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Natural Weight Loss System – Understand More
December 16th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Over the years, losing weight has been a very big problem in America, and not just America alone, even the whole world is facing this dilemma. Because of this, there are lots of weight losing strategies and medications appeared to help people lose weight as fast as they can. Some are not as effective as what they have been telling people and some have side effects that destroy health condition. With this, people are still seeking the right and the safest ways. Experts and weight losing guru’s are even struggling of thinking some new strategies to tell people how to lose weight the safest way in no time.

Natural Weight Loss

This is the latest weight losing system today. This is the safest yet considered healthy and will make you satisfied. It uses natural ways not like those magical claims that are appearing nowadays. In this article, let’s discuss some of these tips so we can start losing weight in the healthy and safe way.

Know what to eat – The most common cause of why a human being weights too much is because of the uncontrolled food intake. It is important to know whether a food can be harmful to your weight losing plan. Also, oily, fried and salty foods are the culprit so avoid eating or having too much of this.

Know more about Natural Weight Loss – Both online and print media are now publishing some new points about this Natural Weight Losing system – it is important to know more about this, read articles or books with expert’s recommendations. This will help you even more to lose weight naturally.

Interact with people and share ideas – Online communities are forums are now available to talk about natural weight losing strategies. It is important to share what you have experienced or discovered ways, in this way you are not only helping yourself to lose weight but also helping others.

Don’t be deceived by claims – In losing weight, there is no such thing as instant weight loss or losing weight within days. It comes from gradual process that will surely take even months as long as you are constantly following every step of the Natural Weight Losing system.

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December 16th, 2015 by Robert

There are more than 10 million obese children in the United States and 60 percent of our population is overweight, according to the statistics from the Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention.  The bad thing is that the numbers are increasing.

Though grown-ups fight their own importance, children are left rising up in a fast-food and television-watching in a computer-addicted world that promotes this damaging lifestyle and enhances their threat for heart disease, diabetes and cancer afterwards.

Nevertheless, we are blaming fast foods, unsafe streets, the TV and computer but it is not the whole story.  The piece of information is that the family component is not working as well as in past decades.  It is already normal for working parents to be always busy  in their juggling careers and they forget their kids in their house to have limitations especially in eating fatty foods and the time spend watching TV.

According to a survey of the American Medical Association, it points out that normally, the weight of the child is based 25 percent on genetics and 75 percent on environment. Suggestions were given by AMA to family members to do an improved work of development with one another and setting practical limits.  If the parents want that their children will lose weight and become active, they have to be a good examples.  Ki9ds look up to their parents and they will follow everything to them.

If the child changes his diet, it means that it should be a diet change for the whole family.  The whole family will gain from more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The parents should give limitations in their family including the amount of junk foods that their children eat, and let their children watch television for only one or two hours everyday. And also try to set weekly exercise goals for the children and give them a reward to those who can meet the goal that something they will enjoy.

During holidays, it is the time to teach and inform your kids regarding “fitness is fun” attitude so that they keep it with them in their whole lives.

If your kids are so active, you have to be more active also.  Everyone of us is an athlete in our own ways and you have to show it to your kids.

Our center of attention should be on positive features of fitness:  family participation, variety, freedom and fun.  The family should plan family outings like bike riding, trips to the park, beach, zoo or walks on any of  nature trails. You have to make it fun and enjoyable.  Do not forget to always praise your children for their efforts. When it comes to motivating kids, praises can help you a lot.

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Helpful Steps for Men to Reveal More Muscles
December 16th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

You like the simple trial and the simple plunder—hitting your preceding best and feeling a important force afterward.  And perhaps you hate cardio. Dedicating gym time to cardiovascular exercise feels as if you are on fire away hard-earned muscle.  However, you are not – you are enlightening it.

If increasing majority is all you focus on, quickly no one will be able to differentiate your tricks from your shoulder muscles.  You want cardio work (relax—no distance running involved) for a bend and clear cut body type.  You have to follow 5 easy steps to expose more muscle.  No need of cardio (15 to 20 minutes twice a week max), and the majority of what you have to should be at a high intensity, as be appropriate to a man with a lifter’s mindset. However, after a few weeks, you will start to observe less fat and greater muscle definition.  Consider it the rapid way to the body you have always wanted.

1. Adjust the sequence

You do not have to lift the same way through out the year, so why should the occurrence, intensity, and duration of your cardiovascular exercises remain the same?  It should not be.

When you want to add muscle, stay with your aerobic work to a minimum —approximately once or twice a week for about 15 to 20 minutes.  It will control your energy expenditure and let your body to focus on building muscle.

When you are trying to get bend, enlarge your cardio training to two to four times a week, to help remove away excess body fats.  Always rotate your cardio methods so your workout’s not so tiresome.

2. Take apart Cardio from Lifting

Significant lifters are anxious about their cardiovascular training that could slow down their ability to recover from intense strength training.  It will depend on when and how you do your cardio.

Stick with your cardio days and strength days as detached from each other as possible.  In that way, your cardio would not delay gains in strength and size.  Keep your cardio for the next day or even two days later, to rest your legs.

If you have to do cardio and weights on the same day, select a form of aerobic work that points out body parts your weight lifting did not concentrate on that day.  Therefore, if your cardio choice is fighting, which works your upper body as much as it does your legs, fight on a day when your weight session does not concentrate on your upper body.

Either direction you choose is sure to strike the weights first.  Before your weight routine, you do not want to wipe yourself out before your weight habit.  You would not get the most out of your session and lifting when you are tired can be risky.

3. Avoid making an impression

Your body is sufficient to compete with in restoring the damage that lifting imposes on it.  Focus on cardio workouts that lessen microtrauma—the little tears to muscle fibers that are part of the process of building new muscle.  Running on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete can be shocking to muscles and joints.  Jumping rope can cause related problems.

Your top stake for low-impact exercise can be swimming, cycling, and using elliptical machine.

4. Turn your back on “Fat-Burning Zone”

It is a legend that you have to work out constantly for 20 minutes before you start burning fat.  The belief once was that you needed to exercise in a range between 60 percent and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.  Some minor was too easy, and any advance made it too difficult to competently use fat for fuel.

Disregard that theory.  Your body needs extra energy overall when training at high strength—you have to look at the physical type of a sprinter. Going all out also makes enhance use of your time.  In a powerful 10-15 minute work out you can finish your cardio.

Attach to gap workouts that mark short shots of high intensity movement followed by active recovery periods.  This method is best for your heart and for fat loss.

5.  Select the Direction of most Resistance

Shifting the mechanism on a bike and changing the incline on a treadmill, for example, are great ways to enlarge intensity.  Be careful to find a stage of resistance that would not lessen the quantity of work you are capable to do when you return to the weight room.




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October 29th, 2015 by Nalini Singh

Well, Karvachauth is on Friday and all the married women are looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. Women want to look their best on this auspicious day, after all it’s for their beloved husband, but fasting all day without eating and drinking water sometimes takes a toll on their health. Later on in the evening they look tired, dizzy and the entire glow on their face is vanished…which is not good.

Don’t worry…there is solution to every problem .Now you can flaunt yourself and look stunning even after fasting whole day .All you have to do is follow some tips for easy and healthy fasting….

Boost yourself with protein and nutrients


Before sunrise you can have multigrain or whole wheat items like cereals as they are high in fiber and easy to digest .Have some nuts like almonds etc. which are high in protein and keeps you going all day. You can also have fruits that will keep you hydrated all day .Drink Luke warm milk instead of caffeinated drinks ,as they make you feel very dehydrated afterwards .Protein rich items such as milk, curd, cheese, nuts etc. keeps you full for longer periods.

Avoid eating sweet foods


There is a tradition of eating sargi on karva chauth before dawn .It’s a must for newlyweds as it is their first karvachauth .Sargi contains sweet and oily preparations like pheni ,puri ,parantha ,pakodas etc.

Well, try to avoid consuming too much sweet in the morning because they tend to aggravate hunger and thirst later on .Eat food which is light on your stomach and easy to digest.

Drink plenty of water


It’s a long day ahead so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water at the time of Sargi .It will be better if you take Luke warm water , as it gets absorbed easily.

Keep yourself busy


Staying busy is also a good way to keep you from hunger pangs .Go shopping ladies!!Markets are flooded with karvachauth goodies. Get your hands and feet painted with the latest henna designs. Beauty salons also offer great discounts and packages for this occasion, grab them and look your best in the evening.

Do’s & Don’ts after breaking the Fast


Tea & coffee:

You should strictly avoid tea or coffee right after breaking the fast .Consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach will increase the acidity level which can cause you discomfort .Try to avoid it.

Oily and spicy food:

Avoid oily and spicy food because the acidity level of your stomach is very high this time, due to lack of water and food all day. Consuming oily and spicy food will make you feel lethargic .Instead, eat carbohydrates and protein rich food to restore the energy levels in your body.

Fruit juice and lemonade:

Replenish you body with fresh fruit juices and lemonade to prevent dehydration and weakness. Consume at least 3-4 glasses of liquids before you sleep .Lemonade will be best, as it will also help in digestion.

So, best wishes for your karvachauth, I hope this will be helpful.



Karva Chauth Pooja Vidhi

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Paula Deen Accomplishes A Loss Of Forty Pounds But Hates To Diet
October 7th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Those who are around Paula Deen should not use the word “diet” as she finds the word restrictive and brings on a sense of deprivation that she does not like. Paula, the celebrity chef, has been able to lose forty pounds before she joined Dancing with the Stars, the new season that is being aired currently. She told E! News that the word is something that she would not use even when the main aim is to go clean and consume meals that are prepared in a healthier way with fresh ingredients.

The interview she gave took place during her rehearsals and break between practices with Louis Van Amstel. She says that the key word to use is a moderation which is the main underlying principle of a diet. Everyone can have a cookie, but when one has several of them, that are where the problem lies.

Deen is 68 years of age and has recently published a book called Cut the Fat which talks about how some of her best known recipes can be cooked by simply shaving down the harmful ingredients or lessening some of the ingredients that make the same meals healthier. The book was a way of showing that the same dishes could be made to taste wonderful and healthy at the same time.

The same approach was used by Deen, moderating and eating clean which helped her to shed about forty pounds. She then gained the confidence of joining up the reality show after passing up the opportunity several times, which was offered to her by ABC.

She states that, when the offer came round for the fourth time, she was ready to accept it this time for her team as well as her family. She finds it to be doable now as she has lost forty pounds. She has picked 1989 to be the most memorable year for her and now she is practicing with Louis Van Amstel for the show this year. For those who are fans of her cooking and are inspired by her weight loss, they need to support her as she goes on air and takes on DWTS. It will definitely be a challenge that will be for her, being in the late sixties and taking up the challenge to make herself fit and participate in the dance show. She hopes that her new cookbook helps her fans to find a way to balance healthy eating with wonderful tasty meals.

