and it will also become part of our daily life in the future, like the mobile phones.

There should be no doubt about Facebook’s keen interest in virtual reality after the company buying Oculus. Facebook bought Oculus, the virtual reality startup, for a whooping $2 billion in 2014. Michael Abrash of Facebook said that virtual reality has basically arrived on the technology scene. Augmented reality does present a few problems because of its nature and this is why it will take some time to arrive so that it becomes as practicable as VR.

Zuckerberg said that virtual reality is the next big computing thing to happen in this world and will take decades to catch on to the consumers. People are excited about VR and in due course of time there will be millions of units offering VR, just like how popular Smartphones are today.

Augmented reality is a different kettle of fish to virtual reality and gives Facebook a different opportunity. There is no doubt that many of the leading tech companies are looking forward to VR and augmented reality taking shape. Zuckerberg turns out to be the latest tech major VIP to come forward to support virtual reality.

The Oculus Rift headset is all set to be launched by Facebook in March 2016. Facebook is already working on future advancements like augmented reality through research. Zuckerberg is of the belief that in 15 years there were be billions of units on VR sold all over the globe. At first, it will be bought by tech and gaming enthusiasts.

If Smartphones and tablets have been able to generate tremendous attention in the world, then there is no way virtual reality and augmented reality will be left behind.

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European Users Can Lay Hands On Apple iPhone 6S From October 9
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

If you are living in European countries and what to buy the all new Apple iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus, then you will have to wait for a few more days only. Apple is opening its second wave iPhone 6S launches on October 9th and it will be now open for European customers.

People living in Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands have an opportunity to reserve their new iPhone 6s and 6s plus at the Apple’s website. Apple has started to accept in-store reservations for the iPhone 6s and 6s plus in these six European countries. The Smartphones are said to launch in these countries from October 9th. You can log on to the Apple iPhone store in your country and pre-order the phone and the deliveries of the phone in the six countries will start from October 9.

The customers in these six countries can choose the iPhone model, the color of the phone and the storage size of the iPhone 6S models and then make a reservation at a local Apple store as well. They can pick up their reserved Apple iPhone handset from October 9th from the store itself.

The booked customers, who arrive at the Apple stores on October 9th to collect their new iPhones, will be made to stand in a special line for the reserved customers. The person whose name is given during reservation is advised to come and collect their booked iPhone. No other person will be entertained and you need to bring a photo Identity issued by the Government as a proof to collect the iPhone. Also, one customer is only allowed to make a maximum of 2 reservations for the new iPhone.

With the second wave of iPhone 6S launches, Apple will now be offering the phones in as many as 40 countries. This is 40 more regions than the earlier 12 regions that it launched the new iPhones in the first wave of iPhone launches. Apple has plans to bring the new iPhone 6S and the 6s to more than 130 countries by the end of the year.

Apple will next be launching the iPhone 6s and 6S plus in the Middle East on October 10th. After that, Apple will be taking the new iPhones to Malaysia, India and Turkey on October 16th. There is no doubt that the European Apple stores will be buzzing with activity on October 9th.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And New Lumia Phones Debuts Today
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

After the big events of Apple and Google last month, it is time for Microsoft, the software giant, to announce its new devices at the big event planned for the 6th of October. The Microsoft event will be the Windows 10 event where the company will be focusing on bringing out Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones. The other start of the Microsoft event will be the all new Surface Pro 4 tablet. These are the three devices that are sure to make their appearance at the Microsoft event today.

There are even rumors and talks doing rounds that Microsoft will also be showcasing a wearable gadget at the event apart from revealing more details of the augmented reality headset HoloLens.

This is one of the massive events that Microsoft will be holding this year. It is not possible for every Microsoft fan to be there at the event and to watch it live. This is why the event will be streamed live online and also portions of it will be shown on Xbox One. This way fans all over the globe will be able to witness the Microsoft windows 10 hardware event live.

The Surface Pro4 will be offered with many added features than its powerful predecessor Surface pro 3. There is no doubt that all eyes will be on the details and specifications of the Surface Pro 4 tablets after Apple and Google announcing their new tablets like iPad Pro and Pixel c respectively.

The Surface Pro 4 could have a 4K or even a 5K screen and also might come out with a stylus. Microsoft has announced that the new Surface Pro 4 will work on old accessories. This means that not everything will be new in the Surface Pro 4 tablets.

The event will also be the platform for Microsoft to launch its first flagship smartphones in the form of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. The company has so far concentrated on affordable handsets and the two new Lumia smartphones will be offering high end specifications. The two phones will be running on Windows 10 and also comes with Iris scanner for improved phone security.

Microsoft is very much interested in letting the world know that One Window is enough to rule all the devices and that is why it is organizing this mega event today. Just one Windows is needed to run all its hardware.

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Roku Unveils Roku 4 Box For 4K Video Streaming
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

Roku, the media streaming device maker, officially announced the launch of their new product Roku 4. This updated version of the hardware will now support HD TVs and Ultra HD TVs. Roku has simultaneously launched the latest version of their operating system called Roku OS 7.

The video streaming box industry is blooming at the moment and Apple and Amazon have already launched streaming solutions for the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

The practical feature in Roku 4 includes 4K video support for up to 60 frames. The HDCP2.2 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi is needed to handle the bandwidth required for such content. The Wi-Fi supported remote is used in the Roku 4. The headphone jack allows the user to listen to the audio of the shows without using the speakers of the HDTV. This will help them to listen to their favorite shows without disturbing other people around.

With the addition of the Roku OS 7 software, the Roku 4 gets a lot of new features to give you an impressive show watching experience. The My Feed feature will give you the option of tracking the director, actor, movie or the show you are watching. The changes in the prices of the content and the availability of the content will be let known to you through the My Feed feature.

A new feature added to the new Roku 4 is the Hotel and Dorm connect. This is ideal for students and travelers. If the dorm or the hotel needs a form to be filled out before you can access Roku 4 content through the internet, the form will be offered to your tablet or software via the Roku app for iOS and Android. Fill this phone using your tablet or phone and Roku will give you access to the Roku 4 content.

The Roku 4 looks really set to give the Apple TV a good run in the market this holiday season. It is now currently available for pre-order on the Roku website. The shipping of the Roku 4 ultra high definition streaming service will commence later this month. The new Roku 4 will be coming with pre-installed Roku OS software.

The new Roku 4 is offered at a price of $129 and is less expensive than the Android TV and the new Apple TV. Roku users looking to upgrade their streaming device can now use Roku 4 to get ultra high definition viewing pleasure.

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Volvo Reveals The Details Of Auto Pilot Feature
October 7th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Volvo is inching closer to the D-day in 2017 where it will be commencing the 100 car self driving pilot program in Sweden’s Gothenburg. The project looks to be taking shape and Volvo has revealed a few things about the project in order to keep the analysts, critics as well as the customers busy.

The new revelation by Volvo on its autonomous pilot driving project is the video explaining how the 2016 XC90s will work in autonomous modes. The car will be in the full self driving mode. The video also shows how the cars will hand over the control of the car back to the hands of the driver after it has completed its robotic trip.

The Auto pilot feature video that Volvo has released shows the beginning as well as the end of a self driving journey in the XC 90 car. In order to commence the self drive journey, the person seated on the driver’s seat keys in a destination to the Volvo’s navigation system.

Once the system inside the car is ready to take control of the car, it will light up both the shift paddles and both the paddles will be pulled simultaneously. This is the signal that the auto pilot mode is on and the car is ready to be auto piloted.

While on the journey, the car will be showing to the driver as to how many minutes more is left for the car to reach the chosen destination. There will also be animations of different traffic scenarios shown by the car in real time for the driver to be aware of what is in front of him. You can get to know about the cars behind, in front of your car or even next to your car.

It is time for the driver to take control of the car once the counter timer reaches the one minute mark. This is the time that the driver gets to take control of the car through the paddles. If the driver does not take control, then the car will stop at the chosen destination.

If the autopilot system is facing any difficulties in the middle of the ride, it will give the driver a warning period to take control of the car. If the request is not heeded by the driver, the car will pull over to the side and come to a halt all by itself.
Image Credit : VolvoCars

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Russia Instructs Google To Rectify Violations Of Antitrust Law
October 7th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Google is facing another antitrust problem, this time with Russia. The anti-monopoly regulatory body of Russia has given Google the deadline of November 18th to change their agreement on OEM licensing which makes the manufacturers to add Google services, if they want to access Google play.

According to anti-monopoly service, Google is using their dominance in the market position to install their apps in all phones with Android. Russia’s Federal Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) gave the ruling in September 2015. According to the agency the contract clause made by the Mountain view, California based company forced device makers to install only Google apps and this prevented their competitors from getting a foothold in the market.

On this Monday FAS made a statement that Google should modify the agreements with the producers of mobile devices within a month and should remove the anti-competitive clauses from its agreement that restrict the installment of other apps and services. FAS wants to restore the competition in the market. If the internet giant fails to make the necessary changes in their agreements by the deadline given, the company could face a fine of up to15% of their revenue made in 2014 from Russia from the pre-installed apps.

The ruling was issued by FAS based on a complaint given by one of the leading online search company in Russia, Yandex. Yandex issued a complaint citing that Google is using their platform in an unlawful way to have a competitive edge to their products. It was found that Google also prevented OEM’s from installing the other competing services in some cases.

Yandex was pleased with the ruling given by FAS. Yandex said that though the professional competence of Google is beyond doubt, there is no need to have restrictions and to prohibit competition if they truly believe in the superiority of their product.

Though the decision made by FAS is not going to affect the Android users outside Russia it could have repercussions on Google’s antitrust issues in the UK and the US. The changes that will be made by Google can alter the appearance of Android. The features like search, navigation and email will get changed in the OS. Changes will also happen in web browsing and music.

Google responded that the android device manufacturers and owners can deviate from Google products if they want. The android device makers are free to decide whether to use Google apps or not and the consumers are free to use any applications from competitors.

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PlayStation 4 Prices Might Be Dropping Soon
October 7th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There are rumors coming through that Sony is looking to drop the price of its most popular gaming console PlayStation 4 (PS4) very soon. It looks like the leader in the gaming console market wants to stay a bit further from its fiercest rival Microsoft’s Xbox One and hence has decided to cut down on the price of PS4 to boost its sales even further during the holiday season in the United States.

Though this news has not been confirmed by Sony, the popular online and retail gadgets tore target is hinting about a price cut to come out soon for the PS4. The website of Target now has the Sony PS4 sells at a price of $349.99, which was previously $399.99. This means that the PS4 is now offered at $50 less than its previous price. The $399.99 has remained constant for the PS4 right from November 2013 when Sony first launched the PS4.

Sony has not officially announced a price cut for POS4 in the West. But, the company has recently lowered its price in Japan from ¥39,980 to ¥34,980 from October 1. Also, Xbox One boss, Phil Spencer, had gone public saying that he feels that Sony would be bringing out a similar price reduction for its PS4 console in Europe and North America soon. This might be the reason that Target has cut down the price of Sony PS4 by $50 in order to cash in more sales before the big Announcement by Sony.

There is no doubt that people looking to buy PS4 gaming console and PlayStation fans in North America would be eager to know if Sony would be coming out with a price cut soon. At present, Target is offering a $50 gift certificate when people purchase specific PS4 bundles. This is a limited period offer.

The Japan market was the weakest in terms of sale for Sony and the price drop by Sony was to sell more consoles in its homeland. The price cut in Japan will only come into effect after October 31. Also, with Xbox One base model offered at $350, Sony might be looking at a price cut of $50 for its PS4 consoles to coincide with the popular holiday season sales.

There are rumors that Sony would be making the big announcement during the Paris Games week to commence from October 28 or during its proposed press conference on October 27.
Image Credit : Tech News Today

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Google To Announce Some Of Its Services To Be Available On Windows, According To Online Rumors
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

There are only a few days left for Microsoft to unveil their two flagship smart phones with windows 10. The internet is witnessing an outbreak of rumors about the company activities prior to the event. According to the latest rumor on the internet, the two companies will collaborate to release some of the Google apps on windows 10 platform.

Google and Microsoft decided to resolve all the patent disputes pending between them last week and a ceasefire is expected between the two in the near future. If Google brings its services to mobile operating system of Microsoft many windows mobile users will be able to use services like Google maps, Gmail, Google hangouts, YouTube and more. Till now Google was adamant about bringing any of its services or apps to Microsoft. According to Google the market share of Window’s phones was not huge enough to making the apps for windows worthwhile.

Windows phone users were depending on other alternatives or unofficial apps from third parties for the needed services.

According to reports made on an Arabic site Google is planning to attend the event of Microsoft, which will be held this week and to make the announcement of releasing the services to windows 10 platform as well. According to the site the announcement from Google will be specifically for mobile OS. The reports are unverifiable and will be hard to digest for many.

Google and Microsoft have been long rivals and were competing with each others in the products and services offered to their users. This included search engines, mobile operating system, productivity tools and various other services.

On September 20th Google and Microsoft agreed to slump the 20 odd lawsuits against one another. The companies released a joint statement announcing that the two companies led by CEO Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella were looking forward to have joint projects and it seems the integration of Google Play store with windows 10 mobile is one among them.

According to the joint statement made by the companies, they have contracted to collaborate on some patent matters and are looking forward to work together in certain other areas in the coming years to benefit the customers.

Under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft is trying to become a friendly partner rather than a competitor in their journey towards success. Microsoft’s relationship with Apple has also become more amicable recently.

Google also has made a 3600 turn on its attitude towards Windows 10 and thence there are chances that this rumor will become a reality.

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Google Releases The Renewed Photos App For iOS With Interesting Features
October 6th, 2015 by Robert

Google has recently released the update for Google Photos for Android and now Google has come up with a renewed Photos app for the iPhone and iPad users. The latest iOS photo app version comes with some new interesting features.

Google has announced on Google + that the new version of iOS photo app called Version 1.4 has better search capabilities that has been created for the people labeling feature, first introduced on the Android photos app from the company. The labeling feature allows the users to add the names of the people in their photos and merge the different groups so that people will be able to search easily for the particular person by combining the names with other search terms which are significant with the things or places.

The user will be able to get more specific results for their photo search with the help of this new feature. The user can avoid going through each and every photo to find the one needed by them. It will save your time. At present this feature will be available only in the United States. Google has not provided any information on when the users in other countries will be able to use this feature.