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Obesity Rates And Their Relation To Poverty In US
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

There are several studies that are being conducted in order to map obesity across the different states in the US and to understand the correlation of the condition with different factors. The study findings showcase that one among every three adults are obese in America. The prevalence of this condition has increased dramatically as a result of several environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors. The new millennium has seen the obesity levels go down or level off, but it has been declared as an epidemic and yearly monitoring of this condition is being done through several studies and reports.

The fact remains that about 78 million Americans in the adult category are at risk from different ailments like type II diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and cancer which are linked to the obesity condition.

With several policies being taken up to address the obesity epidemic, one study focused on the prevalence of obesity and its link to poverty issues. In order to understand the linkage, the obesity pattern across the different states was first studied over which geographic pattern of poverty was compared to it. There were three states that recorded the highest level of obesity, Mississippi, West Virginia and Arkansas. Most of the states which reflect a high level of obesity are found to be part of the Midwest and South.

Interestingly, the three states that reflect the highest levels of poverty are found to be poor as well. It is also seen that health care access is the poorest in states located in the Midwest and South. Most of the people in these states reported that they do not get the care that they need in their region.

Obesity relates to racial differences as well. It is most prevalent among the black adults of Hispanic as well as non-Hispanic origin. They are most prevalent in the poor locations of the country. The difference comes out when race as well as prosperity is considered in correlation to obesity. When these factors are keyed in, it is found that over 35% of the obese population in the 33 states account for black adults in the non-Hispanic population. It can be concluded that race as well as poverty are influences in obesity and there are several structural causes of the same which contribute to the lifestyle as well as health issues due to which obesity manifests itself in these population categories. The geographic distribution and pattern should help policy makers to take the right steps for addressing the issue.
Image Credit : POLS

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The Everyday Kitchen Ingredients That Can Help You Lose Weight
October 7th, 2015 by Robert

For those who are looking to lose weight will probably find that there is no magic by which one can lose weight miraculously. However, there are certain common ingredients which are available in our kitchens that can bring in weight loss if we use them in the right way. For those who have goals to achieve with weight loss will surely need all the support they can get from items that are already stocked in their pantry.

The first item on the list is a lemon. It is known to have super cleansing abilities and is a great juice to have, especially with water on an empty stomach. It is known to detoxify the system and help one to get their system cleared as well.

Apple cider vinegar is another beneficial ingredient that is known to have several natural properties which come of use for maintaining good health or stimulating weight loss. When it comes to weight loss it helps to slow down the appetite. Hence, a sip of the vinegar mixed in warm water will help to curb hunger pangs, keep down the glycemic index of food items that are high on carbohydrate as well as help one to feel full for a longer period of time.

The other item that can help you to boost your weight loss initiatives is cinnamon. There are several benefits that it provides to the human system. The first benefit is the regulation of the blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar regulation is important for those who are struggling with excess weight gain issues. It is known that this kind of a condition can bring about type 2 diabetes easily in the system. Hence, adding a pinch of cinnamon in your breakfast meal or in your tea will help you to keep the blood sugar level under control. It is also known to be beneficial to boost the internal metabolism level. As a result, digestion is improved and nutritional absorption is made better, thus aiding in a healthy system.

The other ingredient that needs to be made part of your daily cooking is olive oil. Try substituting olive oil for ordinary oil and see the difference in your health. It is known to be rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial for the heart. It can also help prevent the buildup of fat in the stomach and help one to feel full for a longer period of time.

If you love saucy dishes, spice it up by making a bottle of hot sauce at home. It will be rich in capsaicin and vitamin C which are known to boost the metabolism process. The flavor as well as the heat will help to satiate your taste buds as well as rev up the metabolism process.

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Surgery For Weight Loss Can Help To Prevent Cancer
October 6th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

A study that has been studying the effects of the Bariatric procedure for women who are obese and have a risk of cancer has seen that the surgery has been able to slash the risk percentage for the participants by about a third. Some participants were found to have uterine growths which could have been pre-cancerous but the growths were eliminated when the Bariatric procedure was done on them. The effects were several others as well. The physical activities in their lives have increased which has also stabilized the body’s ability to use the glucose levels as well as improve the levels of insulin in the bloodstream.

The benefits are several and do not stop there. Some women have shown better gut bacteria composition after the surgery and have also reduced the risk of facing diabetes as a lifestyle ailment.

The study focuses on the benefits that obese people can get from Bariatric surgery as well as the adverse effects of obesity that can take a toll on one’s health. The cancer cases in women usually occur in women who are above the normal weight average in the US. The deaths due to cancer are highest in this population. The research team stated these findings who have worked with the Virginia cancer institute. The cancer cases that are linked with obesity are endometrial cancer as well as renal, gall bladder, breast and colon cancer. The endometrial cancer, which usually occurs in the uterus lining, is brought on by obesity.

The study focused on women primarily, about seventy in the population who had an average age of 44 years and a body mass index around 50.9. If women have a BMI of 30 it is a sign of obesity while the figure 40 indicates morbid obesity. However, many women are often reluctant to present themselves for the Bariatric surgery as they do not consider themselves as obese.

The study shows that the effects of the surgery manifest themselves quite soon, in a matter of three years since the surgery is done. The study considered 68 participants who were scheduled for the surgery out of which two opted out while one person died of a heart condition before the surgery could be fixed. The average weight loss was about an hundred pounds, which was dramatic for most. Many of the participants show signs of growths in their uterine lining which was resolved after the weight loss occurred.

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Simply Eating Veg And Fruits Might Not Lead To Weight Loss
October 6th, 2015 by Robert

Most of us are made to believe that consuming vegetables and fruits would be the right way to go when one is considering a diet that would guarantee weight loss. However, there are certain finer details that we often overlook when we imply fruits and vegetables. It is a misleading notion to think that all kinds of fruits and vegetable consumption will lead to weight loss. That might not be totally true. Weight gain is usually not seen when one takes in plant based food items, but for those who wish to cut down on their calorie intake or lose weight, they need to be careful to note whether the fruit or vegetables are high in starch content.

Even though veggies and fruits are usually full of natural goodness and nutrients, too much of starch based fruits and vegetables can slow down your weight loss plan. Hence, for those who wish to eat their way to thinness, they need to look at vegetable and fruit consumption with a more critical look at what each item offers on the palate.

The US diet guidelines are making an emphasis on the Mediterranean style diet, which usually includes a lot of plant based items. This kind of diet will work for limiting the size or dimensions of the people. However, simply going generalist on fruit and vegetable intake might not work. It is necessary to note the items one should consume in order to experience weight loss. The vegetables, which include a high amount of starch like potatoes, starch and even peas, might not be a good idea unless these vegetables are used in moderate amounts in one’s diet and combined with other ingredients. The vegetables that should be consumed need to be high in fiber and low on the glycolic index like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and others. The food items that are low on the glycolic index can help to keep the blood sugar stable.

In order to answer the various questions that are raised about the right fruits and vegetables to consume, a study was done by Harvard, which looked at the intake of vegetable and fruits by about 133468 women and men who are above twenty four years of age. The study took into account other factors as well like relaxation activities, smoking and other habits as well as exercise and the number of hours of sleep one got. While the common choices were potatoes among vegetables and orange juice among fruits, it was found that berries, pears, apples and not starchy vegetable items are more effective for weight loss.

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Woman Shows Her Secret Of Motivation For Weight Loss Was Her Image On The Phone
October 6th, 2015 by Robert

Chelsea Stevens had given birth to her son about three years back, after which she started to gain excess body weight. She was a college student in Birmingham and twenty five years of age when she gained a total body weight of 280 pounds. She states that she indulged in pizza and fried chicken mostly which accounted for the weight gain that she found her with.

She states that her love for fast food started off from crusty bread that would be smothered with butter. She did not allow herself to realize how fat she was getting. Even though she felt disgusted every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she could not stop reducing the portions that she was consuming.

She had gone to sit on a roller coaster in 2013 when she was asked to take a larger seat and that is when reality hit her. The same year in October she took a photo of herself to shame herself every time she looked at it and made it as her wallpaper so that she would be compelled to be reminded of her obesity every time she looked at it.

This is a common case of women who give birth and are unable to control their body weight after that. Nice, the health watchdog stated that most new mothers need to be placed on a strict diet soon after giving birth, so that they are able to shed off the pregnancy weight fast. The watchdog has issued guidelines to the GPs who are asked to monitor the body weight of individuals and place them on a weight loss program which would comprise of weekly targets. The guidelines are not only given to the general practitioners, but also to the public. The guidelines are designed to help overweight mothers reduce their body weight and slim down. They need to eat in a healthy manner and showcase the healthy habits to their children as well. The guidelines talk about a program for weight loss that would be for a span of six weeks which would be started off after a post-natal check is done with one’s GP. The guidelines are a must for those who have a body mass index of above 30 which means women who have an average height of 5 ft and 6 inches with a body weight of 13 stone.

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It Is Harder To Lose Weight Now Than Twenty Years Ago
October 6th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Even if people exhibit the same eating habits as people in communities about twenty years ago, today Millennials tend to be heavier than their contemporaries about two decades ago. A study was recently published by an obesity research organization. The study revealed that a person in the year 2006 and who consumes the same amount of calories or exercised the same as someone in the late eighties will weigh more by about ten percent as well as have a BMI which is higher by 2.3 points.

Professors at the York University in Toronto have stated that people who are younger need to exercise more as well as eat less than those who are older to them. This refutes the general concept that, younger people with a higher metabolic rate would be able to lose weight faster than older people. Hence, as per the new study, one needs to eat less and put in more effort to exercise if they are twenty five in order to be healthy as compared to people who are now in their fifties or late forties.

The researchers have pointed out to three principal reasons for weight gain. One of the reasons is exposure to more chemicals which the millennials face as compared to people who are older by two decades. The packaging chemicals, pesticides and fire retardant chemicals lead to hormonal changes in the body and affect the weight management process in the body. Prescription drugs like antidepressants are also linked to weight gain. The other factor is the microbes which have changed due to an increase in meat consumption. As meat is treated with chemicals in order to increase growth and volume, the consumption of this meat changes the gut bacteria composition which in turn leads to difficulties when it comes to weight loss.

Many experts of weight management programs are stating that, these study findings throw new light onto intrinsic influences on our body weight, which are an impact of the current environment and food intake. These factors can explain the various hurdles that people face when it comes to weight management that lie beyond the mere intake and burning of calories.

Another reason is the lack of sleep, which also leads to weight gain as it disrupts the normal metabolism process of the body and the normal hormonal functions that can aid in weight management. The lack of sleep often leads to excess secretion of ghrelin hormone that increases appetite.

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Get Your Blueprint To Exercise To Drop Weight Effortlessly
October 6th, 2015 by Robert

Most of us realize that weight loss is a lot of effort. We all know the adage of no pain and no gain. Hence, when one embarks on a journey of weight loss through exercise they realize that they need to sweat it out a lot to see the calories go down. Exercise can be demanding which includes several hours of cardio and a few minutes of grueling and high intensity workouts.

Exercise is as grueling and hard work, many are more open to following a certain diet than spending hours working out. However, with a recent study the findings are encouraging for those who think that they need to put in considerable effort for weight loss. A group of researchers is working on a blueprint for exercise which will offer new insight in the exercises that are needed for weight loss. A group of scientists from Sweden and Australia have collaborated to form this blueprint theory. They hired four men who are healthy but were untrained. They made them undergo a muscle biopsy, which provided them with tissue samples before and after an exercise session. The men were made to pedal hard on an exercise cycle for a duration of ten minutes. The samples were then analyzed by mass spectrometry in order to understand whether any alterations come about in the skeletal muscles.

The study revealed that exercise brings about complex changes in the muscle mass which are brought about thousands of changes at the molecular level. The weight loss drugs that are usually marketed bring about a few changes at the molecular level in comparison. Hence, the study aimed to find the alterations that were important.

The aim of the group is to come out with an effective formula or blueprint for weight loss which will mimic the several molecular changes that take place in the muscle mass and tissues in a body. To effectively identify the right molecular changes in order to come up with the right prescription drug for weight loss might take quite a while. However, with the method established, the right blueprint for weight loss might come by within a decade. Once the drug is produced and marketed, it will bring hope to many, especially those who are unable to exercise hard, like the elderly or those who are disabled and physically restricted in different ways. It will certainly bring in a new era in the market of weight loss supplements.

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Seminars On Surgical Weight Loss At CHI Memorial
October 4th, 2015 by Robert

The options that patients have when it comes to weight loss by surgery are many as offered at CHI Memorial. The doctors at CHI Memorial who deal in bariatric care have planned to host free seminars this month. The options that obese patients have when it comes to surgical procedures would be explained at the seminar. The first seminar is scheduled to be held at the community room of the hospital CHI Memorial on Tuesday, 6th October while the second seminar is scheduled on 20th October and the venue is North River Civic Center.

The problems of obesity are many which are related to the health of individuals as well as the self-esteem of a person. The seminars are being held to help people understand what metabolic surgery is all about and how this kind of surgery will help any incumbent who is struggling with weight loss issues. The topics that will be discussed at the seminars would be useful for those who are contemplating weight loss surgery but are not aware of the particulars of the process and whether this kind of a procedure would be right for them. The topics include particulars of who would be a likely candidate for undergoing the weight loss procedure along with the particulars of the process, what can be expected when one is recovering from the operation as well as lifestyle changes that need to be done in order to ensure that the outcome is a successful one.

Accreditation was granted to CHI Memorial by the program that monitors the accreditation of bariatric surgeries and focuses on quality improvement. Hence, residents of the Chattanooga area can benefit from weight loss surgery which would be done by trained hospital personnel and support would be given to the individuals who undergo the weight loss operation programs.

In Chattanooga this is a unique hospital to have been recognized for conducting bariatric surgery. The corresponding quality and surgery programs are being implemented at this center. The free seminars would prove beneficial and informative to many and those who are interested can walk in for consultation and to book their seat in advance. They can come in with their queries regarding bariatric surgery, get to know the advantages and limitations of the surgery and the steps they need to take in order to ensure that the surgery is a success. The programs would be aided by registered dieticians and social workers who will help the patients monitor their weight past the surgery.

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Weight Loss And Exercise Vital For Women With PCOS
October 3rd, 2015 by Robert

There has been a study conducted recently on women who are struggling with fertility issues due to PCOS. The results of the study indicate that weight loss and exercise can help make a difference in these women. The odds of conception are increased greatly when one is able to lose weight and exercise regularly. The research was conducted on a group of 150 women. These women were suffering from PCOS which is the acronym for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is a condition that triggers higher levels of testosterone and androgen in the female body along with sex hormones that have more of male traits, leading to unsuccessful completion of the ovulation cycle in many instances.

About a third of the group of women was able to sustain live births when they exercised and controlled their diet. It is found that women who have PCOS usually experience menstrual cycles that are irregular. They gain weight easily and have excess body hair on their body as well as face. They also suffer from infertility issues. In order to help them regulate the ovulation cycle birth pills are given to boost the secretion of female hormones in their body. However, this stage further disrupts the metabolism process which needs to be controlled by proper diet and exercise.

The group that participated in the study showcased that one third of the women were given birth control pills during the first four months. The second group was asked to diet and do exercise. The third group was given the pills as well as asked to follow a calorie reducing diet and exercise.

Once the initial four months were over, the women who were taking contraceptives were asked to stop and they were taken through medical treatment to induce ovulation. All the women were put under this treatment. The 49 women who were in the first group with birth control, about five were able to have babies. The women who were given the contraceptives as well as told to exercise saw 12 live births while the rest fifty who simply exercised and dieted saw the highest number of live births, about 13. However, as the study number was small, the difference in the outcome between the two groups which followed a diet and exercise might not be meaningful. The study does provide strong suggestions that favor the effects of diet and exercise in helping women to get pregnant even with PCOS, provided they undergo treatment to boost their pregnancy outcomes.

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Slim People Reveal Some Of The Best Secrets Of Weight Loss
October 3rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

When one is looking to lose weight, it is necessary to take advice from those who have been able to achieve the same. Eat This, Not That! It is a premier portal and magazine that brings insights from celebrities who have actually done it like Padma Lakshmi, Maria Menon’s and Shaun T of Insanity fame. These are people who are committed to staying in shape throughout the year, even if they are on holidays or are surviving long, cold winter months.

There are strategies and secrets that are revealed by them, which would not be heard from weight loss experts like dieticians or doctors. For instance, Maria Menounos was able to lose forty pounds. She has come out with a guide to fitness and diet for girls as she wants to share her insights on how to stay healthy and lean. She states that being thin is not the main aim. The aim should be to remain healthy. For those who are able to stay healthy and thin, that is great but the risks of health should not be taken even if one has thinned down. Many thin girls use drugs, energy drinks and smoke cigarettes or starve themselves in order to maintain their thinness. She states that it is important that one learns to live a quality life and not simply a thin and unhealthy one. If healthy is the goal one would stay thin automatically.

Maria says that it is best to go gradual. When she started to lose weight, she had an excess of forty pounds. She could not go on an extreme diet and stop eating all the food she loved. At the same time, she had her work and family commitments which prevented her from having time to exercise two hours per day. Even with the gradual weight loss regime, she was able to bring about a change in her lifestyle which has stayed on even after she has lost the excess pounds.

The other tips include changes in diet like eating healthier versions of one’s favorite pasta dish, asking for smaller serves, opting for healthy fat in one’s food and drinking gallons of water along with coffee and tea which offer their benefits for weight loss and health. The key is to keep up the metabolism by balanced meals and exercise which will go a long way to ensure weight loss and maintenance of one’s body weight.

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Strategies You Could Use To Boost Your Weight Loss
October 2nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin
10 Strategies You Could Use To Boost Your Weight Loss
  1. Creating a calorie deficit is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. This can be achieved by reducing portion sizes, cutting out high-calorie foods and drinks, and increasing physical activity. For example, you can replace high-calorie snacks with fruits and vegetables, and switch from sugary drinks to water or unsweetened tea. Also, incorporating more physical activity in your daily routine such as going for a walk, run, or bike ride can help increase your energy expenditure and burn more calories.
  2. Incorporating more protein into your diet can help you feel full and reduce cravings. Protein-rich foods like lean meats, fish, eggs, and legumes can help control appetite and prevent overeating. Additionally, protein can help preserve muscle mass while you lose weight, which can help improve your metabolism.
  3. Increasing your fiber intake by eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help you feel full and reduce the number of calories you consume. Fiber can also help regulate blood sugar levels and promote healthy digestion. Eating a diet high in fiber can also help lower your risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  4. Drinking plenty of water can help you stay hydrated, and it can also help reduce hunger. When you’re dehydrated, your body can mistake thirst for hunger, causing you to eat more than you need to. Additionally, drinking water can help flush out toxins and improve digestion.
  5. Using a food journal or app to track your progress and stay accountable can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. It can help you identify patterns in your eating habits, such as emotional eating or snacking late at night. Keeping a food journal can also help you see how much you’re eating and identify areas where you can make changes.
  6. Getting enough sleep and managing your stress levels are crucial for weight loss. Lack of sleep and high stress levels can lead to weight gain. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body releases more of the hormone cortisol, which can increase your appetite and cause you to crave sugary and high-calorie foods. Additionally, stress can also lead to emotional eating, which can sabotage your weight loss efforts.
  7. Working with a registered dietitian or a personal trainer can help you develop a personalized weight loss plan that takes into account your individual needs and goals. They can help you identify areas of your diet that need improvement and provide guidance on how to make healthier choices. A personal trainer can also help you develop a safe and effective exercise program that can help you lose weight and improve your overall fitness.
  8. Finding a form of physical activity you enjoy and making it a part of your daily routine can help you stay motivated and engaged in your weight loss journey. It can be anything from yoga, to dancing, swimming, or any other activity that you enjoy, the key is to find something that you will stick to.
  9. Avoiding processed foods and high sugar content foods can help you lose weight by reducing your overall calorie intake. Processed foods are often high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats, and they can be difficult to portion control. Eating a diet that is high in whole, unprocessed foods can help you feel full and satisfied while also providing your body with essential nutrients.
  10. Avoiding skipping meals and trying to eat at regular intervals throughout the day can help you avoid overeating and keep your metabolism revved up. Skipping meals can cause your blood sugar to drop, which can lead to feelings of fatigue, irritability, and cravings. Eating smaller, more frequent meals can help keep your blood sugar levels stable and reduce cravings for high-calorie foods.

There are ever changing rules for weight loss. Everyday there are new insights on what one can eat or should not, what supplement they should take or the exercise routine that they should follow. Though the formula of eating less and working out more sounds simple enough, the strategy is not that easy to follow. For that reason, Paul Kriegler who is a registered dietician, states that, the one simple rule cannot work effectively for all who are trying to lose or maintain their body weight. He states that he has managed several clients in his span of work and has known many clients who have put in diligent efforts to follow the diet that he has given, then but there have been certain factors that have interrupted their weight loss goals from being realized. For that reason Kriegler offers six vital strategies that can be incorporated in order to break through weight loss plateaus.