According to the change log of Google, they have included another feature that allows the iOS users to share the animations directly to Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. The improvements made in the photo app for iOS do not include Chromecast support and Google has promised to do it in the next update. The improvement also includes app startup changes and some bug fixes.

The Photos app from Google allowed the users to back up the photos in their device automatically to the cloud, but for the users who want to keep their privacy and want to have a private backup of the photos, there is a new option provided now.

Google has also released a Google drive Update for iOS so that the users can automatically send the backup of their photos to the drive. The updated app will help the users to create the backups with fewer clicks than earlier.

If you are an iOS user with lots of photos, you may like to store the photos in photo app. If the photos are below a certain level of resolution, Google offers unlimited free storage space. If you want to keep the resolution of the images unchanged you can opt for extra cloud storage by paying $1.99 for 100 GB for a month.

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Apple Devices In China And Taiwan Hit By An iOS Malware
October 6th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Apple Inc. is not enjoying a good time lately after introducing the Apple iPhones 6S and 6s plus as well as the iOS 9.0. There have been a lot of issues with the phones and reports of malicious apps forcing iPhone users to download the app. The latest incident of malicious app is reported in China and Taiwan. Malicious software called YiSpecter makes iPhone users to install the app on their phone by tricking the phone users. It claims that it will help in dodging the web censorship in China so that users can access anything they want on their iPhones.

As soon as users download and install the YiSpecter app on their iPhones, the app will hijack all other apps and also charms the Safari browser on the phone to display full page ads. The malicious software also tends to replace the existing apps and changes the Safari’s default engine and bookmarks on the phones. This report was highlighted by the cyber security firm names Palo Alto Networks located in the United States.

The YiSpecter makes use of the private application programming interfaces to install the malicious app on the iPhone. It will then hoax the Spring Board of the iOS. This is the software that will manage all the app icons on the home screen and the malicious software will prevent users from deleting it. The app is so powerful that you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or iOS devices to install the app, even if it’s an unauthorized app.

Apple has advised its iPhone users to stay away from other apps and only download the apps that are offered in the Apple App store and from its trusted sources. This particular malicious software issue is seen only on the iOS 9.0.

The cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks believe that the threat seems to be coming from a mobile advertisement firm based in China. Apple is now aware of this new threat for its phones in China and Taiwan.

It was only last month that another malicious app called xcodeGhost caused havoc in China and infected as many as 40 popular apps in the App store in China. The cyber security firm has said that there is no proper proof to suggest that xcodeGhost and YiSpecter are related to each other. The blog post of Palo Alto Networks has detailed steps posted on how to get rid of the YiSpecter apps from iPhone devices.

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Tinder Opens Super Like Option For All Users
October 5th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

One of the most popular apps used on mobile platforms is the Tinder app. This is an app that allows you to connect with interesting people all over the globe and is a free app. There are as many as 26 million matches made on this app every single day. This is the digital equivalent of making an eye contact with someone you notice in a restaurant or coffee shop or bar.

Tinder has gone a step further to offer an important feature in its app called the Super Like. This feature is now offered globally and it is a digital equivalent to going across to a person that you like at a restaurant or coffee shop and saying that ‘I like you’.

The Super Like feature was first opened to only users in Australia as a beta earlier in the month of September. The company studied the use of the Super like button among the Australian users and found that after implementing this feature, the likelihood of finding the best match through the use of the Super Like option grew by 3x times.

The conversations that were started after the Super Like did last on an average of seventy percent more than the regular conversations that took place earlier. Tinder did not want to disclose the average length of the conversation after the Super Like feature was introduced.

This made Tinder decide on opening the Super Like feature on its app to the global users so that they find the right match and also use the app more to converse with their match. This feature from Tinder offers you with the option of showing your interest in a person instantly. This feature will let you tell the person you are interested in that you are more interested in the person than the normal right swipe like feature.

If you super like a contact and your profile appears on the feed of the contact, then your profile will be carrying a small badge that shows to the contact that you have super liked them. This will give the contact to check into your profile in detail and this way you can also be able to find your match easily.

Tinder’s CEO Sean Read said that it seems more and more women users are taking a liking to the Super Like feature offered on Tinder in Australia. The Tinder unpaid users will be getting to use Super Like feature only once a day.
Image Credit : TechCrunch

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Over 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Personal Details Hacked
October 5th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

T-Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile networks in the United States. But, it is currently going through a bad phase and is facing lots of irks from its customers as reports have surfaced that as many as 15 million T-mobile customers personal details have been compromised due to a hacker attack.

The high profile personal data hack of the T Mobile subscribers was possible through the breach in the security of the credit checking company of the wireless carrier Experian. This company is one of the largest credit-checking companies in the world.

T-Mobile has not taken this incident lightly and has threatened to cancel the contract that it has with the Experian credit check company, after this hacking incident. Experian has admitted to the breach in the data and have said that the personal details of T Mobile users from September 1, 2013 to September 16, 2015 have been breached.

The customer details like name, date of birth, driver’s license numbers, Social Security number and addresses have been compromised due to this high profile corporate hacking incident. Experian has also clarified that the credit card details of the customers were intact and have not been breached. This hacking incident led to the drop in the shares of the credit checking company by about 4% on Friday and closed the day down by 3.8 percent.

The CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, said that he was very angry with what has unfolded in the last week. The wireless carrier will be carrying out a thorough review of its relationship with Experian. The company is now working out explicitly to offer alternate data protection options, so that its customers’ personal details do not get hacked again.

The breaching incident is the most recent in the many such breaches that hackers have orchestrated on big companies that holds millions of personal details of the customers. Identity theft has become very popular among the hackers nowadays and they are not going for stealing credit card details now.

Experian has said that the company immediately swung into action once it found out the data breach. It has taken all steps to secure its server and promised that other T-mobile customers’ data are intact and safe.

The customers who might be affected by the data breach will be notified by Experian and they will be getting two years of free credit monitoring services from the company.

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New Google Nexus 5X Phone Is Offered With Marshmallow Taste
October 5th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Google showcased the all new Android 6.0 Marshmallow software at the Google event held in San Francisco on the 29th of September. This was an important event for Google as it brought out the Marshmallow OS as well as implemented them in the two Nexus phones that it unveiled in order to compete with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus phones launched by Apple in the market.

The 2 new Nexus devices will be running on the latest Marshmallow Android 6.0 operating system software to give a whole new experience to Android users. The two new Smartphones that were unveiled during the Google event were the Nexus 6P and the nexus 5X.

The Nexus 5 Android phone will be discussed in detail in this article and this new phone from Google is said to be the successor of all the Nexus brand phones. The Nexus 5X phone is made by the LG Electronics and is offered with 5.2 inch display screen.

The Smartphone is power driven by a Snapdragon 808 processor from Qualcomm with the support of 2GB RAM memory. The big display screen of 5.2 inches offers 1080 pixels resolution.

The screen size offered in the new Nexus 5X phone is slightly larger than what was offered in the previous Nexus 5 phones without any change in the resolution. The Nexus 5X phone comes with a battery capacity of 2,700mAh.

The pre-orders of the LG brand Nexus 5X phones have already commenced and Google is hoping that the phone gets very good sales during the forthcoming holiday season in the United States.

The cost of the Nexus 5X phone that comes with the 16 GB storage version is $ 376. The 32 GB storage space offered on the Nexus 5X phone will cost you $429. You can get hold of the Nexus 5X phone with $50 in the Play credits.

The phone will be running on the latest software, the Marshmallow Android 6.0 OS and will work fine on all the U.S. wireless carrier networks. The phone will be coming out as an unlocked one. If you are willing to pay $59 extra, then you can get extended warranty of the phone for an extra year that will take care of the accidental damage to the phone.

The camera with the new Nexus 5X gets an upgrade and now the phone spots a 12.3 MP camera at the rear instead of the 8 MP camera. 5 MP camera is offered as the front camera.

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Microsoft And ASUS Signs Deal To Preinstall Office Apps On Android Devices
October 5th, 2015 by Robert

Microsoft announced that it has signed a patent- licensing deal with ASUS on October 1st. The licensing deal will integrate the two tech companies further closer.

Microsoft already has an agreement with ASUSTek Computer Inc. but, it doesn’t include the Android devices. ASUS will now install the Microsoft office apps other products on the Android phones. Microsoft said that the deal opened the door to collaboration between the companies that were possible only through respect for each other and alliance on intellectual property.

Microsoft was making deals and signing patents with Android, Chrome and Linux device manufacturing companies earlier. This gave the chance to prevent any potential disputes and to settle multiple disputes for years. The expansion made on the patent licensing agreement on October 1st will make the tech company based in Taiwan to produce Smartphones and tablets which are pre-installed with office apps from Microsoft.

Nick Psyhogeos, the president of Microsoft Technology Licensing said that the agreement has significant value for Microsoft as well as ASUS. He said that the agreement will ensure continued improvements for Microsoft products.

There were rumors in 2014 that ASUS stopped the production of laptop- tablet hybrids because of Microsoft. These devices had the feature to dual boot to Microsoft OS windows. The latest developments, however, indicate that the two companies are now in harmony and they will provide better innovations in the future with the collaboration between them.

Microsoft made a similar deal with Samsung earlier in 2015. In February 2015, Microsoft and Samsung settled the dispute over patent licensing of Androids. In May 2015, Samsung agreed to use Microsoft office software and other services from Microsoft on their android tablets.

Microsoft is now making more than 30 OEMs to preload its software and services. This includes OEMs from regional and international level. Microsoft is looking for peaceful solutions through making collaborations. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, preferred to stop competing with Google in the OS for Smartphones. He wants Microsoft products to be used in maximum number of Android phones. It seems this strategy of Nadella is working better for Microsoft.

Microsoft and Google made a blanket agreement of 20 patent lawsuits two days back. The terms of the deal are not revealed by Google or Microsoft. It is not likely that Google will agree to preload its device with Microsoft software or services. It is expected that Google will make apps that will work on Windows devices.

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Google Built Pixel C Tablet Looks Impressive
October 4th, 2015 by Robert

Google has just unveiled its brand new, company built tablet Pixel C during the Google event on September 29 in San Francisco. The tablet market is going through a lull period at the moment and Google is hoping to revive its fortunes by bringing out this new tablet that will help in increasing productivity of the user.

The number one internet search engine giant Google’s new Pixel C tablet comes with a 10.2 inch screen. The letter C stands for convertible and the tablet also has a removable keyboard. It looks like Google is looking to give Apple’s iPad Pro a good fight in the market by introducing its very own Pixel C tablet.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, said during the event that Google is looking to bring forward the next generation of computing and hence the company builds hardware to move forward. This is what you will find in the Pixel C tablet.

This tablet runs on, of course, Google’s Android OS and it houses an eight core NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor that comes with 3 GB memory. The tablet is offered with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard that is magnetically connected to the device. This will also serve the purpose of a stand.

The tablet as well as the keyboard experience will give the users new ways to work and play and to increase their productivity using Pixel C tablet device. This tablet from Google will arrive in the markets just at the beginning of the holiday season.

Google hopes to take advantage of the holiday spending season to boost its sales. The cost of the Pixel C tablet with 32GB storage space is $499 and the 64 GB storage space Pixel C tablet will be yours for $599. If you like to use the keyboard, then it would cost an extra $149.

The price of the Pixel C tablet is more or less similar to what Microsoft has priced its Surface 3 tablets. Apple’s iPad Pro comes at a price of $799, which is a bit expensive than Surface 3 and Pixel C tablets.

The Pixel C tablet gives you a laptop like experience and hence it will help in increasing the productivity at work. Google, even though, being known for its software and the internet services that it offers, shows that it likes to be in the device manufacturing field as well. The new Pixel C looks to be different from the original Pixel and could win a lot of Google loyalist’s hearts.

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Go90 Mobile Video Service From Verizon Goes Public
October 4th, 2015 by Robert

Verizon is one of the popular wireless carriers in the United States. It has now come out with a new mobile video app called Go90 to cater to the needs of the younger generation who like to watch videos on their smartphones than use it to make calls.

The Verizon Go90 app will be available for download on both the Apple iTunes App store as well as the Google Play app store. So, users of both Android and iPhones will be able to download the Go90 video app on their phone and watch videos on their phones horizontally.

The Go90 video app was offered by Verizon wireless in beta last month for a select group of Verizon customers as well as for a few subscribers of other carriers. The name Go90 is given to the app as most of the users will flip their phone horizontally when they watch videos on their phone and vertical viewing does not offer the thrills.

The Go90 app will feature music clips and popular TV show videos from popular networks like MTV, Comedy Central and also content from the Food Network. You can also watch video clips from the NFL and ESPN network apart from getting access to web shows from sites like Elite daily and Vice.

The Go90 app is free and hence will be ad-supported. The app is currently only offered to U.S. users who are on both android and iOS devices. There are a few videos that are restricted to wireless customers of Verizon. The company is looking to tap the younger customer base with the video apps and the app is architectured by Brian Angiolet.

Verizon has come out with a video streaming app Go90 at a time when users are lessening their dependence on cable TV and are turning their attention towards streaming services like HBO, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Chromecast among others. Go90 has its focus only on mobile users than its competitors like Sling TV and Dish that focus more on online customers.

The Go90 app has a few attractive features like cutting and sharing the OMG moments you have enjoyed watching with your friends and relatives. The app also offers you an option to create a group chat where like minded people can chat about your obsessions and so on.

Verizon is gambling on the horizontal viewing when most of the leading video streaming services like YouTube, Periscope from twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are giving users the option of watching videos horizontally.

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YouTube Kids Service Focused On Children Gets Updated
October 4th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Everyone knows that YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites that you will come across on the internet. Last year, Google decided that it was time that children got their own YouTube dedicated channel and came out with the YouTube Kids’ app. The parents were very happy about this initiative from Google as this would keep the children away from more adult content that is seen on the YouTube network.

The app had to face the hatred of consumer watchdog groups after some time as they claimed that the Kids’ app from YouTube did not do enough to control the content shown on the channel that include references to alcohol, drugs and sex. YouTube has decided to address this concern from parents and have now updated its YouTube Kids’ app to offer more appropriate content for kids. This new update will give parents the freedom to restrict the type of content that their kids must see on the YouTube Kids channel.

The updated YouTube Kids’ app will come with a set of parental controls that will give parents the license to set a password for the service as well as to cut down the search access offered in the app.