The first strategy to adopt is to stop looking at the scales. The weight loss that one aims to achieve should be more than a mere number. There might be highs and lows in weight gain or loss, but the overall look and feel that one is able to achieve in their body is more important. It is also important to not allow too much media to influence one. As there are several messages being offered on how to lose weight, trying out too many techniques or relying on social media could distract one from their weight loss aim. The closet of clothes should be the prime motivation for weight loss. The new clothes that you fit in or are close to fitting in should act as a motivation for maintaining your body weight or to shed those excess pounds to get into them as soon as possible.

The other strategies comprise of being kind to one. One should pamper themselves occasionally and rest or relax, unwind and allow oneself indulgences from time to time. Stress can be a big inhibitor towards weight loss. When one is too wired up about losing weight they will feel stressed and find it harder to reach that ideal figure. The other strategies to remember are taking it slow and consistent. When there is a lot of weight to be lost, it might seem an overwhelming ordeal. But it should be taken one day at a time. Finally, taking images of oneself is a great way to understand how much one has lost and what one as achieved. Cooking one’s meals in a nutritious way will also ensure healthy weight loss.

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Importance Of Exercise For Weight Loss
October 2nd, 2015 by Robert

It is known that experts on exercise love to use acronyms. There are many phrases like excess post exercise oxygen consumption, which is referred to as EPOC. That makes sense as this kind of a phrase sounds too long and using the acronym also ensures less space usage in communications.

There is another acronym that has been doing the rounds which is NEAT. Not only does the term sound positive, but it also stands for a phrase that is significant for those concerned about exercise and weight loss. The term or acronym stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is a concept that is often overlooked in the whole equation of energy spent and energy gained in exercises. This term is used to indicate the energy that is burned up in doing activities besides the intentional exercises that one does. These include housework, yard walk, walking and others.

When one looks at the ideal physical activities that a human being should do, it is best to look at a time when obesity was unheard of and was definitely not common. If we look back half a center ago, experts showcase the activities that people did unconsciously and without meaning to lose weight that contributed most to health and weight maintenance. Experts point out that, half a century ago people played more and moved around a lot more.

At that time one had to move around for everything in life. Today, most of our activities do not involve enough physical exertion. We mostly drive around and sit throughout the day. Before NEAT used to be a large part of a man or woman’s daily routine and how they spent their energy. Today it has become a minimal part.

It is crucial that one adds on NEAT to their daily routines in order to manage weight much better. One might wonder how necessary it is, especially as the modern way of life has changed the daily activities that we do to a large extent. As per a study that has been released by the American College of Sports Medicine, this question was addressed to see how exercise influences weight loss and how the energy expenditure changes once the weight loss has been achieved. The study was done on a group of one hundred and forty women. They were divided as per varying levels of weight loss programs. It was found that, those who were made to do exercise for weight loss ended up with more NEAT and a propensity to keep up the weight loss even after the program was over.

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Patients Of Firsthealth Celebrate Their Weight Loss
October 2nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

FirstHealth has helped many to get rid of the excess body fat and lead better lives through weight loss surgery. The surgery team helped many of these patients come together with their families to celebrate the new status of their health. This was part of their second annual celebration called Celebrate Your Success.

The program was hosted by the team of Bariatric surgery of FirstHealth on September 19th. The event was organized at the Clara McLean House, the Shadow lawn room on the campus of the Moore Regional Hospital of the healthcare organization.

There were about seventy or more patients who had undergone weight loss surgery at the clinic. These patients and their relatives were asked to attend the program where they were welcomed by the medical director of the Bariatric surgery program, Dr Raymond Washington. The buffet meal that was offered to the people comprised of food items that were diet friendly and designed for people who have undergone the Bariatric surgery. There was a cooking session and demonstration done by Special Eats. This organization which offers catering services, its owner addressed the crowd. Sueson Vess as well as Dr Connie Stapleton, who is owner of Mind Body Health Service Inc as well as the author of a book that provides a guide to life after weight loss surgery, were there to address the crowd.

There were other speakers as well. The subjects that were touched upon were recovering from addictions and how to prevent weight regain after surgery. Dr Stapleton provided meaningful insights as she works with the weight loss patients before and after surgery, being a licensed psychologist herself. She has a motto which she keeps reciting to her patients about keeping the responsibility of one’s health every day and she says that she becomes the voice of conscience in the minds of many of her patients.

The evening saw Stapleton sign photos, give away awards, scrapbooks being signed and door prizes being given away as well. There were other surgeons and nurses who participated in the program. The evening turned out to be a rewarding experience for many. It was a great celebration for many who had been able to sustain the weight loss that they experienced after the surgery. Also, those who have participated in therapy sessions and have continued with healthy habits were recognized and awarded to encourage them as well as others to stick to the path of health.

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Know About Gabriel Iglesias’s Weight Loss Journey
October 2nd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

A popular TV personality, Gabriel Iglesias, who is better known as Fluffy, usually gets everyone laughing with his comedies and many find that his round figure adds to the funny side. However, he has gotten healthier of late and he stopped by at a talk show Fuse to talk about his weight loss. The difference on Fluffy was noticeable as he had lost about 110 pounds from the last time he was on air.

He was on the verge of reaching 450 pounds when his doctor told him that it was time to lose weight or face serious health consequences. The wakeup call came with scary names like Type 2 diabetes and other ailments. Hence Fluffy realized that he had to take action and lose weight. He had to take a change in his attitude which was a refusal to live without tacos every day from his twenties and then landing up in his thirties to be told that he needed to make changes in his lifestyle if he wanted to be around. He has now started a new show called Fluffy Breaks Even. The show is about the extreme meal that he and his friends indulged in before they went to does an extreme workout in order to burn off all the calories that he put on the night before. The show will premiere on Thursday on Fuse at 10 pm.

Regarding his weight loss, Gabriel revealed that he had managed to lose about a hundred pounds and more. He showcased his loss of weight to Natalie Morales and mentioned that he had come down from 437 to 320 pounds. When he was asked about the secret to losing weight, he stated that the key ingredient was bread. He gave up bread among other things like whole cakes, and chocolate. He had been known for his love for breads as well as cakes. He had been known for his love for whole cakes, especially chocolate cakes.

There was a time when his shows were titled Magic Mike XXL, showcasing his size as the highlight of this stage personality. Today he has lost more than hundred pounds and he is all set to promote his new avatar and use it. For the viewers there will be a healthier and energetic Gabriel taking the stage and people should applaud his effort to get healthy and support his continued weight loss initiatives in the future.

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Daytime Sleepiness Can Be Removed By Weight Loss
October 1st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Those who suffer from feelings of fatigue during waking hours might be able to benefit by acquiring healthier habits which will also help them to lose weight. Many individuals across US are found to be stressed, fatigued, overweight and sleepy during the day. Obesity is being seen as an epidemic in the country and the concerns are rising. More and more patients wish to find a cure for fatigue and tiredness from their general practitioners. Fatigue is often assumed to be a symptom of sleep issues and nothing else, as per most doctors. In many people sleep apnea of the obstructive kind is the main reason for the fatigue that they feel during the waking hours. In certain cases, it might be due to overweight and deconditioning of the body in general.

There are many doctors who are authorities on sleep and they usually run a number of tests on their patients when they come in with complaints of fatigue. The tests are usually run for hypothyroidism, deficiencies of vitamin D and B12, testosterone and adrenal insufficiency in their system. In most cases these levels are normal in the patients.

Sleep is an issue that is worth addressing as most individuals across US are sleep deprived as they sleep for less than the required number of hours. On an average Americans are found to sleep for about six and a half hours every night or even less. If a patient is asked to keep a sleep diary for a week, it is amazing to note the number of hours that they sleep. In the fifties people used to sleep for at least nine hours every day.

Those who are diagnosed with apnea usually have devices to assist in their sleep, but they usually wake up still feeling fatigued and tired. Even if they do better with the apnea therapy, in the absence of not making other health and lifestyle changes the sleep issues continue. The same kind of food, the absence of regular exercise and the same number of sleeping hours makes their health problem persist for longer.

Researchers from the State University of Pennsylvania have done a longitudinal study and realized that weight gain and obesity is usually the underlying reason for sleepiness and fatigue. About sixty nine percent of the population who complain about daytime sleepiness is treated for obesity or their overweight issue; they will surely find a solution to their sleepiness problem as well.

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8 Pitfalls To Avoid On The Weight Loss Journey
October 1st, 2015 by Robert

Those who are trying to lose weight start off with the enthusiasm of eating right and healthy foods. However, it is definitely a difficult task to stick to and one might wonder why so many pitfalls come in the way. Often, it is not the busy schedule that you have or the food you intake but the mindset that prevents you from completing the journey towards weight loss.

The first pitfall that needs to be avoided is laziness. Most of us know what should be done when one needs to lose weight, but we avoid putting in the effort to make it happen. Hence, we shun planning our meals, getting the right ingredients and keeping the meals cooked from before for consumption. We often think that we will fail and not be able to keep up the effort and often we do not try at all.

The second pitfall is waiting for the perfect time to start the diet. We often come up with excuses and wait for a festive season to finish or the holidays to go off. It is important to realize that there will never be a perfect time to start the diet.

The third pitfall is a doubt that you will be able to achieve the weight loss goal. For those who have a long way to go for weight loss, it can be a challenge, thinking of the changes that one has to bring about in their food and lifestyle habits. The key is to believe that you will be able to do it and you will reach the goal. The other pitfall knows your weaknesses, but not wanting to address them. For instance, if you know that you snack too often, you might not want to admit it or change those habits which can keep you from attaining the weight loss.

There are other pitfalls that people face while on their weight loss journey. For instance, many people are negative and critical about others and they might imply how you will not be able to succeed, simply because they have not been able to succeed themselves. Again, some people become too hard on themselves when they are unable to stick to their diet. They feel that they are back in the same place and become discouraged by the moments of weakness they undergo. The other pitfall is wanting your diet to be perfect which might not exist and might be too hard to achieve on a daily basis or not being consistent or too lackluster about sticking to a diet.

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Are Exercise And Less Food The Only Way To Lose Weight
October 1st, 2015 by Robert

When one wishes to lose weight they might be looking at exercising and eating less which are the usual mantras for weight loss. However, many people often have a tough time trying to bring the scales down to the level they want by using the above mentioned techniques. Even though these techniques are well established and proven in the long run, they do center on the basic principles of calories going in and calories going out. The formula of calories being balanced might seem to work in the short run, but many women often suffer when the stubborn fat simply refuses to go away even if they are eating less and working out even more.

The frustration might be because we believe that our body weight is within our control and it can be managed and fought for. If we go by calories alone, every kilo of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. Hence, when we consume 250 lesser calories and lose out on another 250 calories through exercise, in seven days’ time we would arrive at having lost half a kilo. Even with this logic, the general population that seems to be eating less and working out more is getting heavier.

When we count calories we fail to recognize that weight management is not simply an equation of calories, but it also factors in specific biological condition as well. Our bodies are set at a state of balance and to keep the set point our hormones, the gut and the brain work to keep the set point which is perceived as healthiest level. Hence, when you eat less, your body becomes efficient in conserving energy as you provide less calories to it to burn it off. Hence, the same diet, which seemed to be working initially, it stops to be effective a few weeks later. The same effects are seen from exercise. Hence, the same exercises which helped one to lose appreciably in the beginning will seem to lose their effectiveness in furthering the weight loss.

The key lies in changing the focus of the system. If losing weight was the focus, it could be changed to staying healthy. That could help one to see the loss of calories and kilos again. The same effects will be seen when one changes their exercise patterns. If one changes the focus of their workouts, they will be surprised to see effects on their body through weight loss.

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AB Inbev To Raise Up To $70 Billion In Debt For Sabmiller Offer
October 1st, 2015 by Brad Micklin

AB InBev is asking banks to guarantee up to $70 billion in debt loans to back its takeover of SABMiller, the banking sources said.

The beginning financing is relied upon to include bridge loans, which will be renegotiated by bond issues, and more term loans, the sources said.

Banks working on the deal incorporate AB InBev’s center relationship banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Banco Santander, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Deutsche Bank, ING, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Scotland, Mizuho Bank, SMBC and Societe Generale, banking sources said.

Banks remain exceptionally fluid in spite of late worldwide market instability and are enthusiastic to loan in size to center corporate customers, for example, AB InBev.

“It’s a great deal to swallow, yet it will complete,” a head of credit syndicate said.

News of the financing bundle was initially reported by Bloomberg. AB InBev and SABMiller both declined to remark.

A takeover of SABMiller, the world’s No. 2 brewer with brands including Peroni and Grolsch, could likely cost upwards of 68 billion pounds ($103.05 billion), as indicated by analysts’ assessments.

The companies said on Sept. 16 that AB InBev had drawn closer SAB around a takeover. Under UK takeover governs, the company has until Oct. 14 to make a firm offer.

The two sides have been in casual contact following the beginning methodology, sources near the circumstance said.

Potential resource deals could likewise generate more M&A for banks to chip away at in the wake of baffling levels of M&A financing so far this year.

In spite of the fact that banks are willing to give, they may need to hold bridge credit presentation for more as companies hold up to issue bonds at better prices after bond prices enlarged significantly in September.

“Banks are more preservationist about taking bridge advance presentation. Companies will need to pay up and banks will need to sit tight for it to be renegotiated,” a second syndicate head said.

At the point when the uber merger was initially examined a year ago, investors conjectured that AB InBev could try to raise a bridge credit of $75 billion to $80 billion preceding issuing $72 billion to $110 billion of bonds to support a securing.

AB InBev is attempting to lessen its net debt to EBITDA proportion to two times, down from around 2.5 times right now and is on track to do that by 2016, which would give it more space to back a takeover.

In the event that it proceeds, the SABMiller obtaining is relied upon to finished in 2016 at the most punctual.

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New Weight Loss Aid By Diet Doc
September 30th, 2015 by Robert

A new weight loss aid called Adrena Doc has been created by Diet Doc in order to negate the high cortisol effects. It is known that high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol can lead to weight gain. However, low levels can also wreak havoc on the system and disturb any weight loss program that one might be pursuing. When cortisol levels are high, the body gets into the defensive mode. Hence, it insists on hanging onto the calories and storing them in the midsection of the body. This makes weight loss difficult as a result. On the other hand, when cortisol levels are low the body goes through side effects like fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, depression and emotional hypersensitivity.

Hence, stabilizing the cortisol levels in the body is crucial. For that reason Diet Doc has introduced a new product called Adrena Doc. It is considered to be an aid for healthy weight loss which aims to balance the levels of cortisol in the body.

Most people are aware of the adverse effects of high levels of cortisol in the body and the main aim is to reduce feelings of stress and tension that can build up the levels of this hormone in the body. However, many people often neglect the effects of low levels of cortisol in the system. Diet Doc has introduced Adrena Doc which is an aid for cortical management, which can be taken only by prescription. Hence, if one has low levels of the hormone in their bloodstream, it would be stabilized at the same for those who have high levels of the same in their blood stream.

This prescription drug will help to maintain and balance the cortisol levels in the blood stream. Hence, for those who are seeing weight gain due to increased stress will be able to reduce the effects of the same and see results more quickly of any weight loss regime that they are following. Adrena Doc regulates the hormone in the body and the adrenal glands are able to recover faster, which helps dieters to experience weight loss more effectively.

Many dieters who are struggling to lose weight are often unable to figure out what is going wrong that is deterring the process. The role that cortisol plays in the process is often undermined by many. When they take up Adrena Doc they realize the effects of weight loss more easily as the cortisol levels are stabilized in their system.

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A Weatherman’s Journey Towards Weight Loss
September 30th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

We get inspired by public figures when they decide to lose weight. One such story is that of Brian Neudorff. He is the chief meteorologist facing weight issues; he decided to give the Idaho Fat Loss Program a try. But he was not sure that the program would work. He has been on the program for a period of seven weeks and he has already started to see results. The results that the program is bringing out in him are like nothing that he expected.

At the time he started his weight was around 255 lbs. He could fit into one suit and that made him self conscious as well as miserable. Brian was tired of being fat all the time and so he decided to do something about it. The road was not easy to go on for a period of 40 days. However, he committed to it along with supporters around him like his wife Trisha who also underwent the program with him. Both of them received support from viewers, friends, coworkers and others. In the seven week program Brian was able to lose 35 lbs. while his wife lost about 26 lbs.

The Idaho Fat Loss clinic that monitored them, have a system of representing layers of fat with yellow. As per the system, Brian was able to shed seven of the five layers of fat using the program. With the weight loss phase being over Brian has been moved to the maintenance phase. This is a tough phase to master so that the previous pounds do not come back again.

The fourth phase is called the reset phase. Here the metabolism is being reset of the body and one needs to maintain their body in this phase with the food and exercise habits that they have become accustomed to. During this phase the clinic continues to provide support to the patients or customers and monitors their progress. In case one faces any problem or they find that they are putting the weight back on again, they can refer to the program free of cost. Brian was happy with the weight loss which he felt was not only a diet, but a change in his lifestyle.

A similar story was showcased by Al Roker, Today’s weatherman who stated that gastric bypass failed to cure him, but he got round to obesity management with healthy eating and exercise over the long term.

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How Shonda Rhimes Lost 117 Pounds
September 30th, 2015 by Robert

You might not remember her name or face in front of the television, but she remains behind it as one of the successful producers of television shows like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes, a creator and successful television producer, took on a personal challenge of losing weight and becoming healthy.

Shonda was able to lose a large figure of 117 pounds, which she showcased over the weekend. At a special event at TGIT she showcased her weight loss along with the ABC hits that she produces. She talked with the show host, Renee Bargh on the “Extra’s” show and detailed about her weight loss journey.

She revealed that her motivation was to get healthy and be around for her kids. Hence, she decided to get her resolve together and get into the weight loss regime. When she started, she realized that it was not going to be easy. However, once she lowered her expectations, she found the journey smoother.

Her weight loss regime consisted of changes in exercise and eating habits. She found the toughest part was to change what she ate and she hated that. She also hated having to exercise but she did it all the same. At the age of forty five, losing excess weight was tough, but she did it. Today she eats what she likes to eat, but her habits have changed with regard to exercise and food. She consumes smaller portions and changes her palate as per the kind of food that her palate craves. With a craving for salad and fish she still has healthy habits that she follows in her diet.

Shonda Rhimes is known for her successful if not controversial television shows. The last controversy was about the sex scenes that she introduced among the gay men in the TV program How To Get Away With Murder. Fans on Twitter blasted her for these excessive and graphic scenes which they felt were over the top. This incident happened last year when Rhimes confessed that she inserted gay characters in her hit shows in support of her lesbian and gay friends. But viewers stated that Shonda went too far to project sexual promiscuity among gay men as well as a lack of morals between them. For instance, the character of Connor Walsh has a boyfriend, but he is ready to drop his boxers for any good looking man whom he can use for his benefits.

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Moderate Alcohol Intake Can Harm The Weight Loss Process
September 30th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

It has been observed by many weight loss participants that, even moderate intake of alcohol can spoil the hard work that one puts in to lose weight. For instance, in Wisconsin, people love their beer as well as fried items and cheese as well as anything that is tasty and laden with calories. However, for a person belonging to this region, it was evident that the weight loss journey was taking longer for certain constraints or obstacles in the lifestyle that one leads in this region.

Ricardo Arguello stated that, he had embarked on a 48 week weight loss program and found that, about a month back, his weight loss was not happening. He was stuck on the mark that showed his body weight to be 213 pounds. He could not figure out the problem as he was doing what his personal trainer, Maria Munoz told him who runs a fitness program at a wellness studio in Wisconsin Avenue. As the scales were not budging, he decided to stay off alcohol for two weeks, even during the weekends.

What he found was rewarding as he was able to lose the excess pounds and his body weight came down to 210 in the following week. He was then back to the weight that he had been at when he was seventeen. He realized that alcohol, even when consumed in moderation, can play havoc with a weight loss plan. He had ignored Maria’s advice in this regard as every weekend he felt that he needed to reward himself for the hard work he was putting in for getting his weight back on track. The only alcohol that Maria approved was red wine and only a glass of that. He has had to say bye to bottled beer, rum and cola as well.

Even though his body weight needs to come down more, Ricardo feels that he has improved as far as his body measurements go. He has lost quite a few inches around the waist and can get into the acid wash jeans that he used to wear during his freshman year. He feels optimistic about buying clothes, the ones he wants like a Def Leppard T shirt or a Swatch which will help to get the retro look.

In his group who worked out with him, his colleague Mike Sherry was able to fare better and he lost about twenty five more pounds. Amanda, who also worked out with them, has been able to see some benefits. The struggle would be the holiday phase when there will be tasty treats and good food that would be hard to refuse.

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Smartphone App For Monitoring Weight Loss Process
September 30th, 2015 by Robert

As per a study that has been published recently, using a smartphone app to track the eating habits of an individual will help to get weight loss in place. A recent study was conducted by researchers at the Salk Institute, which revealed that most people ingest food in varying patterns and the traditional three meals in a day is often replaced by smaller and more number of meals on the go by the modern individuals.

The study included a group of 158 adults who were healthy and they were put under the monitoring technique via a smartphone app. Regular food that was ingested by these participants during the waking hours showed erratic patterns and the intervals between the meals also varied considerably. The patterns when captured on the smartphone app can help adults to eat healthy and follow consistent and regularized meals at proper intervals.