The update of the Kids App will also include the details on how to set up the controls for the parents. The new YouTube Kids’ app will also be getting support from Apple TV, Smart TV and Google Chromecast. The parents will also get the option to flag off any videos that escape the YouTube’s filter when a search is made.

The project management director of the YouTube Kids’ app says that the company is always looking to make the video content offered in the app to be a family friendly one. But, sometimes some mishaps happen as no system is perfect.

There are many children who watch the YouTube get access to music videos, cartoons, educational videos, games, web series and much more content. With the updated Kids’ app, the children will get a more user friendly interface where videos are arranged in categories like learning, explore, fun and sows for quick and easy access.

The YouTube Kids’ app might not be perfect, even now after this update. But, it is still a far better app for the kids than accessing the YouTube website. It is not easy for you to self police the regular YouTube website for your child. The YouTube Kids update will be through in the coming weeks.

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Apples Leases 770,000 Sq.Ft of Land For Second Spaceship Campus
October 4th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Apple headquarters is based in Cupertino and is a really attractive campus that has a double helix shaped structure that replicates the DNA. There is every possibility for this structure to be only etched in your memory as Apple has now leased another property in Sunnyvale in California.

Apple Inc., the Cupertino giant, is all set to sign the dotted papers for a new land deal in Sunnyvale where it will be coming out with its second spaceship campus over 777,000 square feet of land. The new land is situated near the Central Expressway and Silicon Valley’s Wolfe road. The land that we are talking about will be bought by Apple Inc. from Land bank Investments, LLC. There are not many details let out right about what is the intention behind Apple leasing this land and what it plans to develop here.

The new Cupertino spaceship campus that the company is developing is just 5 miles away from the new plot that the company has leased. There are rumors that the new structure will be having three buildings. These three buildings will be connected by a courtyard at the center. The new building will be covered with a curvilinear glass. This building will be the first of its kind in Sunnyvale.

Apple Inc. has been on a real estate buying spree of late and has shown its interests in locations like Oregon, San Jose, Monterey and Reno. The massive expansion in real estate’s by Apple indicates that it is looking to stretch out of the Cupertino area and to reach to more people in America. There is no clear indication as to what projects will be coming out in the new real estate’s that it has bought.

The new spaceship campus is currently under construction and Apple is looking to come out with more bases. The 2nd spaceship campus was the vision of late Steve Jobs and will be having a spaceship look. The glass for the campus will be imported from Germany and it is expected that the 2nd campus construction will be completed by the end of 2016.

The Sunnyvale lad that Apple Inc. is acquiring joins the list of properties that the company owns or has leased out. There is a chance for the new autonomous Apple car project tentatively named Titan to be housed on this property. There is no doubt that this would be a perfect place to develop the Apple Car with the 3,000 strong workforces.

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Android TV Gets A New Boost Of Apps
October 3rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Android TV is Google’s smart TV platform that offers great interactive TV watching experience for its users. There are many tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc. who has given a new definition of watching TV. Watching TV programs and series now moves away from paying for the cable and now is turning towards connecting the live streaming media player to the TV set.

Google is a master player in the live media streaming environment as it has two devices, the Android TV and the recently updated Google Chromecast dongles. The Android TV is a larger streaming video platform that has got updated this week. You will now be able to enjoy more apps like Disney, HBO, CBS and others on Android TV.

By adding a host of new quality apps, Android TV is ready to compete with the other big players in the media streaming platform. The new apps that are specifically added to Android TV includes: EPIX, HBO Now, CBS All Access, Disney Movies Anywhere, UFC and WWE. These quality app additions to Android TV make it a big competitor to the likes of Hulu, Apple, Netflix and many more.

With the accumulation of popular app HBO Now, Android TV has even beaten the most popular streaming player, Roku by offering the best that HBO has to offer. HBO Now started exclusively on Apple and now it has moved on to other streaming services like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Fire TV Stick and lastly Android TV.

The Android TV already has a huge list of apps and the new additions only boost its app list even more. In June this year, Android TV had more than 600 apps on its service. But, Android TV has not achieved the popularity that Google thought it would.

Android TV is only second best to Google’s other movie streaming service Chromecast dongles. The Chromecast is very easy to use and is quite cheaper. Google has said that it is interested to surge ahead with both the platforms and expects to make them one of the popular media streaming platforms globally.

All popular TV brands like Sharp, Sony, Philips and the new ones like TLC and Hisense, come with inbuilt Android TV software on their smart TV sets. There are many set box manufacturers and pay TV service providers who are now signing up with Android TV to offer the services to their pay TV viewers.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Real Time Translator For Skype For Windows
October 2nd, 2015 by Robert

Skype is one of the most used video and voice chatting tool used by millions of people all over the world to stay connected with their friends and families. There are more than 3 billion Skype users who make voice and video calls every day through the tool.

If you want your Skyping to be a meaningful one, you need to know the language in which the other person chats or talks with you. To ease this congestion, Skype has come out with a Skype Translator for the Windows users to help in breaking the language barriers that prevented them from making friends with other Skype users in foreign countries.

The Skype translator tool will work with six popular languages of the world like English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and German. You can now enjoy real time translation when you and the other person get involved in a conversation n through Skype. The Skype translator was launched by Microsoft, the software giant, about a year back as an app designed only for Windows 8. Now, Microsoft has integrated this translation software to the desktop version of Skype so that Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10 desktop users can avail this new tool.

With the new Skype translation tool integrated into your Skype, you will now be able to make conversations with your friends in Germany or Spain without any language barrier. The Skype team said that the Skype translation tool was a big dream for everyone at Skype ad this will help in bringing together the people across the globe.

There have been many researchers, engineers and others who have worked behind this project to make the Skype dream of breaking the language barriers to a reality. Skype has plans to extend this translator tool facility to other devices as well in the near future.

The software giant will be offering the Skype for Windows update to its global users in the coming weeks. Once updated, the new translator button will start to show up when you are in a conversation with your contact or other Skype users. A total of 50 languages are supported for translation of the instant messages. The translation feature can be enabled for video as well as voice calls.

The early users during the Skype translation preview helped Skype to build a better tool through their feedbacks. The company is looking to make more progress with the tool as it is now available for Windows 7, 8 and 10 desktop users.

Image Credit : VentureBeat

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Google Adds Power And Speed To Chromecast Video Streaming Devices
October 2nd, 2015 by Robert

Google, the search engine giant, has not had huge success with its Google Chromecast video streaming service. In order to get better sales of the video streaming device, Google has now revamped the Chromecast to offer a host of features and to make it a better gadget. The new Chromecast was unveiled by Google on Tuesday and it looked just like the leaked images that had come out some time ago on the internet.

It is not just the look of the device that has undergone a redesign, there are new features added to the Chromecast to make it more powerful and also offer great speed. With enhanced Wi-Fi, Fast Play feature and easy to find content options, Google Chromecast are a different kettle of fish now than earlier.

The Google event in San Francisco was the place where Google launched its new Chromecast video streaming device along with the likes of Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smart phones. Google’s Chromecast is a flagship device and hence Google decided to unveil it during the Google event.

Google’s new Chromecast will help it to stay in the competition with other Silicon Valley giants like Apple, Samsung and Amazon. The Chromecast will help Google to bring sophisticated technology into the living rooms of people. This video streaming device was launched by Google a couple of years ago and so far Google has sold over 20 million units worldwide. The video streaming device allows people to wirelessly watch video content from popular movie streaming services like HBO, Netflix, YouTube and HBO Go from a Smartphone, laptop or a tablet to a TV.

The first Chromecast looked like a USB thumb drive. Now, it has been reduced in size and has become a smaller circular device that comes with an HDMI cable. This will help in hiding the Chromecast behind the TV.

A new hardware has been used in the Google Chromecast that will help in improving the Wi-Fi performance of the device and is aided by the adaptive antenna system. The Fast Play feature ensures that Google Chromecast starts quickly. This will help in automatically loading the next episode of a series when the one you are watching is about to finish.

Google Chromecast now comes with more content that includes sports, music and all Showtime’s shows. The gaming content is also enhanced and you will get to play newer games on the latest device.

Image Credit : Google

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Reasons not to buy a New iPhone
October 2nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Apple has done an excellent job telling the world about their iPhone. The promotion has made the iPhone among the most popular cell phones to own. The question is does the Apple iPhone meet the hype? Is the iPhone truly worth the price tag? Here are the top reasons not to buy a new iPhone.

The first reason is the high price tag. This is a cell phone that is very costly. As there are phones that provide similar features for a lot less, it’s actually a status thing. For e-mail and web capabilities you’ll be able to get a Motorola or Blackberry Q for a lot less than an iPhone. If you’re searching for music and touch screens, there are hundreds of mobiles which will satisfy these demands without having to shell out so much cash. Although the marketing of the iPhone is geared toward teenagers and young adults, does a teen actually want a $500 cell phone?Do you realize that you can’t replace the battery in your iPhone? You’re out of luck if this battery expires. It’ll be gone in under two years, and when your battery dies, you must get a brand new iPhone. Seemingly this was not known by many users as Apple made no attempt to make this common knowledge. Now they’re in litigation over the battery problem. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing an iPhone make sure to get a guarantee that covers the battery. Otherwise you’ll be paying within 24 months, that’s the typical life of a cell phone battery for another phone.

There are many shortcomings to its browser, although the iPhone is touted as having astonishing web abilities. The browsers search abilities are seriously lacking. This makes locating what you need on the web hard and time consuming. The other attribute the browser lacks is the ability to save passwords. In regards to memory of the iPhone – you can buy a 8 GB, a 6 GB, or a 16 GB iPhone. Many iPhone enthusiasts claim this storage capacity removes the need for a different MP3 player, like an iPod, hence saving you cash. In fact, teenagers can download 16 GB of video and music in an incredibly short period of time. This leaves no memory for pictures or other programs. So there aren’t any actual savings, as you’ll need a different MP3 player. This is another place where the iPhone is lacking.

If you want to use it you’re restricted to AT&T’s cell phone service bundles for the iPhone. These bundles are not cheap. This has caused a lot of hacked iPhones out there that can be used on other networks. As long as AT&T’s deal and Apple remains exclusive, you’ll have hackers. Before you purchase an iPhone, it’s best to consider the downside and make the most educated choice.

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Microsoft Lumia 950 And 950XL Details Leaked Online
October 2nd, 2015 by Robert

Due to a blunder by the Microsoft store, the details of the soon to be launched Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL phones have now leaked online. Microsoft has accidentally posted the details of the two new Lumia flagship phones on its online store, before it is launched in the market. Both the phones listed on the Microsoft online store, Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, are unlocked phones.

The two new handsets are expected to be shown to the public and announced during the Windows 10 event that is scheduled to take place in the New York City next week. The Nokia Lumia 950 smaller Smartphone will be coming out with a 5.2 inch screen with 20 megapixel rear camera and 32 GB of storage space. The larger Lumia 950Xl Smartphone will be offered with 5.7 inch screen and with the same 32 GB storage space and 20 MP camera.

There were previously leaked images and specifications of the Nokia Lumia 950 handsets that revealed that the handsets will support Continuum feature that will turn the phones into a PC. The phones will also be offered with a Windows Hello feature that will help in unlocking the phones with your face. Both the new Lumia phones will be Windows 10 phones.

The Lumia 950 XL will also have a MicroSD card slot that will help in expanding the storage capacity to 2TB. Both the phones will be coming out with a WQHD display screen that offers great clarity when playing games and watching videos on the phone.

There is no doubt that there will be huge expectations from the phone as Microsoft has taken over the Lumia smart phones from Nokia. With Windows 10 being used in the phone, there is no doubt that the phone can also be used as a PC.

The latest postings about the Lumia phones on the Microsoft’s online store site are just the same thing that has been leaked earlier. It is very good to see that the rumors about the specifications of the new Lumia phones will be coming true whether phone gets unveiled at the Microsoft event on October 6.

Some of the other rumored specifications of the new Lumia phones that were not listed in the Microsoft online store site are: 5 MP front camera on both the phones, Snapdragon 810 processor for Microsoft Lumia 950XL and Snapdragon 808 processor for Lumia 950.

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Twitter Becomes The New Megaphone For Snowden
October 1st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, who leaked information about the massive surveillance programs of the United States government, has been in exile in Russia for quite some time now.

Snowden on Tuesday woke up from the slumber and has become active once again by joining Twitter. He has opened a Twitter account with simple handle @snowden. He was able to attract 450,000 followers in just three hours after opening his Twitter account. Even though he was followed by so many people, he was just following one other twitter account.

The account he was following on twitter was that of his former employer, the NSA. This is where he had stolen electronic documents that showed the NSA’s secret surveillance programs.

The initial tweet of Edward Snowden was “can you hear me now?” This message was taken off on a cell phone service provider’s television commercial. This initial tweet of his was re-tweeted tens of thousands of times by his followers.

Snowden has described himself as one who used to work for the government and now is working for the public on this twitter profile.

Snowden has exchanged a few tweets with astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He had tweeted about the discovery of water on Mars. He also joked that he is kept busy by his work for the Freedom of Press Foundation.

The Intercept verified that the Snowden Twitter handle was authentic. His lawyer, Ben Wisener, told the online newspaper that Snowden will write and manage his Twitter account himself from now.

Snowden has been charged by the United States Government with the theft of the government’s property and espionage. He could be sent to prison for thirty years, if he is found guilty. Snowden left the U.S on May 2013 and has been living in exile in Russia since June 2013.

Recently a report had come out in the media that the popular social media platform, Twitter will be doing away with the 140 character limit on Tweets. Twitter is said to be developing a product that will allow its users to share the tweets that are more than 140 characters long. If this becomes available, then this will mark a big change in twitters trade mark features. There is nothing clear that has come out about the new product and what it would look like.

If this new feature rolls out soon, Snowden can make use of it to share more information with his followers.

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Skype Now Supports Android Wear Smart Watches
October 1st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There has been an update made to the Skype for Android. You will now be able to check Skype notifications or even reply to Skype chats from your smart watch. This new Skype for Android updates is overdue and finally Skype has denied to come out with this update.

As Android wearable devices get popular every day, it was just about time for Skype to support the Android wear smart watches. The popular Android wear watches are: LG watch Urbane, ASUS Zen watch, Huawei watch, Moto 360 and many more. The three mentioned here has been specifically shown as examples by Skype as they feel that these models are now the most popular in the Android wear smart watch market.