The app helped to collect a snapshot of all the food that was consumed by the healthy females and males of the study. They were healthy and did not work in shifts. The app inputs of their meals were monitored for a time period of three weeks. The study showed that people ended up consuming different kinds of food over a time span of fifteen hours without being much aware of what they were putting in their mouth. The study showed that, if this length of hours was reduced, it can help to reduce body weight.

The World Health Organization stated that, over the last few decades, the rate of obesity has gone up worldwide. In several states in the US and other countries, people are facing ailments and even death that is being brought on due to obesity problems. The statistics of last year reveal that, about six hundred million are obese and among them two billion adults can be placed in the overweight category. In 2014 it was found that about thirteen percent of the adult population of the world were obese among which thirty nine percent of them are adults who are in the age range of eighteen and over. The apps that are available for smartphones can be key factors to monitor eating habits that are irregular and can open up a way for researchers to determine and monitor the different habits like eating as well as sleeping patterns that impact the overall wellbeing of the individuals. Personalized insights can also be obtained from these apps and the data gathered from them.

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Modern Corsets As A Weight Management Tool
September 30th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Corsets are being seen as weight loss tools as they are being brought back into fashion by celebrities as waist trainers. However, the ultimate benefit of the tool raises several questions among the experts. The modern corset is being brought back to promote the hour glass figure. The trimmers or waist trainers are the modern corsets that are helping women to tighten up their abs and waists. It is being promoted as a way for weight loss as well as to help maintain the weight that is shed. Many health experts are skeptical about their real benefits however. The garments are designed like corsets that come with zippers and hooks. These hardly can be considered tools for weight loss, but more as fashion accessories to help show off a slim waist.

As per the director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at the Boston Medical Center, it simply helps fat women look shapelier when they are out on the street. There is no scientific evidence that states that wearing these accessories will help the waists to be trained to stay that way. Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who are promoting this accessory. She has posted selfies of herself wearing waist trainers and stated that she was obsessed with them. However, she was not available for more information on the experience of wearing waist trainers as per her representative.

The founder and owner of Waist Gang Society, Nakeitha Thomas, stated that wearing the waist trainer for a period of three hours produces perspiration which can be equated to work out for thirty to forty minutes. On their website they have shown the waist trainer and stated that it is a gradual process by which the corset helps to slim down the waist. Sale of waist trainers has increased since then, at a site called Hourglass Angel. Here the corsets are being marketed as shapewear which are foundation garments for sculpting, shaping and slimming purposes.

Users might shed pounds when they wear the garment, but the perspiration is mainly water weight that is being reduced, not real body mass. There is a lack of any evidence that the corsets can help with weight loss. With the help of celebrities like Kardashian, a hype is being created due to which several women are opting for the waist trainers. The latex garments surely help to change the shape of the waist and tighten up loose stomach tissue. However the effects will not be long term, as per experts.

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When You Can Choose To Retain Loose Skin After Weight Loss
September 29th, 2015 by Robert

With the several stories about excess skin removal going round town, it might come as a surprise when one reads about how a woman has opted to keep the loose skin after she underwent weight loss. She states that when she lost 150 pounds she realized that the body she gained deeply disappointed her. She had started her weight loss journey from 2009 and she believed that she will love the way she looks when she realized that, it was not what she expected.

She motivated herself by consuming skinless chicken pieces and doing bicep curls, hoping to look akin to fitness models that she saw on any fitness magazine. For anyone who has lost a lot of weight, loose skin is a big issue. There is no wonder then that there are about 3800000 results on Google when one enters a query like how to deal with loose skin after weight loss. She felt that genetics could be on her side which could help to get the saggy skin tightened after fat loss.

She stated that she lost weight fast and with everything going right; she was able to lose about 150 pounds within a year’s time. She took to supplements, lean meat and vegetables as well as drank a lot of water. She started to lift heavy weights which helped to tighten her muscles and skin as she lost excess body weight. Even then she found an excess skin of about five to ten pounds hanging around herself. As she had high hopes for her body which reduced from 300 to 150 pounds, she felt dissatisfied. She started to consider the different options to get rid of the flabby skin. She was nearly persuaded to consider the surgery and was looking at the payment options for undergoing such an expensive procedure.

She wanted to postpone the surgery as she and her husband wanted to start a family. She realized that only a sense of vanity would make her want to undergo surgery to get rid of the excess skin. She had done multitude of things with her excess skin including running marathons, jumping from an airplane, climbing a mountain as well as wearing a swimsuit.

With being able to maintain her weight loss over the last six years she has become convinced with living with the excess skin without feeling disgust or shame about the fact.


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Story Of A Woman’s Weight Loss To Prevent Abuse And Shame
September 29th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

There can be different scenarios that act as motivating factors for different people to lose weight. For Stephanie Roberts, it was the abuse that she faced every time she walked out of her front door that made her opt for an amazing journey to weight loss. She has now reduced about 11stone after she suffered considerable abuse on the road. Today she finds small acts of kindness around her which amaze her to a great extent. For instance, someone might be holding the door open for her or smiling at her on the road. She is unaccustomed to such acts of kindness and attention which she never received until now, at the age of 37.

She was not used to people being nice to her as till 12 months ago she was still very fat. Before she brought her weight down to 11 stone, she was 21 stone and received cruelty and disregard from most people around her. She states that people would spit at her in broad daylight and say things like “disgusting”. People would say that she should be ashamed of herself to have gotten that big. She would retort that she is not deaf, but that did not stop the comments from coming in. She was either bullied or abused or simply ignored by others.

She says that, now that she is of a normal size, she gets cars stopping by to allow her to cross, men wish to speak to her or people wish to make conversation. She feels angry about the change that has come about in the reaction among others. Appearances should not be that important that makes you invisible, just because you are fat. When she was a size 32, most people considered her a non person while in a size 12 she is acceptable in society. She now realizes how badly people treated her as she has now gotten slimmer.

Stephanie, who comes from Cardiff, used to be a picky eater when she was a child. She started to gain weight in her teens. She loved food and was greedy all the time. As she was not much of a cook, she ended up eating junk food that she picked up from places like petrol stations. She was an intelligent and confident woman who loved to travel as well as ride on motorbikes. She started to work at NHS, helping adults who had learning disabilities. Today she has been able to overcome her urge to binge and is looking forward to a normal life ahead.


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A Weight Loss Method That Has Tenacious Reasons Behind It
September 29th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Zoe Lignon, a sex educator confesses that she was athletic as a teenager as well as health conscious. However, she did not do any regular exercise and did not have any parent who would have guided her on her eating habits. When she moved to New York in adulthood, she was living on her own for four years when she put on forty pounds and came to have a total body weight of 170. She has a height of five feet and eight inches which made her overweight as per her height.

Zoe felt that she carried her body weight well but she did hear mean comments about her size. She got mean comments from ex-boyfriends that made it insulting. The men she hooked up with said that they found her attractive but if she had lost some body weight she would seem more attractive. With these comments she became hurt and disgusted. She was often mistaken to be pregnant as she looked like that with the excess body weight.

The men she was seeing got mean and hurtful about her weight issue when she ended their relationship. When her present boyfriend also stated that he would find her more attractive if she lost weight, she became concerned about how many others had the same thought but were afraid to say it out loud.

She realized that she had to get her revenge. When she started to revamp her diet she realized how she had been irresponsible about her food intake. When she started to eat healthier meals and maintained her food portions she realized how many times she had binged on food. She used to resort to binge eating as it made her feel comfortable and eating till she felt physically full was a comforting thing.

After she underwent exercise and diet for four months she had lost about fifteen pounds which she celebrated by posting her achievement on Facebook. She got her body weight within the range of 126 to 154 pounds which was the right range to opt for as per her height. Once she gained back and saw her weight climbing to 150 pounds she realized that she had to stick to weight maintenance program which would be more of a challenge than reaching a desired weight. Even though she is proud of the weight loss achieved, she feels that the reasons were wrong, of wanting to please others rather than being in good health.


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Blogger Records Graphic Details Of Her Excess Skin Removal Surgery
September 29th, 2015 by Robert

Most people who undergo extreme levels of weight loss usually end up with saggy and baggy skin. It is also a matter of muscle mass and genetics, which controls the amount gained as well as lost. There have been two bloggers in the weight loss category who have undergone skin removal surgeries in the US in the past month. Among them, Elora Harre in Christchurch came home and documented her weight loss by uploading pics of her new body.

She has named herself the Shrinking Violet and has not been shy about showing off her fatness online. She showcased a meal that she prepared herself and got it broadcasted live on TV to show that she had switched to eating healthy meals which has been the secret of her success as she shed about 55 kilograms and went from size 24 to size 14.

The other lady called Simone Anderson also documented her weight loss and underwent skin removal surgery, which was funded by the earnings of her blog. Elora’s page helped to raise about $12000 and this was matched by a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who decided to help her with consultation and surgery.

Elora states that now that she has come home, she does not need to tuck in her excess skin in her pants as about two and a half kilos of tissue and skin have been removed from her abdomen region. She had been facing skin problems and infections due to the excess skin which is now resolved.

She is twenty one years of age and she still has excess skin on her back, the upper legs and underarms which she hopes to be able to get rid off in time.


Simone Anderson at 24 years of age has revealed her excess skin to the world. She was called a fake on her Instagram account where she documented her weight loss journey. As she has gone from a body weight of 372 pounds to 184, she is not taking it lightly, but has bravely uploaded pics of the excess skin that was removed from her body. She states that her weight loss program was driven by commitment and compromise and she hates the fact that many have called her efforts a fake. Even though the image of the excess skin and tissues might be graphic and disturbing to certain readers, the image showcased the irrefutable truth of what she has achieved in a time period of one year.


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Weight Loss Teas Might Not Be Totally Harmless
September 26th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

A British teen has contracted jaundice and hepatitis after having green tea as a weight loss measure. The sixteen year old did not read the instructions on the box as it was in Chinese. She followed a weight loss regimen of consuming about three cups every day. The reason for her condition is being linked to the green tea that she consumed. Doctors believe that the tea caused the conditions to surface, even if the ailment was not brought on by the green tea. It is suspected that there were additives or pesticides in the tea, which have caused the problem.

The young girl was initially diagnosed to be suffering from a urinary tract infection for which she was given antibiotics. She returned to the emergency room soon with yellow eyes and skin. She then confessed that she had been drinking green tea that she had purchased online. The tests that were conducted on her subsequently revealed that she was suffering from hepatitis of an acute kind and that her liver was enlarged.

This is a finding that is not completely new as similar circumstances have occurred before. There have been instances recorded when individuals who were consuming medication made from tea leaf extract; from tea leaf powder or infusions had fallen sick. Many of these occurrences were suspected to have pesticides and additive traces of unregulated amounts in the tea leaves or extracts.

The girl stated that she had experienced a little bit of weight loss after which she started to experience pain in her joints, feeling sick and dizzy. She was feeling sick and scared when she was admitted in the hospital, not understanding why so many tests were being conducted. She admitted that she will remain wary of purchasing weight loss products online. She stated that she will be careful of what she buys and what kind of side effects could come from. She has recovered, though the recovery time was about two months. In other cases the liver damage had been so bad that transplants were required for many individuals.

Those who did the study stated that, green tea is a drink that is healthy and safe as it is known to have beneficial antioxidant properties. However, in the presence of chemicals it can lead to hepatotoxicity or damage of the liver due to toxins. For those who are preparing for weight loss by depending on the green tea need to be more aware of the source of the tea leaves and the reliability of the brand.


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Weight Loss Can Help Women With PCOS To Conceive
September 26th, 2015 by Robert

A recent study has proven that weight loss can help women who are overweight and suffering from PCOS is able to conceive. Those who are undergoing therapies need to combine lifestyle changes that can bring about positive results in women suffering from PCOS. When weight loss occurs in obese or overweight women who are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, it can help to remove the adverse effects of the oral contraceptives that are given as part of the treatment. The adverse effects on the metabolism are eliminated when one exercises and makes lifestyle changes to counter obesity. The effects can lead to higher rate of ovulation as well as possibilities of live birth in these women.

PCOS is caused in women due to hyperandrogenism due to which OCs are given to help stabilize the menstrual cycle. This is part of the treatment before ovarian stimulation has opted for. However, the use of OCs in this treatment usually makes the metabolic condition worse in these women due to which conception becomes difficult. It has been proven that, if one loses weight they will be able to improve the rate of ovulation. Usually PCOS causes infertility and this is aggravated when one is obese or overweight. The treatment approach also inhibits the ovulation cycle initially. Hence, only a course of lifestyle management and weight management can help to stabilize the metabolism cycle and increase chances of being pregnant.

As per the researchers, the trend is towards more live births where weight loss is achieved in women who suffer from PCOS. The standard treatment usually comprises of a course of oral contraceptives which are given to boost the ovulation cycle which can have adverse side effects in deterring conception. However, weight loss during this treatment stage along with a stable metabolism process can help to enhance the chances of fertility. The study stated that the trials that had been run were random which proved that lifestyle modifications helped women with PCOS to conceive. As birth control pills can enhance the metabolic imbalances in the body, only with a consistent lifestyle management plan can the metabolic effect be removed and menstrual control is set in. The study that was conducted consisted of 149 women who were obese or overweight and were aged from 18 to 40. They were suffering from infertility issues due to PCOS. The group received oral contraceptives for about 16 weeks and underwent intervention in the form of control of calorie intake and increased physical activity.


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Hunger Pacemaker Might Be A Solution To Weight Loss
September 26th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

A hunger pacemaker has been experimented with for the first time and the recipient is hopeful that it will prove to an effective solution to her weight loss problem. There are many women who have tried different ways but have not been able to sustain weight loss for any appreciable manner. For them the hunger pacemaker might be a boon which will help them to fight the problem of obesity. This is a solution that has been recently approved by FDA and it promises to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

As reported by CBS4 health specialist, Kathy Walsh was able to witness the procedure for the first time when it was performed on a patient in Colorado. The procedure called the vBloc, was done on Lyra Repplinger who hails from Castle Rock. She was thrilled about the operation and the promises of a cure to her weight loss problem which might be a solution to a problem with which she has suffered lifelong. The forty year old had been plagued with overweight issues throughout life, as she went through marriage and even motherhood. She stated that she had struggled with weight loss for a long time. She had tried several diets since junior high which she tried even now. Her life had been a roller coaster ride with calories being counted and food fads tried. With this solution she was looking forward to be able to get her body in shape and the excess body weight taken care of.

She had suffered through a roller-coaster ride of being unable to control her and not being able to sustain weight loss for long. She is hopeful that the procedure will help her to live a satisfied and fulfilling life. She became the first person on August 10th to undergo the brand new operation for weight loss. The procedure was performed by a bariatric surgeon who stated that the aim was to cure heart problems and diabetes that come with obesity. The procedure consisted of a few small incisions by which two lead wires were attached to the vagus nerve, which controls the senses of hunger and fullness. The procedure, called vBloc, is akin to having a pacemaker being inserted in the stomach. It will send an electrical pulse to block out signals of hunger to the brain. The tool can be controlled externally and it is a reversible and adjustable device. This can be an alternative to gastric bypass which often affects other organs as well.


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Shots For Losing Weight
September 26th, 2015 by Robert

We have tried exercising, found it too hard and time taking. Results are negligible after immense effort.

We have tried different diet plans. Found it a mental torture and depressing to live off fruits and salads. Immunity system also gets affected with certain crash diet regimes. Finally, we tried stapling our stomach with bariatric procedure or cutting off fatty tissue from our bodies. These procedures are painful, involve a long recovery period and needless to say, extremely costly.

Now here is an idea. Weight loss by taking shots. Yes the product name is Saxenda and has got the FDA approval about a year back. Tests prove that a single shot of this wonder drug made subjects lose 18 pounds in 56 weeks, 3 times higher than the subjects given the placebo.

The bad news is that our bodies keep maintaining a certain baseline; hence the weight gain comes back unless a certain dose is taken on a maintenance mode. For those who are on the lookout for a cure to their weight gain issues can take a look at Lirglutide whose brand name is saxendra. It is a drug that has been approved by the FDA last year. It has been subjected to another round of tests this year and it is now being marketed as a weight loss drug in injection form.

The study was documented in the New York Journal of Medicine and the details showed that the participants were given a diet of reduced calories as well as increased exercise. They were either given placebo or the medicine shot. Those who were given daily shots were able to lose about eighteen pounds in a period of 56 weeks. This was in comparison to placebo patients who simply lost about six pounds.

It might be an answer to those who are looking for reliable ways to reduce their waistlines. It is considered that any drug in injectable form works better and more effectively than a drug that is consumed in oral form. That is because the injected medicine gets into the bloodstream directly, not after it is ingested and consumed through the digestive system and then absorbed by the blood stream. In the potent form the injection is seen to work in a sustainable manner with gradual weight loss experienced by the individuals without any side effects. The active ingredient has been used in many drugs to treat diabetes of the Type 2 form before this.


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Key To Weight Loss Lies In Eating Less
September 26th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Even though US can be considered a nation that is obsessed with fitness, there are studies that show that, eating less might hold the key to weight loss more than exercise. With the several fitness and foods being marketed, many might not realize this simple truth. Today it is fashionable to be fit. That is what has all the fashion designers getting designer gear in store for those who work out and what people aim to buy as they enroll in gyms or yoga studios. Today fitness is a popular subject of discussion amongst friends. Where colleagues used to bond over pints of beer, it is more trendy and healthy to go for a run or opt for a triathlon together.
However, for those who are struggling to lose weight and suffer from obesity, they might find exercise to be exhausting and a long drawn battle of commitment and hardship. However, it is not only exercise that helps to get the excess weight off. Even though the different public campaigns and contests see the contestants going through grueling exercise sessions in order to see quick results, it is necessary to see the other side of the story as well. What we eat will eventually translate into calories, necessary or in excess which in turn leads to fat deposits. While exercise helps to keep the metabolism levels up and the calories burning, the food intake needs to be regulated if the effects are to be long term.
Even though US is known to be the mecca of fitness, the mantra that exercise is all important is being rephrased by many experts. Many are stating that it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight and for that it is necessary to eat right and put emphasis on what you eat.
Many people think that exercising loses a lot of calories, but it is not necessarily true. For instance, swimming or running for half hour will lead to a loss of 350 calories. But it is unreasonable to keep up this kind of a strenuous regime every day. As most obese people are not fit, the challenges of these physical levels of activity might be unthinkable for them. Instead, they need to focus on losing weight for which eating right is important. As more and more people having eating imbalances and do not eat at the right time or follow the right routines, the effects on the body are far greater than the benefits that exercise provides. Hence, for weight loss, it is imperative that one focuses on eating the right food items and reducing the amount that one consumes. It is also important to monitor the timings of meals.


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Eggs As One Of The Weight Loss Foods
September 25th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Recent studies reveal that you need to look close to what you have stocked in your refrigerator than looking for. The humble tray of eggs that is always lying there can help you to choose easy recipes to make that are packed with the protein you need. If one is finding it difficult to lose weight, opting for eggs during brunch time can help one to get the metabolism moving again.

Many people often reserve eggs for a heavy brunch like meal during weekends. However, studies indicate that eggs need to be made more of a daily breakfast meal plan which can be beneficial for overall health as well as weight loss. There are several reasons and study findings that support this theory.

There was a study conducted in 2008 where obese people were able to lose weight more when they replaced bagels for breakfast with eggs. This was also accompanied by a diet that reduced the calorie intake in general. The second point is that, having eggs for breakfast ensures a good amount of protein in pone’s morning breakfast which helps one to feel full for longer time. Hence, the tendency to gorge on junk food mid-morning will reduce when one has an egg for breakfast. Eggs are even more popular as they are convenient to consume and can be cooked up easily. You could make a poach, make an omelet with vegetables or opt for a hardboiled egg on the go. It can be combined with other meat or carb based food items to make a complete and fulfilling meal.

Many people might find it boring with the options they know of cooking egg based dishes. But one would be surprised with the number of recipes that exist out there which comprise of egg and are easy to whip up.

For those who are reluctant to add on eggs to their diet, they should not, as it is a good source of protein which is a complex food that provides energy to the body more slowly as the body needs to work harder to break down these sources of energy. Hence, when one opts for poached eggs on brown bread, it’s an excellent breakfast choice that keeps the hunger pangs at bay for longer. These properties make eggs, one of the easy and convenient food choices to opt for as protein sources for one’s diet when one is looking to avoid binging and convenience foods.


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Americans Who Eat All The Time Might Find It Difficult To Cut Back On Fat
September 25th, 2015 by Robert

It has been found that Americans eat about fifteen hours in a day and most of the time they are eating on the go. The research findings show that, Americans are working 24/7 and this culture of work along with digital connectivity and entertainment has a lot of influence on the consumption trends and patterns. The eating patterns are erratic and round the clock as per the new study.

This pattern of eating has led to the wave of obesity in the country as well as the increase of incidence of Type 2 diabetes. However, these trends can be reversed with a long fast during the night time so that better health and a lower weight can be maintained.

The study has recorded the consumption patterns of people who do not work in shifts and do not diet, about 150 in number. The population chosen is people who live in and work around the San Diego area. The research or study consisted of studying the eating patterns of these people for a time period of three weeks. The researchers were a group from the Salk Institute, La Jolla. Their study found that most people ate through fifteen hours or even longer and the interval of the fast was less than nine hours at night. of people

The snacking habits consist of a mid-morning snack, a small lunch during the afternoon, a drink or two with dinner and snacking till it is bedtime. Less than a quarter of the calories consumed during a day are before noon while most of the calories are consumed during night time. Most consumers are consuming three meals during the day, but the traditional pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing from the modern eating trends.