The Microsoft owned social media platform Skype rolled out its support for an Apple watch in April this year. Now, it has spread its wings and also extended its support to Android wear watches.

Android wear smartwatch users will be able to reply to the messages that come with their Skype account through the watch by making use of the voice to text support. You can also choose the pre-written responses if you do not have time to send messages. You also have the option to draw on the smartwatch and to reply to the message through an emoji.

You can even manage your incoming Skype calls using the Android wear smartwatch. You can speak into your wrist watch and it can also be transferred onto your Android phone. If you are using the Bluetooth speaker with a headset, then you can talk to the Skype calls hands-free. This is a very good option and Skype for Android offers very good features for the Android wear to stay connected with your Skype friends and contacts.

All you got to do is to download the updated Skype app on your device if you want to access Skype on your Android wear smartwatch. Even though Skype has specifically mentioned the names of a few Android wear smart watches in its update, there are no limitations in place for downloading the new Skype app on a device that is not mentioned in the list.

Managing calls on your Android wear will allow you to accept or decline or hang up on a call or even mute any ongoing conversation. The latest update of Skype is available on the Google Play Store. The update version of Skype is version 6.4 that you can download easily from Google Play Store.

Image Credit : EndGadget

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Samsung Closing Down Milk Video Service From November 20
September 30th, 2015 by Robert

Samsung devices had exclusive access to Milk video services. This is an exclusive arm of the Milk Music service on offer from Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant has announced on Monday that it will be stopping the Milk video service app for its Smartphone customers from November 20, 2015. Samsung will not be cutting off its popular streaming entertainment app Samsung Milk music app.

This move from Samsung was on the cards and is not one that will surprise anybody. It is very difficult for Samsung to set up a video service that needs sharing and exposure to enjoy growth in the app market. It cannot compete with the likes of YouTube app at any given time. The Samsung phone users did not find any reason why they need to switch to Samsung Milks video service app when they enjoyed all that they wanted from the established and popular streaming apps offered.

Milk video app made its debut in November last year. It did not click as expected by Samsung, despite many of the Smartphone users using Samsung brand phones. It only took Samsung 10 months to realize that the video app is not clicking in the app market and not serving the purpose that it had wished for. So, it took a decision to pull the plug of the Samsung Milk video app.

The Milk video app is a decent app that offers loads of music, a handful of exclusives and few movie trailers. It had only limited content when compared to other streaming video apps like YouTube and also did not have a subscriber base like YouTube.

Samsung did not say that the Milk Video service would be replaced by any other service. The information about closing the shop on the Samsung Milk video app was provided to the users through a service announcement that was embedded in the description of the app offered by the Google Play Store.

Samsung did not provide any reason as to why it is shelving its personalized social video platform. The company said that it will always remain committed to offering premium entertainment services for its users. The Milk video streaming service was only offered to the Samsung U.S. users and exclusively to those people using the Galaxy devices.

It will not be a surprise if Samsung shuts down its Milk Music service as well in a year’s time. The music app could be sold off to another company or it could be ended quietly like the Milk video app.

Image Credit : Samsung

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Blackphone 2 Released By Silent Circle
September 29th, 2015 by Robert

Silent Circle is a specialist when it comes to making Android smartphones. The company offers competitive Smart phones in the market that is aware about the handset security. The Blackphone has been a popular phone in the market and now Silent Circle has released the 2nd edition of the Blackphone called the Blackphone 2.

This next generation pro-privacy Smartphone took ages to come. The handset has gone out on sale today for $799 that excludes the taxes. The pre-orders for the Blackphone 2 had commenced last month itself. The next generation Blackphone 2 was announced during the Mobile World Congress trade show in March.

The Silent Circle’s Blackphone is targeted at the enterprise and the business segment and is looking to give a tough fight to BlackBerry phones in the market. The Blackberry Priv has also been announced and it looks like both BlackBerry Priv and Blackphone 2 will lock horns in the Smartphone enterprise segment market.

The Blackphone 2 runs on the company’s Silent OS, which is a security hardened flavor of Android. This is an Android phone that has all Google services like Google Play Store and many more, despite being an Android fork. The phone also supports Android for work program from Google.

There is nothing to talk about in the specifications offered in the Blackphone 2. It has a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor backed by 3GB RAM and works on Adreno 405 GPU. The screen size is 5.5 inches and offers full HD display. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass and offers 32GB of internal storage space and also has an external MicroSD slot to add up to 128GB. The handset offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G LTE and HSPA network connectivity.

The Blackphone 2 runs on Silent OS 2.0 that is based around the popular Android 5.1.1. There are a number of modifications made to the OS with security features in mind. The 2nd generation Blackphone looks sleek and well designed than the first model.

The other features offered in the Blackphone 2 includes: 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front facing camera, quick charge 2.0 and the 3060mAh rechargeable battery. Most of the people looking to buy the Blackphone 2 are more interested in knowing the privacy and security features of the phone and not the specs of the phone.

The phone allows you to make private voice calls, send encrypted messages, wipe of the device from a remote location and give you control of where the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the phone can connect.


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Google Decides To Celebrate September 27th As Its Birthday
September 29th, 2015 by Robert

Google is still a teenager and is about 17 years old. The Google search engine first made its debut on the internet in 1998 and this year it has celebrated its 17th birthday in style. Google is one of the main contributors to make the internet what it is today. You can hardly find a person not using any of the Google services while accessing the internet every day. Googling is a very common phrase that you will hear these days.

The birth date of Google has changed as many as four ties all through these 17 years. Now, Google has accepted September 27th as its birthday. It celebrated its 17th anniversary on September 27th. It was done in true Google fashion with a doodle. This is the normal practice of Google to mark any important dates in history and the doodle tradition continued on its 17th birthday as well.

Google has changed its birthday from September 7th to September 8th and then to September 26th. Now, it looks like Google has decided to celebrate its birthday on September 27th.

Google has seen a massive expansion of its search engine services to having plans of coming out with Google autonomous cars in the future. Now, it hosts many services online like Google Maps, Google Play Store, and Android OS for mobile phones, Gmail, Google Hangouts, and many more. Google has become part and parcel of any internet user now.

There have been several conflicts made by Google officials on which day have to be celebrated as the Google day. After so many deliberations and change of dates, Google had earmarked September 27th as its final date in 2006. It is not very clear as to why Google is constantly changing its official birth date. Now, it looks like the company has sorted out things and has accepted 27 September as its birthday.

Google wanted to do something special for its 17th birthday. This birthday is the least random birthday of Google and hence Google decided to come out with a vintage Doodle that took everyone in the first days of Google.

There might be a few changes up Google’s sleeve in the 17th anniversary. With new CEO, Sundar Pichai, at the helm of affairs, there is going to be a personal touch of Pichai in every plan of the company. A lot is expected from him when he will be hosting the press event on the 29th of September.


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Google To Show More Relevant Ads In Search Results, YouTube And Gmail
September 29th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The tech giants have revealed their latest ad product called Customer Match. This new product will let the advertisers to upload the lists of their emails and to match them with the Google users to search, YouTube and Gmail. Google is also planning to boost their game in app ads.

Google is at present using the terabyte information to convey the ads to the targeted customers. Now Google wants its customers to give more of their data to deliver the ads to the target.

Google made a statement on Monday about the new ad product. According to the statement the advertisers will now be able to share the email address of their customers with Google and Google will use this information to match with its user data. Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management at Google said that their goal is to improve the relevance of ads that appear alongside the search results, YouTube and in Gmail.

About 90 % of Google’s sales are generated through the advertisement business and Google wants to boost this sales. The new service called Customer match is similar to a service offered by Facebook Inc. Facebook uses the information they have about the user to select relevant ads that the user will see.

Google has informed that they will safeguard the privacy and protect the user information that it receives from businesses that use ads on Google. According to Dischler, it is really a bid deal for the company and it is convincing.

How this service will work can be understood with an example. If an automaker or an Italian restaurant could share the list of the customers with Google, the businesses can ensure that Google will put their ads to the customers next time when they search for a minivan or pizza delivery.

At present, Google allows the businesses to target the web surfers who had already used visited the site once. With the new system Google will allow the advertisers to target even the new customers who might be interested in their products or services.

Google will roll out the customer Match within a few weeks. Google will also unveil its new android app promotion tools in the near future. This will target the app users on different Google platforms like Google search, Google play, YouTube, Google display network, etc.

Facebook also announced a new metric for video ads called “Total Rating Point”.


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GoPro Exposes Under $200 Hero+ Action Camera With Wifi
September 29th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

GoPro is known for making some of the best camera, but the cameras do not come at a cheap price. If you are looking to get GoPro’s top camera models, then you will have to easily shell out $400 to $500 from your pocket. The company also offers some of the best entry level action camera for novice camera users and one such camera that it has unveiled recently is the Hero+ camera.

The new Hero+ camera from GoPro is slotted between the Hero and the Hero+ LCD cameras. The camera is offered for $199.99 and comes with most of the features that you will find on the Hero+ LCD camera. It is offered at a price closer to the base GoPro camera, the Hero. But, it has a host of features that you do not find on the Hero camera.

The Hero+ does not come with the touch screen facility that you enjoy in the Hero+ LCD camera. Apart from that, all other features like: Wi-Fi support and recording capabilities are just like what you get at the Hero+ LCD camera. The Hero+ LCD retails in the market at $299.99 and Hero+ is offered at $100 less at $199.99. There is no doubt that Hero+ is a better bargain for the host of features that it offers.

The Hero+ is offered with an 8 MP camera and has a recording resolution of 1080pand 720p video at 60 frames per second. It also supports the tie lapse feature seen on Hero+ LCD and is waterproof up to 40 meters. The only downside is that it does not have an LCD screen at the back. The GoPro app can be used to achieve the results that you get with the Hero+ LCD camera.

There is no doubt that the Hero+ is always a better product than its sibling Hero. The Hero camera from GoPro costs $129.99, but lacks features. With the new GoPro Hero+ camera released in the market, there are doubts that GoPro would slowly put the Hero camera on the shelves.

GoPro is looking to impress many of the camera users as it has come out with price cuts for its cameras, apart from bringing the new Hero+ into the market. The Hero 4 session mini camera is now offered at $299.99, $100 less than before. The Hero4 silver action camera can now be bought for $399.99. GoPro has confirmed that the Hero+ action camera will be available for consumers from October 4.


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The iPhone 6S Is Set To Impress All
September 28th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The all new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has entered this world with a bang and has helped Apple achieve the biggest weekend launch sales for any Apple iPhone. The new iPhones are at last in the customer’s hands and the iPhone 6S Plus with 128GB storage space is really an impressive one.

The Apple iPhone6s and 6S plus was unveiled to the public on September 9 and the deliveries have started from this Friday. This is the 2nd generation phones to come out with 4.7 and 5.5 inch display. The new iPhones look more or less similar to the predecessors and the only difference is that they are a bit larger and heavier.

The best part about the new iPhones 6S and 6S Plus is that they come in a new Rose gold color that looks really attractive and one to own. The iPhone 6S sits in a new 7000 Series aluminum alloy casing that holds the updated camera and the pressure sensitive multi touch display in place.

The new iPhone 6S is faster than previous iPhones and this year the phone is offered with the same A9 processor of Apple and 2GB of internal memory, which was just 1 GB last year. The Apple iPhones 6S and 6S plus comes with built-in latest iOS 9 OS that will help in offering the perfect pressure sensitive display work to perfection. The iPhone 6S plus is heavier and larger than the iPhone 6s as it has a screen size of 5.5 inches.

The 3D touch feature is one thing that really stands out in the iPhone 6S series. You can now get more features by pressing the screen a little harder, apart from the normal swipe and tap options. A little press will bring out one set of options and a firmer press on screen will pop up even more options.

The cameras in the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have been updated to 12 MP rear camera with built-in video stabilization and optical imaging. The new camera also can shoot 4K quality picture. The front facing camera is updated to 5MP, which is great for video chatting and for taking selfies. The Touch ID sensor in the new iPhone is pretty fast and gives you better response when making use of Apple Pay.

The iPhone 6S and 6S plus is a phone that comes with improved features and performances to impress all die hard Apple iPhone fans.


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Sprint Will Not Take Part In U.S. Auction Of Airwaves Next Year
September 28th, 2015 by Robert

Sprint Corp. has announced that it will not be taking part in the U.S. Federal Communications commission airwaves auction and that is scheduled to take place early next year. The company has said that it decided to back off from the 2016 airwaves auction as the company has enough airwaves to build its own network and also can meet the future needs with its existing airwaves.

The United States government is gearing up for auctioning off 600 MHz of airwaves that is powerful enough to penetrate through buildings and can also travel long distances without any fuss. The airwaves also offer wireless carriers that offer faster speeds for customers who love to browse the internet and to consume data.

The company has enough airwaves at its disposal to carry out its current network upgradation. It has enough airwaves to take care of its customers’ needs in the near future. By deciding to not take part in the upcoming airwaves auction, Sprint will become the first carrier to sit out of the auction.

The CEO of Sprint, Marcelo Claure, said that the company is focusing on improving its network and its market position as its immediate goals. It wants to remain a very powerful force in encouraging competition in its field. Sprint is the number 4 U.S wireless carriers measured in terms of the number of subscribers it has.

The company has not been able to report profits in the recent past and this could be one of the reasons for the company to back out of the forthcoming airwaves auction. The investors have raised their concerns about the financial health of Sprint Corp.

Sprint is fighting a strong battle with other wireless carriers like T- Mobile US Inc, Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc. All these companies are fighting hard in the market to win each other’s customer by offering huge discounts and promotions.

The airwaves that are going to be auctioned in the early part of 2016 are premium airwaves as they are located at lower frequencies. The airwaves will help wireless carriers to easily meet the needs of the modern day consumer who likes to watch streaming videos and browse the web on their Smart phones.

The majority of the airwaves at Sprint Corp’s disposal are situated at higher frequencies. This means that if Sprint is not going to bid for these airwaves, it will have to install more cell towers to offer better coverage to its users.


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Oculus And Samsung Join Hands To Bring $99 Gear VR
September 28th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has joined hands with Oculus to bring out a $99 virtual reality headset. This consumer version of the VR headset is all set to go on sale this fall. Both Samsung and Oculus jointly unveiled the headset known as Samsung Gear VR in a media event in Los Angeles last Thursday. This joint venture will be looking to bring the virtual reality into the mainstream.

The forthcoming Gear Virtual reality headset will be compatible with many of the handset models that Samsung has brought out. It will be working fine with Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5, S6 edge and S6 Edge+. The Samsung users who will be using this affordable Gear VR headset will experience a totally different and unique multimedia experience.

Samsung has always been at the forefront of bringing in new mobile experiences to its users and the Gear VR headset is another tool to offer a better multimedia experience for its Smartphone users. Samsung had impressed one and all earlier this year with the Gear VR Innovative Edition.

Samsung’s CEO and the President of IT and Mobile division, JK Shin, says that the VR is going to be the next computing platform. The company is quite thrilled to have partnered with Oculus Gear VR to set new standards for the mobile virtual reality and to bring forth the new revolutionary Gear VR headset to the consumers.

The new Gear VR headset brought out in collaboration with Oculus is 22 percent lighter than its previous headset, the Gear VR Innovative edition. The touch pad of the Gear VR has undergone a huge overhauling and now comes with great responsiveness. The users who use the Gear VR will be able to enjoy better and precise control when playing games and when accessing multimedia content.

A back button with motion sensors and a track pad is what you will see in a Gear VR headset. The sensors will help in performing acceleration and gyroscopic functions. The Samsung phone users will be able to harbor their phone inside the headset using MicroUSB connectivity. This will give the phone users the access to enjoy clear and deeper gaming and video watching experiences.

The Samsung Oculus Gear VR will be made available at $99 from this fall and Samsung is expecting the headset to attract many buyers during the holiday season. The VR headset comes in Frost White color. The Oculus Rift VR headset will be going on sale in the first quarter of 2016.


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Google To Provide Wi-Fi In 400 Railway Stations In India
September 28th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

400 Indian railway stations will get Wi-Fi services within next year, announced the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, after visiting the Google headquarters in California.

Google will be collaborating with Indian Railways and RailTel, the government owned tele-communication provider to provide services to the millions of passengers using the railway service. This project will give Google great acceleration in the country. It is expected that first few stations will become online in the next few months.

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO in a blog post, said that even by making 100 stations online, the project will provide Wi-Fi access to more than 10 million people passing through the stations every day. He added that initially the service will be free and eventually they need to make the project self-sustainable, so that the service will be available to more stations and people.

At present Indian Railways are used by 21 million people daily and in the next five years, it is expected to grow to 30 million passengers. The track length will also see an increase of 20%, reaching to 138,000 kilometers. Currently, India has more than 300 million people online.

The commercial terms of the agreement between Google and Indian Railways are not yet disclosed and it is not known whether Google will be able to serve advertisements to the internet users at these stations.

According to Pichai, the passengers will use the Wi-Fi service to stream high definition videos or research about their destination or for downloading videos, games and books while waiting to start the journey.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was at the Google campus, Mountain View, California on Sunday to get some support from the companies in the Silicon Valley for his project called “Digital India”. This project aims to make more Indians to connect through the internet.

During a dinner in San Jose with the Silicon Valley executives, Modi said that the Indian government wants the 1.25 billion Indian citizens to be connected digitally. The broadband usage in India has already gone up by 63% last year and it needs to be further accelerated. He added that the insistent development of the national optical fiber network launched by the country will make broadband reach to 600,000 villages.

Though internet censoring in India is not as stringent as in China, the country had disagreements with internet companies and users about removal of pornographic content, access to data by law enforcement and for religiously offensive contents.

PM Modi also visited the Facebook headquarters on Sunday.


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YouTube To Introduce Ads-Free Platform In October
September 27th, 2015 by Robert

One of the main problems that the YouTube users face now is the annoying ads that appear when you are watching the videos. Ad-blocking tools are not completely effective in getting rid of these irritating commercials.

YouTube has announced yesterday that they will provide the content creators an ad-free platform. The new service will not be free, but comes with a fee of $10 per month.

Though YouTube is generating considerable revenue through the ads they are not receiving much profit. YouTube is not satisfied with the break even revenue and was considering introducing subscription-based service.

Last year the company launched Music Key which offers offline access, ad-free music and background play. Though it was launched in last November, the service is still in beta testing condition.

YouTube wants to broaden the subscription program to all the video content offered through their site.

YouTube has started to send emails to content owners to comply with the new terms and conditions of the new service. The message offers the option of either agreeing to the terms by October 22 or the videos will not be available for public display or monetization in the United States.

It looks like YouTube will introduce the new ad-free service by the end of October in the U.S.

It is expected that the company will combine the Music Key and the new service as a single package and will be offered for a monthly payment of $10 which is similar to the payment taken by others in the streaming arena.

According to the email sent out by YouTube, they will be launching the ads-free version to give more choice for the users so that they will be able to create a new source of revenue over time which will supplement the advertising revenue.

The user can accept the agreement by logging in to using the username from your desktop or laptop and follow the directions given.

YouTube has tried to make the process easy and simple. You will be automatically guided through the steps for making the agreement and will be able to pay for the service for the first month in easy steps.

YouTube believes that in spite of the monthly charges imposed, many users will still prefer to use the platform as there are not many choices available for the users. The company reassures that the ads-free platform will be beneficial to the users and they will gradually receive more monetization options as well.


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Twitter Allows Native Poll Tweets
September 27th, 2015 by Robert

Twitter is looking at different ways and means of expanding its user base and to include more and more members in its social platform. One of the features that are offered by twitter now is the option to allow users to launch polls on the micro blogging platform itself. Twitter, by offering new features, is looking to increase its user base and make its investors happy.

These native polls, features offered on an experimental basis by Twitter will give the opportunity for Twitter users to launch two answer polls for their followers without needing them to leave the Twitter platform.

The Chief Financial Officer on Twitter, Antony Noto, was the first to use this new native polls feature introduced on the social media site. Noto posted a question tweet that was short, but was important: boxers or briefs? This is followed by two options and users just need to tick any answer that they find suitable in the box provided.

This feature will not work with any of the third party desktop platforms like TweetDeck. You will also not find the native polls featured in embedded tweets. The confirmation that twitter is working on a native polling feature was confirmed by its spokesperson, Aly Pavela.

At present, the Twitter native polls feature is only visible to the website and Twitter’s mobile apps. There is no confirmation as to whether this new native polls feature is rolled out to Twitter’s 316 million monthly active users.

This feature is in its nascent stage and there are also chances for Twitter to shelve it, if it finds that the feature is not working as expected. This is not the first time that Twitter has moved in this direction. It had earlier also added polls to the communication service. The companies were allowed to poll their followers through card polls earlier.

The new native polls feature will allow all the polls to enjoy a 24 hour time limit. Twitter has denied providing more details and information into the new native polls feature. What is known for now is that this poll feature is accessible only to a select group of users.

The Twitter employees, verified and non verified profiles in the sports and media field have been allowed to use the native polls feature, as of now. Twitter is introducing this new feature in a bid to earn profits and to make its investors happy. This is one way of increasing Twitter usage and to get more people active on Twitter.


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Twitch Video Streaming App Coming To PS4 This Fall
September 27th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

If you are a PlayStation user, then you will be happy to know that the Twitch app is all set to make its debut on PS4 this fall. This information was disclosed yesterday at the first ever TwitchCon conference by the CEO of the company Emmett Shear. He said that the Twitch app will not just be making its debut on PlayStation 4, but will also be coming to PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

Once Twitch app comes to PlayStation, it will be available for both the Xbox One users as well as PlayStation users. This new app will give the PS4 users the option to watch live streaming on their PS4, PS3, PC as well as other platforms.

This is one of the greatest new for all PS4 fans who are heading into the holiday season. After giving details of the possible launch of the Twitch app on PlayStation, Twitch has said that the players will get more features and improvements from the app.

The new features that PS4 users will get to use in the Twitch app are: full chat connectivity and support, special section for PS4 highlights and the option to follow up channels and games. Interacting with a broadcaster or following or watching a game live on Twitch can be easily done by PlayStation users.

The full chat support can be used by the PlayStation users to include emotes like turbo emotes, face emotes and robot emotes to get full chat functionality. The app will give you the option of following games and channels that you like.

The Twitch app gives you the option of watching your channels as Twitch streams all types of big screen and hence you need not watch channels on your computer monitor anymore.

The New Twitch app gives PS4 users a full Twitch experience. It is a tool that will allow you to broadcast your game with the touch of a button.

The app also offers other features like: video playlists, option to upload your video directly on the platform, full HTML5 video player, playlist customization where you can add your favorite broadcasts and highlights and Whispers 2.0.

The Twitch app also gives you the option to turn your own channel into a 24 x 7 one where your fans will be able to chat or watch the content on your channel, even if you are online or offline.

The Twitch functionality has already been added to PS4 and you can access it by pressing the share button on the DualShock 4.


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New Facebook Notes Can Turn You Into A Blogger
September 27th, 2015 by Robert

Facebook is looking to increase its user base and wants to stay on top of the social media platform sites for longer. On Friday, Facebook came out with a set of changes to increase its customer base and to offer its existing monthly active users even better features. The major change that you will see on Facebook is the changes made to Facebook Notes.

The Notes feature was first offered on the Facebook site for users to come out with extended entries. It did not get the kind of appreciation that Facebook expected from the users. Now, Facebook as given a fillip to the Notes feature and in the new update users will be able to use it as a tiny CMS inside the Facebook. You can now add cover art caption images, format text and also resize the aligned photos.

There is no doubt that Notes from Facebook has been given a major tweak by the company. The update was made as the Notes feature was long overlooked by Facebook users. Adding a cover photo to your note will give an insight into what the note is all about. You get the option of formatting your text in headers, bullets, quotes, etc.

The new improved Facebook Notes looks more like a blog post layout. This is a striking contrast to the earlier format of a single white paper. The first version of the Facebook Notes would mainly serve the purpose of writing a long post about your memories or opinion or experience. The last significant update on the Notes was done by Facebook in 2010.

The Facebook notes also did not get well with other features like location check-in. Now, Notes offer a host of customization features like adding a cover photo and this will enable the users to write on a wide variety of subjects.

The option to create headlines, different format texts and also to add bullet points will help in making the Notes look more or less like a blog. You can now underline, italicize, bold, and add quotes to your Notes that were not possible earlier. This will ensure that there are more takers for the new notes feature than Facebook experienced previously.

The all new Facebook Note is currently available on both the app version as well as the Facebook website. The present creation of the Note is only allowed for users accessing Facebook on the web.


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Facebook Revamps Internet.Org To Free Basics
September 26th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The controversial free internet project from Facebook, received a facelift today. The Smartphone application and the website will be known as “free basics” from now.

Facebook’s two year old project was faced with controversy after it was alleged with the net neutrality violation.

Facebook has included 60 new services like Mera Doctor for health, English Dost for learning English, M-Kisan for farmers, and Skymet for weather forecast, etc.

Facebook launched the project in February with the intention of connecting those people who do not have access to the internet or social media network.

It was alleged that Facebook is dictating what the contents are accessible through the free app.

According to critics, the social media network is working together with telecom operators to control internet traffic to few services.

In July 2015, the department of telecom alleged that is violating the principles of net neutrality.

Freebasics with added services and better security measures will help the social network site to get new users across from the globe.

The announcement of revamp comes just few days before the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the campus of Facebook in California on 27th September.

Internet.Org Vice-President Chris Daniels said that they made the change to make distinguish itself from other programs and services provided by Facebook. Including the new program called Free Basics. He added that any person using the app at present will be able to continue the use without any problem, but it will be now called as Free Basics in Google Play. The URL will change to Internet.Org’s ‘Freebasics’ services are already accessible by one billion people from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The program is supported by many mobile operators from 17 countries to offer internet access without any data charges to more than a billion users. is a service that is functioning well and it has made changes in many people’s lives by providing crucial information regarding education, health and the economy. The Smart business website service helps the people to learn how to start and run a business. The searches for the service have increased 5 times since it was launched in July in South Africa.

In India, more than 8 lakh people use this initiative and Facebook is offering the service in partnership with reliance communications in the country. Indians can get free access to more than 30 websites without paying any data charges.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook had defended the program and said that the service is not a violation of net neutrality.


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Voice Search Feature By Google Is Getting Better
September 26th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

If you have been using Google voice search feature on your phone, then you would have noticed by now that the feature has become faster and also quite accurate than before. Google has been working on this feature to offer better service to their users. The improvements made to the voice search feature have made it more accurate and it can search properly even in noisy environments.

Google has carried out a lot of work on the popular voice search app so that the app easily recognizes spoken words better on both iOS and Apple devices. It will not need powerful computational resources to find out the sounds in real time. This is all due to the recurrent neural network (RNN) used by Google to aid the proper functioning of the Google Play Store app. The recurrent neural network has the power to capture every word you speak and interpret in its own way.

Google has also worked on the voice search to consume audio in large portions than before. The training data have been revamped to even recognize the words that you speak in noisy places and environments. This was not possible earlier. There was lots of handwork and research put in by the speech experts to make this possible.

The research team working on the Google audio search app had to create many additional improvements to the already existing, but not so popular app. They had to tweak the model to strike a proper balance between latency and improved predictions.

The main problem that the speech experts were facing was on how to make this feature happen in real time. After many trials as well as permutations and combinations, they were able to train unidirectional and streaming models that take in the audio that is coming in large portions than the earlier conventional models.

The computations were drastically reduced and this led to faster voice recognition. The training data was also made to learn more artificial noises and reverberations so that it performs perfectly. All the additional improvements that were added to the model helped in creating a more accurate and faster acoustic model that will help in easy detection of real voice traffic.

The Google search app is getting more and more popular now. There are reports that it is the 4th most used apps in the United States. The year over year growth of the Google search app has now surpassed the Facebook app.


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HTC Gearing Up For An Event On September 29
September 25th, 2015 by Robert

HTC is all set to come out to an event on 29 September, which is next week. There are not many details offered by HTC about the event. But, it is assumed that HTC will be showcasing two new devices called the HTC One A9 and Butterfly 3 during the event. There are some inside information that the Butterfly 3 would make it to the event. But, there is still a big doubt regarding HTC One A9 comes to the event. There are rumors that HTC will be revealing the One M9+ model update instead of showcasing the news A9.

HTC has not let any information as that what updates have been made to the new One M9+ model and how it is different from the present model. There is no doubt that the phone would see an enhanced camera with faster focusing and OIS, from the leaks that had circulated earlier over the internet.

The Butterfly 3 will only be making its appearance in the Chinese market. This phone is rumored to be based on the J Butterfly in Japan that came out this year.

The HTC One A9 alias Aero leaks is currently trending all over the internet. The leaked images of the HTC Aero phone show the phone in different colors. The design of the Smartphone is evident from these images that were first posted on Twitter. The HTC A9 looks to be sporting an iPhone like design with curved edges and two wireless antennas seen on the top and bottom. A physical button at the bottom of the screen could be sued as a fingerprint sensor as well.

The leaked images showed that the HTC One A9 comes in opal silver, deep garnet, acid gold, rose gold, cast iron and carbon gray colors. The HTC Aero A9 will be offered with a 5 inch full HD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, AMOLED display, 16GB built-in storage, 2GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera, 4 UltraPixel front camera that supports OIS and BSI sensors and powerful 2150mAh battery.

HTC had posted a press invitation to be held on September 29 in Hankone, Japan on September 29 on the Weibo page. You might see two flagship devices to be launched on that day. The recent leaks over the internet suggest that the HTC Butterfly 3 and HTC One A9 or HTC Aero could be launched during the event.


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Select Chevy Models To Come Out With Android Auto In March 2016
September 25th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

If you are looking to buy a new car in the near future, then it would be worth considering some of the General Motors Chevy cars. Chevrolet had made an announcement that it would be bringing a few select models in 2016 that would be making use of the Android Auto. The Android Auto feature will be added to a few cars in the 2016 lineup and these cars would have to undergo a software update.

The updates will be carried out by the Chevrolet dealers. The dealers are working hard to ensure that the updates are done smoothly and quickly so that they get the car ready for the consumer to buy before they think of additional purchases.

The Google search engine giant’s answer to the Apple CarPlay is the Android Auto. This will allow the users of the Android based handsets to plug into the vehicle and activate the MyLink system to make use of the Android Lollipop based operating system. The Android 5.0 OS used is a customized one that will give the users the option to choose a select few apps in their vehicles touch screen display.

Features like Google Maps, Google Play Music, Google Now and third party applications like Spotify and Pandora can be accessed from your car’s infotainment system. You can also make or receive calls through Bluetooth. For all this, you just need to plug in your handset to your vehicle.

There are many vehicle manufacturers who are looking to offer vehicle compatibility with both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Chevrolet is also thinking on the same lines. The news of this software update has been made public by Alan Batey, the President of General Motors North America and Global Chevrolet. He took the opportunity to appreciate the engineering team for their efforts and hard work in making sure that the dealers can carry out the software update process in a timely manner without annoying the consumers.

The Android Auto form Google will not be enabled in the entire Chevrolet that GM is running in the American market. It will be coming up only with a few cars like: Cruze and Malibu (excluding limited editions), Corvette convertible, Suburban, Spark, Impala, Camaro, Camaro Convertible, Volt, Corvette, Silverado, Silverado HD and Tahoe.

You can even easily switch from an Android phone to the Apple iPhone. Just plug in either of the phone in the USB port of the car to launch either of the operating systems.


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Blackberry’s Android Powered “Venice” Will Be Known As “Priv”
September 25th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The first Android based Smartphone from Blackberry which was code named as “Venice” will be launched by the name “Priv” the shortened word for privacy, reports the tipster @ evleaks. The Blackberry Priv is expected to get launched in November 2015.

According to tipster, Evan Blass, Blackberry wants to avoid the code name Venice and use the name Priv instead of it. The new name indicates the focus given by Blackberry on the privacy and security on its Android phone.

Blass claims that the new Android device will be available with all the major carriers in U.S such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Corporation and T- Mobiles.

According to reports, Blackberry Priv will be a premium phone, but the pricing details for the Smartphone are not available yet.

Blackberry has not yet confirmed the features and name of its new Android phone.

Some of the specifications expected in Blackberry are 5.4 inch screen with QHD LCD screen, 5MP front camera, 18 MP rear camera, Snapdragon808 processor and 3GB of RAM.

There are speculations that the new phone will have a feature common with Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung. The screen of this phone is expected to slope down to either side. It will also have the glass weave pattern from Blackberry Z30.

A hands-on video revealed that Black berry comes with QWERTY keyboard with capacitive touch input features, which help the users to scroll the page just by touching the keyboard. The app, called password keeper is the standard feature in the Blackberry handsets and this offers the facility to manage and save user passwords and logins and to store any information in a safe and secure way.

Though Blackberry is all set to launch the first complete Android phone, the Canadian firm has laid off more than 200 of its hardware design staff.

In 2013, BB10 was launched by Blackberry and since then the company has been trying to achieve good sales volume for their Smart phones. However the company was able to ship only 1.1 units in the last quarter.

Though Blackberry CEO John Chen has said several times that the company will only continue the manufacturing of handsets only if it is profitable, the company has even found it difficult to achieve the break-even point.

The fate of Blackberry’s hardware business to a great extend depends on its upcoming Android phone. Blackberry is producing its software and hardware products, even though they are way back in its competition with brands such as Microsoft, Apple and Google.


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Instagram Reaches The Milestone Of 400 Million Monthly Active Users
September 24th, 2015 by Robert

Instagram, the photo sharing social network, has now 400 million active users posting 40 billion photos of food items and landscapes in its service. Now, Instagram has a number of users than its prime rival Twitter.

The number of Instagram users is now more than the total population of the UK and the U.S put together.

Instagram achieved the last 100 million users within nine months. Of this, half of the people are from Europe and Asia and three quarters of people using Instagram are living outside the U.S. The rival social network site Twitter has 316 million users, according to the Twitter website.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and the company is thrilled to achieve this milestone, according to the blog post. The company posted in its blog post that the world has become a little bit smaller for all the users with the help of visual communication.

The company said that when it was started it was difficult to imagine achieving the 400 million milestone. Now the company can strive to improve the network and can continue in helping people to experience the world using images and connect with other people by sharing the passions.

According to the blog the maximum number of new instagrammers is from Japan, Indonesia and Brazil.

The latest users of the site include celebrities like David Beckham, Caitlyn Jenner, Christiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, etc. About 80 million images are shared by the Instagram users every day.

The other latest noteworthy members from outside U.S include Raffi and Nagita from Indonesia, Toni Kroos from Germany, T.O.P from South Korea, etc.

This San Francisco Based social network was started in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger.

Instagram reached the 100 million active users mark in April 2012.Facebook bought the company for one billion dollars.

Twitter is still going unsteady as they are yet to find a permanent CEO. Instagram has also done far better than Pinterest, the site for digital scrapbook. Pinterest recently touched the 100 million user milestone.

The success of Instagram is not unexpected for many. Lately the company has enjoyed some major accomplishments. This includes the first surface image of the planet Pluto and support for photo formats like landscape, portrait, etc.   Another great feature offered by Instagram is the newly introduced search and explore function.

It is true that a picture is far better reaching than hundreds of words and hence this photo-sharing site will be used many more users in the future as well.


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Firefox 41 Released With Built-In Instant Messaging Feature
September 24th, 2015 by Robert

Mozilla has released an update for the desktop and android browser Firefox version 41. The updates for the browser allow the users to personalize the Firefox account according to their need.

The users will be able to share the web browsing data including bookmarks. History and passwords and open tabs on mobile devices and desktop with the help of new features included. The users can now add a photo to the Firefox account.

Firefox 41 for desktop has the built-in instant messaging feature which works through the hello feature offered by Firefox browser. The users will be able to initiate video and audio chats with other Firefox users freely.

You will be able to send and receive the instant messages even while you are having a video chat with someone by using Firefox 41 for Mac, Windows and Linux.

With the updates Firefox cleared the issues of MP3 files on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above and the other security issues. This will provide a hassle –free use for the user.

Mozilla wants to give the best experience by enhancing the new versions of Firefox. Firefox is at the number three position in the browser market. The browser traffic for Firefox for the month of August was 11.6 %. It is far behind the Google chrome which is at the No.2 position. Internet Explorer holds the number one position. There was a difference of more than 30% between the second and third position.

Mozilla introduced the Windows 10 version in August and the company also came up with a version of Firefox for the iPhone and the iPad to woo the customers.

Mozilla has also improved the Firefox android edition. This will help the users to make the search easy and quick using search engines like Google, Bling, Yahoo, etc. The user will be able to select the search provider just by clicking the icon of the magnifying glass present in the search field.

To close the tabs on the tablet, you can just swipe them. You will be able to manage bookmarks better way by identifying the duplicates easily. The users will also be able to copy paste the password and username manually from the password mange option, in case it doesn’t get filled automatically.

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is used by 450 million users and holds about 12 of the market share.

The updated Firefox will be available on the Google Playstore and any new or existing users can get easy access to the new version of the browser.


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Blocking People On Gmail Is Now Very Easy
September 24th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

If you have been worried about some of your friends or unknown people sending some crap and nasty messages on your Gmail account, then you can easily get rid of it now on Gmail. Google, the search engine giant, has introduced the block sender feature on its Gmail email service for all its users who want to keep their Gmail inbox free for people with whom they do not like to converse.

Till now, you just had the feature of reporting an email as spam in Gmail so that similar emails went into the spam folder. From Tuesday, you can make use of the block sender feature to block a person by just clicking a button. Once you have clicked the block sender, Gmail will give offer you the option of blocking the sender for ever on your Gmail account. This is a very good feature to have on Gmail.

Filtering spam email addresses earlier took a lot of your time and also had confusing steps. But, the new block feature offered in the drop down menu of the email allows you to quickly block the sender and prevent the mails from the sender to enter your inbox. All future emails from the blocked address will automatically be sent to the spam folder and you will never find it come up on your Gmail inbox.

There is also an unsubscribe button option offered by Gmail for its users. You can now use this feature to remove your name from a mailing list that you do not want to receive mails from. These new options are now made available for all the Gmail web users. The block feature and the unsubscribe feature will be offered to the Gmail app users on Android mobile devices next week.

In order to use the Block feature, you need to press on the ‘More’ button seen next to replay button on a mail. Here, you will see an option to block the email address of the unwanted mail sender. You need to just click on the block option to block the sender and all future emails from the sender will directly go to your Gmail spam folder.

Gmail also offers you the option of unblocking a contact that you had blocked previously with the block feature. Once you unblock the contact, you will automatically start to receive all emails sent from the sender once again.


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France Rejects Google’s Request To Limit “The Right To Be Forgotten” To Europe
September 23rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The data protection regulator of France is not supporting the demand made by Google to limit the “right to be forgotten” to those websites with European domain names.

Google made an appeal to an order made in May that compelled the search engine giant to extend the “right to be forgotten” to all the websites worldwide. This includes even

Google has been carrying out the request to remove the search results only for the version of a search engine that was accessible from the country the request was made. For example, if the request is made from France then Europeans were able to switch to google .com and see the search results without any censoring.

Now Google will have to face fine as well as the case being extended to broader levels in Europe.

France’s Commission Nationale de L’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) rejected Google’s appeal to keep “right to be forgotten” rule as they are, and ordered the search giant to meet the terms or face sanctions.

According to the CNIL, the present practice is pointless and wants Google to remove the unwanted links from all sites. Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, the CNIL president gave 15 days time for Google to comply with the ruling.

According to the president, if the right was only applicable to some website extensions, it could be easily thwarted by the users. This will reduce the efficiency of this rule. Applying the rule based on the internet user who uses the search engine and not on the data searched will make the “right to be forgotten” ruling inefficient.

Google in its appeal said that CNIL is going beyond the jurisdiction in implementing the “right to be forgotten”. However, CNIL said that it even wants the non-European companies to follow the European laws when they are offering their services in the country.

A Google spokeswoman said that the company has been working hard to implement the ruling in Europe comprehensively and will continue to do so in the future as well, but the company respectfully disagrees with the fact that the data protection authority of a single country is determining the web pages that can be accessed by people from other countries using the search engines.

This is the second time Google is having a clash with CNIL. Earlier there were issues regarding the privacy policy of the search engine and this battle resulted in a fine of €150,000 for Google.


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Apple Looking To Launch Its Electric Car In 2019
September 23rd, 2015 by Robert

The two tech giants in the United States will be competing against each other in the auto world as well. While Google is getting serious with its driverless cars, now it is time for Apple to hit the headlines. There are reports coming through that Apple has plans to bring out the electric driving car by 2019. Apple is rumored to start shipping of the electric car in 2019.

The Cupertino tech mogul is speeding up its electric car plans after spending more than a year in studying about the feasibility of the project. The electric car from Apple is internally codenamed as Titan.

The project leaders have been given the nod by Apple to forge ahead with its electric car plans and to triple the 600 person electric vehicle team. The strong electric car team will also include self driving experts. There is no plan from Apple’s side to make its first electric vehicle completely autonomous like what Google is planning.

Does this mean that we can expect Apple’s car to be on the roads by the end of this decade? This could seem improbable, but it is not impossible. As soon as Apple completes its prototypes and designs, the vehicle will have to undergo a lot of tests in order to clear the vehicle regulatory tests. The target set by Apple to bring out its electric cars is 2019 and inside sources is still skeptical about achieving this target.

There were rumors last week that the Apple team met with the California Department of Motor Vehicle officials to review the self driving car regulations. The meeting was held on August 17for an hour with driverless car experts at the DMW.

There are a lot of challenges in front of Apple before bringing out the electric car. The company has so far not divulged the details on how it plans to bring out the car or whether it is looking to partner with any auto giant to bring the car into the world. There are also complications on how the car would be sold.

Apple is a company who prefers to sell its products through direct sales and through the Apple stores in the U.S. A group of private auto dealers have sprung up in the last few decades fighting the direct selling automakers legally. The path ahead for Apple in its electric car venture will not be a smooth one.


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2016 Microsoft Office Released
September 23rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The global release of Microsoft Office 2016 is today. The Microsoft Office is one of the most preferred software for any business and has been helping in the workflow of many businesses for decades now. There have been new entrants in this field and the most competitive one that Microsoft Office has to face is the Google drive.

The software from Google offers multiple users to edit a file at a given time. Microsoft is looking to bring this feature of Google Drive in the new 2016 Microsoft Office. Microsoft also wants to help users to work together for better productivity in their business. The new Office will offer users to work together on a Word document without changing the information that is used by someone else. At present Microsoft will offer co-authoring for Word and will slowly provide this co-authoring option for other applications.

The new Office online suite will include integration of the popular Skype app from Microsoft that will allow users to instant message, chat through talk or video options and also allow screen sharing. The new Office software will now be an integrated part of Microsoft Outlook 2016 app and also be available for use on smart phones.

The General Manger of Office Apps and Product Marketing of Microsoft, Jared Spataro, said that for the past 30 years, Microsoft has been a tool for ‘me work’ so far and the 2016 Microsoft Office will be a tool that will embrace the concept ‘we work’. 2016 Microsoft Office will be a cloud based service and hence customers will be going to see a totally different Microsoft Office than before.

The new Office is still a software suite that you can install on your computer, even if it is cloud hosted. The function and the look of the Microsoft Office do not undergo any change and will be more or less similar to what you have used before. There is a Tell Me box provided in new Office that you can use to search for a particular in-app function.

Microsoft Office has a tough competitor in Google as Google had announced yesterday that it has 1 million businesses that are actively using the Google drive software to run their business. If you are using a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, then you can download the Microsoft Office update for free from today. If you do not have the Office 365 subscription, then you need to purchase one to get all the new applications.


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Infected Apps In The App Store Traced To Chinese Source
September 22nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There has been a major attack by hackers on the App Store of iTunes. Apple is now in the process of removing dozen apps that have been malware infected. The malwares that were downloaded by unsuspecting customers induced many of them to reveal their passwords for iCloud. The malware also exposed their devices to malicious websites. The troubles started over the weekend when Palo Alto Networks discovered that several iPad apps and Apple phone devices were being infected by the malware.

The Chinese messaging app called WeChat was one of the apps that was infected, which is used about six hundred million across the world. The apps that have been infected are of Chinese origin. The hackers have modified Xcode, which is a software development kit of Apple.

This software refers to the set of tools that are used by developers to develop apps for the Apple platform. Apple stated that the apps that have been infected have been isolated. The counterfeit software that has been used in the development of apps has been isolated and the right version is now being provided to developers so that the malicious apps can be rebuilt.

Xcode is a tool kit that is made available to developers for free. The hackers convinced app makers in China to download the modified Xcode from the local servers. The local servers offered a faster download due to which many were enticed to download the developmental kit from the local servers. People who develop apps for the Apple platform in China find the download of the kit to be slow from the Apple servers. Hence, many look around for mirroring sites for download of the developmental kit.

The WeChat developer stated that they had fixed the problem associated with the app, but all existing members had to download the latest version in case they had downloaded the version that contained the malware. The company stated that it did not believe that the hackers were able to steal any confidential information of the users. There are other apps that have been infected like taxi hailing service app Didi Chuxing. The other affected apps are mobile office and railway train ticket purchasing app.

There is a Great Firewall that restricts access to social media sites like Facebook or American media sites like the New York Times. This firewall bans these sites due to the threats that are perceived by the ruling communist party.


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Parental Control App Exposes Critical Information
September 22nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Security researchers have found several weaknesses and vulnerabilities that the child surveillance app promoted by the South Korean government exposes several mobile devices too. The vulnerabilities include information being given about where a child is and at what point in time, information that can be utilized in wrong ways if it is intercepted by hackers. This parental control app can compromise the security of the young ones as hackers can find information related to the young ones and their location and utilize the same.

Smart Sheriff is the program among several other child monitoring apps that are used in South Korea and allows minors to be tracked by their parents. There were reports of the vulnerabilities of these programs issued by a German software audit company called Cure53.

The software offers no firewall or protective feature to provide privacy to the users, which was found alarming by the software audit firm. These apps that are meant for surveillance, act as baby sitters electronically, allowing parents to know how long a child is using a phone and which websites they are browsing and so forth. The software can allow parents to know the kind of messages being exchanged on the phones of their children and so forth.

The government made it mandatory that smartphones that are sold to under 18 children should be equipped with a surveillance software. This move allowed software like Smart Sheriff to be promoted as parents were encouraged by schools also to download the applications on the phones of their wards.

The audit firm found that databases containing phone numbers of children along with their web browsing data and birth dates are being passed along internet in an unencrypted form which makes them susceptible to be intercepted. The authentication problems make this software easy to be hacked and used for malicious purposes. Even bogus alerts can be sent to parents. Several weaknesses have been found with these apps and about 380000 users are vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks.

The firm then alerted the mobile operators association in South Korea, which developed and operated the Smart Sheriff app. The developer firm, MOIBA stated that the vulnerabilities have been fixed since then. However, the audit firm remains skeptical as to how well the fixes have been done and how effective they will be. Many independent security researchers have also reviewed the Smart Sheriff program and found it to be vulnerable and not impressive.


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Skype Glitch Will Be Fixed Soon
September 22nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The glitch that has occurred in Skype is preventing the members to make calls. Those who regularly use Skype to make calls and video chat with others over continents might not find the usual ease as they experience with the software. A recent glitch that has developed is making members unable to change their status. The desktop or the mobile app is not working properly. Hence, you might only be using the web version till the glitch is fixed.
For making calls, the web version of Skype is recommended right now. The technical glitch appears today and it is interrupting the smooth process of connecting and making calls that the users are used to. The issue was acknowledged by the software representatives early on Monday morning. Status issues were alerted by the representatives. Those who use Skype will find that they are unable to change their status, whether online, busy or inactive or offline. Again, phone calls are not being exchanged as a result. In case of group chat messages, the delivery of the same is being disrupted in certain cases though not in all.
The profile details, status and credit balance is taking time to load on the software and hence, it is interrupting the usual flow of functions and features that users expect to use and see on this platform. The web quality assurance executives stated that they were working on the glitch and hoped to fix the issue soon. Skype is the Microsoft software that faces issues from apps like WhatsApp and Viber. It is, however, quite popular, having established itself in the video call and phone call over internet technology segment. Many people even use the technology to rely on communication at a regular basis. The only saving grace is that, the web version is working even if the desktop or the mobile versions seem to be affected. As a result, those who have Internet Explorer 10 or higher version or the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Mac will be able to use the web version. The web interface allows the status to be changed as well as get people on the web interface. Hence, unless the callers are all on the web interface, it will not be easy to get in touch with contacts. However, with several experts working on the issue, the glitch is expected to be solved soon and hopefully the same features and functionalities can be expected out of Skype as before.


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Super Mario Maker In The News
September 22nd, 2015 by Robert

For those who are Mario fans, they will have something to rejoice this month. The maker software has been launched in Japan and US this month and it has become one of the best sold software on the WII U platform. Nintendo, the maker of Super Mario has been able to sell this game and make it the best sold gaming software in Japan, beating Play station 4, and its rival for long. It might not be any coincidence that recently the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros was celebrated and many gaming fans went nostalgic about a game that they have been associated with since their early teen years.

Hence, the launch of the Super Mario Maker could not have been better planned. The first week of its launch saw about 138000 units having been sold and the game received excellent feedback from most of the fans. The Wii U has been on the back foot from Xbox One and Play station 4, it is an earlier gaming platform that seems to have lost out in the rat race over the years. Nintendo offers a different platform for gaming, but it is compared to the other titanic gaming platforms and that has left it woefully behind most of the time due to the stunning graphics and high performance that the rivals seem to offer.

The new game has brought the Wii U platform under the spotlight again and many are discovering the benefits of the console and its unique features again. The first week of this month saw Nintendo back in the news when it launched the new game, appropriately as the game or the characters completed thirty years of existence in the gaming world. The game has received critical acclaim and with the positive reviews that it has received worldwide, it has brought back Nintendo in the spotlight.

The game is unique; the main attraction of the game being that it allows members to build levels of Super Mario. Many are familiar with the adventures of the characters of the game, Luigi and Mario. For them it is definitely a treat to explore the familiar settings and situations through this game. The Wii U units sold in Japan have crossed about 21000 units, while the 3DS, another platform of Nintendo sold for about 28000 units. With the brothers’ anniversary coinciding with the game release, the hangover of this game has definitely served to get Nintendo back in the spotlight.


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Apple’s iOS App Store Suffers Malware Attack
September 21st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

A number of iOS apps were infected with malware in the past few days. The Apple’s App store had to suffer its first major malware attack and Apple had to remove the malware infected App store to reduce further damages. Apple acted swiftly on hearing the news of a malware attack on iOS app store and immediately removed it before it caused serious havoc.

Apple has acknowledged this major security breach on their iOS App store. The malware called XcodeGhost found a way through into many apps in the iOS app store. It convinced the app developers to use the modified version of the Xcode that is used to create the Mac and iOS software.

Apple’s spokesperson Christine Monaghan has said that the company have removed all the infected apps from the iOS App store that were created using he duplicate Xcode software. Apple is currently coordinating with the app developers to ensure that they are making use of the right version of the Xcode software to rebuild the apps that have been pulled out of the App store.

The notable app that has been affected the most is WeChat, the Chinese messaging app, Chinese Uber rival app Didi Chuxing and business card scanner app CamCard. WeChat was quick to confirm that the malware only caused problems in a previous version app that was released on September 10. WeChat has over 600 million active users every month. The present version that came two days later is safe and clean.

The XodeGhost intrusion is investigated by security firm Palo Alto Networks. The investigations found out that the malware was able to read and write clipboard data, open URLs and prompt fake phishing dialogs. The security firm has said that the malware was dangerous and harmful and has affected at least 39 apps in the iOS Apple App store.

There is nothing to suggest that there was any data theft that had occurred. The XcodeGhost malware, though, is a worrying sign as how genuine app developers can be made use for creating malicious software by bypassing the code review of Apple. The problematic XcodeGhost has come from a server in China.

There have been many developers who have used the malicious Xcode software as it was faster to download than the free 3.59GB official Xcode version that is offered on the App store of Apple. Xcode is a complex and huge program and it is a very important software for all app developers.


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PS4 Prices In West May Drop, Says Xbox Boss
September 21st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Everyone who is a fan of the gaming consoles knows that the two most popular consoles are Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 at the moment. Even though Nintendo has its own gaming console called Wii U, it has miles to go before it scales tot the popularity of Xbox One ad PS4 in the U.S. Sony’s PS4 is the best selling gaming console all over the globe. But, Microsoft’s Xbox One is close behind and making huge strides in its sales.

The Xbox President, Phil Spencer, is having a vague feeling that the price of the PlayStation 4 gaming console will come down soon. There is no indication from his side that the price of the console in the U.S. market will see a drop or not. He says that the plans that Microsoft Xbox One has in store for the holiday season is a good one when considering the playbook that Sony has used in the past.

Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be going through a price drop in Japan during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. This announcement from Sony came due to the latest censorship ordeal in Japan and this has led to the decrease in the sales rate of PlayStation 4.

Because of this, Microsoft executives feel that the PlayStation prices might also drop in the USA. But, there is no confirmation as to when this will happen. If the gaming consoles lovers do not end up winning the bundle offers from Sony, then their last hope would be Sony’s announcement of a price drop before the end of this year. Sony PS4 fans are hoping that the announcement of a price drop in the U.S comes just before the holiday season.

Sony will also be looking to bring out the price cuts on its PS4 gaming consoles just before the holidays so that they enjoy maximum sales during the holiday season. If you take a look at the monthly sales of the two fierce gaming console competitors in the U.S, there is no indication that Microsoft will be able to catch up with Sony quickly. Sony sees twice the PS4 than as many consoles that Microsoft is able to sell.

This domination by Sony’s PS4 in the U.S. market might end soon as Xbox One is soon going to get a boost. Phil Spencer feels that Sony will be making an announcement very soon about the price drop of PS4.


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Xbox One Update Will Only Be Rolled Out Slowly
September 21st, 2015 by Robert

There is an update from Microsoft that calls for all the Microsoft Xbox One users to carry out the update of Windows 10 on the console. If you are not getting the Microsoft Xbox One preview program on your gaming console then there is no need to worry. You just need to try out the Windows 10 app instead of getting the preview program.

There is going to be a release of the beta Xbox One beta version app for Windows 10 that will be coming out later this month. This new app will offer a select set of users to check out the future app updates before they are made public.

The fans will get an opportunity to work on the Xbox Beta app program and to check out the new features and enhancements on offer in the new Microsoft Xbox One update. Xbox One Live’s Larry Hryb said in a blog post that the fans inputs and feedback will help the company to shape the product and its updates. Once the Xbox beta app arrives, the fans will be able to download the app through the Windows store.

The present Xbox One app did get a few updates yesterday. The app will now start to show the apps and the games that your friends are currently engaged in when you check your friend’s list. You will also get the status of your friends on your list as to whether they are online or offline. The friends list will also let you know if they can join you through a party or multiplayer.

The refreshed and updated Activity feed now will help you in doing away with the manual refresh. The Activity feed will let you know the new items to check, like, re-share or that you need to comment on once you keep the Xbox app open.

You also can now check out the progress that your friends make in games that you have recently played. You will get to see options like Gamerscore, achievements won and game completion percentage.

The new update on the Xbox One on Windows 10 will feature the use of the app for carrying out text inputs on Xbox One. You can make use of compatible devices like touch keypads, keyboards or the Xbox app to enter the text in the search boxes and also do other wordy jobs.

All are eagerly waiting for the Xbox update which Microsoft is saying would be the biggest software update on the Xbox One so far.


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AVG Antivirus New Privacy Policy Can Sell Browsing History To Advertisers
September 20th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There are many who are of the opinion that browsing on the internet and the search history that you do on your computers or smartphones or laptops are absolutely safe in the hands of the antivirus companies. But, this is not true and you need to have a rethink on this.

AVG Antivirus software has updated its privacy policy and this internet security firm has said in this new amended document that it can make money by offering the non personal data of its users to advertisers. This means that your internet browsing history and the searches that you make on the internet are at the mercy of the AVG antivirus company. They have every right to sell this information to their advertising clients to make money.

The apps that you use, the brand of your device and the language info can be shared by the AVG company to advertisers for money. The company has confirmed that it does not sell anything that contains personal information to advertisers. The data that is collected by the antivirus software is anonymized and stacked safely so that nothing can link it back to you.

The new update policy of AVG says that it can use your cookies to keep track of your internet searches and the activities that you do on a website. All these details that it has gathered can be used to build anonymous data profiles that it can sell to advertisers to earn revenue.

A spokesperson of AVG said that it has indeed made amendments to its privacy policy and also wanted to make its language more transparent to its users. It also wanted to inform the users that the company can make money by selling off its free products that it has stored anonymously about its users to make money.

The new updated rules will come into effect from October 15, 2015. If you continue to use AVG software on your computer or laptops or smartphones, then it means that you have agreed to the anonymous collection that AVG is talking about in the new privacy policy.

If users of AVG do not want the company to make use of their non personal data to make revenue, then they will also be able to turn it off. You need to opt out of this new privacy policy if you do not want to compromise your non personal data to the company.


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Cyber ‘Scorecard’ Development In Progress At Pentagon To Combat Hacker Attacks
September 20th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The U.S. Military wants to get one step ahead of the data hackers by building up a massive database of the system vulnerabilities. This will help the Pentagon to keep track of the threats to the critical systems and to stay clear of the motives of the data hackers.

The Pentagon has said that the cyber ‘scorecard’ will be designed to fight against the hackers. This scorecard that is in its nascent stage will carry out research on the American military computer networks, installation and systems. This scorecard will give the officials guidance on how to fix them flaws in the U.S. military computer networks and installations.

There will be a security database in place for the American computer networks that will help the engineers to fix all the threats that the system and installation faces before the hackers can lay their hands to disrupt the work. This will prevent the leakage of government documents from being accessed by the hackers. It is not easy for a hacker to crack the network of American systems, but there is always a way to find a loophole in the system.

All the latest happening in the cyber security world will be at the finger tips of the Pentagon officials through the cyber scorecard that is being created. Initially, the scorecard will be hard coded. Later, it will be able to add and detect new vulnerabilities on its own to help the engineers to quickly respond to any new cracking of the database or if the network systems database is under threat.

The Pentagon says that cyber attacks are a real thorn in the flesh that is preventing the development of future weapons. Pentagon does not want to stop with the cyber scorecard option, but is also looking to create a response team to address a cyber security breach. Pentagon says that about 6,200 officials will be trained as part of this new project.

The main area of concern that the Scorecard and the response team need to deal with will be the threats that could harm the functioning of the entire network system of U.S military. Cutting down on the loopholes is the only way to protect the computer from cyber hackers.

Human weakness is found to be the major problem in the majority of attacks on the computers. It is important for the government to come out with a standard cyber security course in American schools to help the upcoming generation to be prepared for cyber warfare.


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Apple Meets California DMV Officials To Discuss Driverless Cars
September 19th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There is no doubt that Apple has something in mind and is planning to have their hands laid on cars. Be it the idea of bringing out an electric-powered Apple iCar driven by a robot or a fancy dashboard software, it looks like Apple is quite serious about the driverless cars.

The tech giant Apple cannot keep any of their secrets safely. There are reports coming through that Apple has met with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in August to carry out discussions on the plans of the company for an autonomous or self driven car. This information was leaked by some unknown government official to the media.

There has not been an announcement made from Apple’s side about its plans to come out with a driverless car, in spite reports doing rounds on the intent last year that Apple is secretly working on a self driven car. For this disclosure, there have been lots of baseless rumors and breaking news going on and off the media about the Apple robot iCar and also its possible name, Titan.

There are reports of Apple team meeting up with the California DMV officials at the GoMentum Station. Apple wanted to get permission from the officials to use the station to test the autonomous vehicles. This GoMentum Station is publicly owned one. The access to this former military base is not allowed and needs permission. This meeting between Apple and the DMV officials is said to have taken place in August.

The Silicon Valley has now turned out to be the hot spot for self driving car technology and it is not Detroit, the automobile capital of America. This is because there are many tech companies and around the area. Google has been working in the self driving car field since 2009 and now Apple, Uber and Tesla have joined the fray.

There are even rumors that Apple could come out with its own private car testing facility as the company has enough money to invest in a facility, if it has dreams of coming out with self driving cars. But, as cars have to be tested in real driving conditions to see how good it is, Apple has denied to seek the help of California DMV officials to find out the solution on how to use the roads for testing.

The regulations that California DMV comes out with could be used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for federal regulations on self driving cars.


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Rumor: Second Generation Of Google Chromecast Coming Later This Month
September 19th, 2015 by Robert

You would all have heard about Google Chromecast by now. This is the digital media player offered by Google and it has been in operation since 2013. This is a very small dongle that supports media content streaming and you can easily connect it to your TV’s HDMI port to access the video content offered on the dongle. It was launched very cheap and it is a very useful device.

There are rumors doing circles on the internet that Google is all set to come out with the 2nd generation Google Chromecast. The rumors say that the product could be coming sometime later this month. Google has not confirmed any of this news. In fact, there are even images of Google Chromecast Gen 2 dongles circulating on the internet that shows them in red, yellow and black colors.

The next generation Google Chromecast will be coming out with many improvements than the first generation. The most important thing is that there will be an improvement in the Wi-Fi capability that supports band. There are also a few software inclusions made to the device to make it more useful and powerful for the users. The streaming stick itself will be a refreshed one and will have a balloon like appearance.

A new feature that is most likely to be used in the 2nd generation Chromecast is the Fast Play feature. This will enable the device to quickly connect to the TV and the complaint of the current device taking more time to get linked up with TV will become history.

Google is also working out on a plan to make the device to get plugged directly onto a speaker through a cord. This will help in making the device support multi-room speaker set up. It will also help in mirroring the audio that is played on the Google Chrome browser or an Android device. The Chromecast Audio feature allows you to plug the device on any speaker through an aux cable to listen to your favorite music.

Some information from the internal sources in Google reveals that the search giant has plans of launching the second generation Google Chromecast on 29 September. This will be done along with the release of new Nexus devices.

The 2nd generation Chromecast is expected to be first available in 10 countries and then it will be rolled on to other countries as well in due course of time.


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Tasty New Treats Invites Sent By Google For 29 September Event
September 19th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Google has sent an invite to press and the media people about its new tasty treats event that it will be holding on the 29th of September. The inbox message sent by Google, the most popular search engine giant, says that the visitors are in for tasty new treats on offer from Google at the event. There were rumors circulating on the internet that Google had planned to bring out the new Nexus phone and devices in a few weeks time. It looks like the September 29 event will be on those lines.

Google might be bringing out the Nexu5 and Nexus 6 launch updates during the event. It is not that easy to predict Google’s move and they could spring a surprise or two at the tasty new treats event. Google has roped in both Huawei and LG to bring out different kinds of Smart phones under the Nexus phone banner. Also, there would be more news about the next generation of Android called the Marshmallow.

LG was the brand that came out with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones previously. Now, Google has invited Huawei as well as it is slowly becoming a force in the Smartphone race. There are reports that LG will be working on a standard Smartphone with normal size and Huawei is given the responsibility of coming out with a larger handset with premium features.

The Huawei designed Nexus brand Smartphone is what Google would be brought into the market to give tough competition to the likes of Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus.

There will be other new treats in store at the 29 September Google event as Google would most probably launching the 2nd generation Google Chromecast, the media steaming dongle. This Chromecast comes with multi-room speaker support, better Wi-Fi connectivity, quick playing and better audio feedback.

Another special thing about the September 29 event is that it will be the first major event for the new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, and he could spring a surprise or two at the event. Both the Nexus brand phones would be coming out with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS version, front facing stereo speakers, fingerprint readers, USB Type C and laser autofocus camera.

Google has confirmed that this 29 September event will be streamed live through its YouTube channel. Let’s wait and watch what Google will be bringing out at the event.


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Apple Wants Apple TV Games To Work On Siri Remote
September 18th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

The newest version of the Apple TV has launched and all game developers who want their game to feature on Apple TV must come with a version that is playable using the Siri Remote’s touchpad. Apple TV will now support third party game controllers so that you get iOS styling game in your living room, All the game versions that are to be offered on Apple TV must support the touchpad enabled Siri remote so that it works on Apple TV.

The Siri Remote will need all the game developers to support the touchpad that will be offering tapping and swiping gestures. It is important for Apple to make all games on its new Apple TV to be accessible by all users, the design of the game to support the Siri remote will mean that complicated games that need more input buttons will not be playable on the Apple TV without the Siri remote.

Apple had earlier done something similar by adding game controller specifications to the then latest iOS7 in 2013. Many of the third party game developers for Apple created different MFi controllers to support the iOS7 so that the users can play the iOS games. Apple is also looking to bring out the Steel Series Nimbus controller on its website along with the new Apple TV.

These controllers will have four buttons just like the ones that you commonly see on an Xbox controller along with a directional pa and shoulder buttons. It can also include two analog sticks. This gives the game players more options when playing the game like tapping, w=swinging and dragging to play the game even better. The new A8 chip used in the Apple TV supports high quality game titles, those that cannot be played without the use of extra buttons and touch controls.

The new feature will make huge changes to the kinds of game developers that are able to make games work feasibly on Apple TV. The Siri remote is very much capable of offering users a great deal of game control than the one that it is replacing. But, still the Siri remote is not an ideal game controller.

There are a few notable game apps like Guitar Hero that will not work on the Siri remote. There is a possibility of Apple striking a deal with Activision to bring out games. But, this will not help other game developers who have already started to develop games with third party controllers in mind.


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Amazon Launches $49.99 Tablet To Attract Consumers
September 18th, 2015 by Robert

Amazon Inc. has rolled out a low cost, $49.99 tablet to draw in more and more customers to avail its online services. This pricing has set the cat among the pigeons and will give Amazon tablet a special place in the crowded tablet market. This is a new Fire tablet from the stable of Amazon and is going on sale across America on the 30th of September.

This new Fire tablet will be coming out with a 7 inch screen and will also have a front and a rear camera. These are some of the features that many look into when buying Tablets and Amazon wants to bring as many consumers as possible under its banner by offering this low cost tablet.

One popular segment of the tablet that is growing leaps and bounds in the market is the under $100 tablets, according to the senior vice president of Amazon devices, Dave Limp. He also mentioned that Amazon’s best selling tablet last year was the $99 Fire HD tablet.

The inexpensive tablets that are on sale are made on TN panels that offer poor image quality and restricted viewing angles. The Apple’s new Fire tablet comes with 7 inch IPS display screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. This tablet is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad core processor and has a RAM memory of 16 GB. The Amazon Fire $49.99 tablet is offered with a MicroSD slot which you can use to expand the tablet’s storage space up to 128 GB. The fire tablet also offers front and rear cameras.

Amazon is looking to sell as many tablets as possible this holiday season. It wants its consumers to buy the maximum number of under $50 tablets to gift it to their loved ones and friends this holiday. Hence, it is offering the Fire tablet six pack for just $250. This means that you need to pay for just five tablets and the sixth one comes home free.

Amazon will also be offering the new Fire tablet in a $100 Kids’ edition with one year unlimited Amazon free time, which offers more than 10,000 books, educational apps, games, videos, collection of age appropriate websites and YouTube videos. The Kids edition tablet will also come with a two year warranty. If the tablet is broken within the 2 year warranty period, then Amazon will replace it for free, no matter how it gets damaged.


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Will Facebook Bring The Dislike Button
September 17th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Everyone using Facebook is aware of the ‘like’ button that is offered to Facebook users to like anything that their friends post on their page. There is also a share button that is used by many Facebook users to share information that they get from their friend to other friends on Facebook. But, there have been many Facebook fanatics calling for the addition of one ore button on Facebook to make it wholesome. The button that is in demand is the ‘dislike’ button.

Facebook users want a dislike button added so that they can instantly dislike any post that they do not like. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has said that there is a lot of demand from the Facebook fans for the dislike button. This demand for a dislike button on the social media site has been going on for years. He said that Facebook will be giving a button for its users that would express something beyond the popular ‘like’ button. He said this yesterday at an event held at Facebook’s Menlo Park in California State.

This event was streamed live online and Facebook CEO said that the ‘like’ option is not appropriate for some of the posts. He stated and example that in case of a tragic new event that is circulated on Facebook, people would want to express empathy. But, there is no button on offer from Facebook that expresses empathy.

Facebook is ready to test a button that goes beyond the like button. The Facebook co-founder and CEO, Zuckerberg, said that there are ongoing tests conducted on a button that goes beyond the like button.

Everyone is reporting that Facebook is working on the dislike button. Zuckerberg said that Facebook has veered away from bringing out the ‘dislike’ button as it could be used to reduce the hits to a person’s post. A post could be voted out with the dislike option.

He admitted that Facebook is working on it and is very close to carry out a test on the dislike button. This button has been a subject of discussion with the company for years now. The company would be bringing out a feature soon that will give users the option to express emotions other than just the ‘like’ option.

The dislike option is a really complicated option to offer on Facebook and hence the company will be carrying out several tests before rolling it out for the Facebook users all over the globe.

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Sharp To Bring Out The World’s First 8K TV Next Month
September 17th, 2015 by Robert

If you felt that watching movies and TV programs on a 4K TV gave you the experience of watching it in cinemas, then you need to wait for just a month to get to see the movies in even better picture quality. Sharp Electronics is all set to bring out the 8K TV to the world next month. This will be the first 8K TV to make its appearance in the world.

Sharp will commence the limited sales of the 8K televisions next month. This is an important step taken by Sharp as there are plans to come out with trial broadcasts of the 8K format in Japan next year.

The 8K format is known as Super Hi-Vision and it offers a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. This resolution is 16 times more than what you get in the high definition TVs that you use today. The picture that you get on an 8K TV is 4 times more than what you enjoy in most of the popular movie theaters. The 4K resolution itself is a new thing that has just come to the market. Sharp has now made it clear that it has plans to soon come out with an 8K TV.

The new 8K TV will be offered to video production companies and broadcasters before going on sale on October 30. The price of the 8K TV has not yet been disclosed. It is believed that Sharp will be the first company coming out with an 85 inch 8K TV. The rumors have the price of an 85 inch 8K TV to be around $125,000.

The Japanese electronics giant, Sharp, has already received an order for a dozen 8K TVs from NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster. The test broadcasts in 8K have been planned for next year by the NHK and it has plans to get into regular 8K broadcast within the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The 8K Sharp TV will come with a screen contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and with a viewing angle of 176 degrees. It will be offering 1054 pixels per inch density across the huge display area.

Sharp has set the ball rolling, and there is no doubt that all leading TV companies will now be thinking of bringing out the 8K TVs to be more competitive in the market. This news has come as a big surprise from Sharp as most of the TV giants are still discussing in the 4K TVs.


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