It is found that the participants of the study ate and drank during most part of the day and night. The intake of calories is maximum among those who snack at night, averaging around 1947 calories after nine pm at night. This trend showed excess calories being consumed above what is required to keep the body weight stable and the energy levels optimal. This kind of eating habit leads to disturbance of the metabolism and easy weight gain. The team of researchers suggested that, it is necessary to maintain a time schedule of 10 to 12 hours of fasting between the nighttime meal and the next meal on the following day. That helps the metabolism to be right and the body has enough time to burn off the extra calories that are consumed.


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A Weapon For Weight Loss That Millions Are Using
September 25th, 2015 by Robert

If you thought that there is hardly anyone who uses the fitness trackers, you are probably missing out on a lot of what technology has to offer in the arena of fitness and weight loss. Sara Murphy is one among millions who are using the MyFitnessPal app to record what she consumes every time she sits down to have a meal. She says that it is one of the successful tools that she has been using over three years now that has been successful in helping her keep off 60 pounds consistently over a time period of three years.

She states that noting down what she eats helps her to keep a tab on it as it is easy for her to put on ten pounds easily if she does not track what she is eating. As long as she is conscious of what she eats and limits herself, she is able to keep off the excess pounds.

This is an electronic version of what food and diet experts have advised to their clients for decades, to maintain a diary where food choices are written down for every meal, every day. All health experts agree that accountability for eating right is the ultimate weapon to use when one is trying to keep off the excess pounds in a consistent manner over the years.

Several studies support this advice as being meaningful and effective for consistent weight management. Research shows that food logs show what people are eating daily or weekly more than memory serves. It is definitely not a new concept to maintain a diary for food and exercise habits, but technology is making it easier to do so. One does not need to open up a diary and the hunt for a pen to note down nutrition details anymore. With apps coming in and cell phones being customized to act as fitness trackers, it is easier to pick up any app that will help one to track their fitness regime, both exercise and diet.

Of course, one might appear rude to be working on their phone every time they sit down to have a meal, but it can be done quickly and it does not need to be rude. And it surely helps to track all the indulgences, from pizza, chips to peanut butter and other sinful delights that one caves in from time to time. The next time one wonders where all the excess weight has come from, all one needs to do is glance at the app that has recorded your entire food intake over the last two weeks.


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September 25th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Many people who are diet enthusiasts and wish to know the calorific impact of the items they consume will be interested to know which fruit and vegetable items have more fat content in them. It is known that an extra serving of fruits and vegetables every day for four years can cause weight loss but weight gain as well. It is necessary to know which items have the most impact on the system as the terms fruits and vegetables are generic.

Those who are struggling with waistline issues are usually asked to leave out fattening ingredients from their diet like peas, corn and potatoes and add on ingredients like pears and blueberries. Harvard university researchers have found that consistent consumption of vegetables and fruits does prevent weight gain in the long term but there are specific ingredients that are responsible for weight loss or weight gain efforts.

The study that was conducted included 133000 adults in US who consumed an extra serving of blueberries everyday for a period of four years and they were able to reduce about half a kilogram. Fruits that are linked to weight loss include pears, grapes, strawberries and others while vegetables like potatoes, corn and peas will not aid in weight loss. This was also established in the study as those who ate an extra serving of corn every day for a period of four years put on an extra kilo by the end of the period. The other starchy vegetables like peas and potatoes were also found to have similar effects. However, intake of non starchy vegetables like broccoli and beans helped people to keep their weight in check.

The effects of fruits were stronger than the intake of vegetables like green, leafy ones or cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower. The intake of berries, pears and apples were found to have a greater impact on weight loss. The main reason being, the fruits have lower calories than vegetables and more fiber which leads to a feeling of satiety. The combined intake of fruits and vegetable helps to control the weight gain issues.

The study was based on the responses acquired from adults in US who reported their dietary changes and their weight changes between the period 1986 and 2010. The lifestyle variables like diet, physical activity levels and smoking status were also considered among the study population. The starchy vegetables were found to be directly linked to weight gain issues.


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Be Inspired By Grace Payne’s Weight Loss Of Hundred Kilos And More
September 24th, 2015 by Robert

Grace had a body weight of 186 kg when her mother’s death occurred. This occurred around January 2011 at the home of Payne and her ailing mother, Elsie. Payne had been caring for her ailing mother for about nine years.

Grace at 53 years, says that she had always been overweight and it was something that she was used to. She was a size 20 when she was in high school and by the time she gave birth to her first child, she hit 100 kg. Payne had taken her size for granted and gotten on with her life. However, now having lost over hundred kilos, she realizes how much she has missed out on life. As her weight increased, there came a point when she was unable to go out or go to the beach or visit her daughter as she lived in a house that had the bathroom upstairs. Payne has layers of loose skin as an after effect of the massive weight loss she has obtained but she stated that she will try to make do with what she has. When her mother died out of kidney failure at the age of eighty, she herself found her health declining more. She had to get someone to do everything for her as she could only take one or two steps at a time.

In 2013 she was hospitalized as she was unable to breathe. At this time she was diagnosed to have suffered from rheumatic fever in childhood which had not been diagnosed before due to which she was left with a weak heart. Her excess body weight made the situation more difficult. Payne was told by the doctors that she would have to lose weight or die from a heart attack or a stroke.

One of the reasons for her weight gain was the dependence on convenient food. She had suffered third degree burns when she was seven years old when she poured boiling water on herself due to which she stayed in hospital for a period of three months. From then she would have McMuffin combos for breakfast which consisted of egg and bacon along with hash browns and hot chocolate. Her dinners were equally fatty and so were her lunches that consisted of takeaways. Her GP had been persistent about her weight loss and when she was admitted to hospital she had lost about fifteen kg. She stayed a week and consumed hospital food which helped her to lose about seven kilos more. This was the beginning of her weight loss journey.


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Health Insurance Costs For Diabetes Might Decrease With Weight Loss Surgery
September 24th, 2015 by Robert

Bariatric surgery patients are shown diagrams of the procedure that will be performed on them before they undergo the surgery. This is increasingly becoming an option for obese people, not only for those who are extremely fat but also for fat people. This is also being considered an option for fat and diabetic people from the point of view of insurance costs.

For diabetic people weight loss surgery is being seen as a cost effective process to lower blood sugar levels. Research has shown that, those who are diabetic, do not find a rise in the health care costs once they opt for weight loss surgery. The overall health care costs reduce as there is less need for medication as well as other forms of health care.

On the other hand, those who have low elevated levels of blood sugar or normal levels and opt for bariatric surgery, the health care costs are seen to rise later on. Bariatric surgery is shown to help reduce diabetic conditions in obese people and even help to eliminate t completely. However, the surgery is usually recommended only for those who are extremely obese.

The study’s co-author from Karolinska Institute stated that, weightage needs to be given to the blood sugar levels found at the pre-operative state in order to identify which patients will benefit most from this kind of surgery. This is because the outcome for the overall health for these individuals is greater and it makes sense for the economy as well.

As per global statistics, about 1.9 billion adults across the world are obese or overweight and are at risk from ailments like joint disorders, cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

It is seen that one out of nine adults in the world suffer from diabetes which is of the Type 2 category which comes up when the hormone insulin is not properly used or not manufactured in enough quantity to convert the blood sugar and burn it for energy generation. Diabetes is a difficult disease to contain and in its severe form it can lead to heart diseases, amputation, nerve damage, blindness and possibility of stroke. Bariatric surgery is one option when the usual medication, exercise and diet do not seem to work. The procedure can lead to malnutrition in patients who undergo the surgery and it is mostly recommended to those who are obese to an extreme level.


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Plateau Breakers For Weight Loss
September 24th, 2015 by Robert

You might be hovering around ten pounds from the ideal weight that you have set as a goal. You might be getting close as you diet and exercise but not being able to reach that goal close enough. For everyone who is trying to lose weight, they are able to stick to a diet and exercise plan till Thursday after which the weekend starts and every conscious effort to stick to a diet friendly regime goes for a toss. You might be there, close to the ideal weight but not getting there, hovering around a five pound more figure. As a result, you might be fitting in most of the clothes but the ones that you slithered into once seem to stay at the back of the wardrobe ever since.


Many of us think that the scales are playing tricks on us and hence we think that it is okay to opt for a second glass of wine or an extra slice of cake, the Doritos nachos during the movie on a weekend and so forth. The dilemma comes on as we allow ourselves to fall back, thinking that it has been an achievement to have reached the farthest end of the weighing range that we want to reach. Often, with a bit more monitoring on what we eat, we are able to reach the ideal weight figure. But the plateau comes in when we come closer to the ideal weight figure but do not seem to reach it totally.

This is the weight loss plateau which is the hardest range to cross. For those who are struggling in this region they need to think of being on a speed boat that is reaching the harbor. As the docks are near, you need to slow down. Those who usually have plans of losing twenty pounds or more will hit this kind of a plateau region at least once or twice during the weight loss period. It is necessary to understand the body and its response to the diet and exercise routine that you follow. The body slows down the metabolism when it realizes that the fat stores are depleting.

There are certain things that can be done to overcome this region. It is necessary to look at what one’s eating and cut down on an afternoon snack or trim some calories further to get to the next step in weight loss. It is also important to realize the times when we are taking in more calories than we realize, like in the restaurants or the condiments, toppings and dressings in our food.


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Weight Loss Possible If You Drink Water Before Meals
September 24th, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Research was done for a time span of 12 weeks whose findings have been recently published. The study suggests that sixteen ounces of water drank about thirty minutes before intake of meals can help in weight loss. The study was found effective for obese people. The study consisted of a small group and hence, it is pending confirmation with a larger group study.

The study consisted of 84 obese people who volunteered in a research that was undertaken in the University of Birmingham. The participants were given consultation on weight management and asked to undergo changes in their lifestyle which included knowing the benefits of exercise, the importance of food choices and other changes in their daily habits.

The group was set up in two, one group consisting of about forty volunteers who were asked to drink sixteen ounces of water about 30 minutes before a meal while the other group was asked to pretend that they were feeling full before they started to eat. Those who drank water before each meal lost about 9.48 pounds on an average.

There have been other studies that talk about the importance or the role of water in helping one to lose weight. The studies indicate that drinking water has several positive effects on the body like boosting the metabolism rate, helping the body to get rid of toxins as well as helping to suppress the appetite. It is also known that water retention is countered when water intake is increased.

With these facts, there are certain ways that one can ensure that they are drinking enough water. As water helps to suppress the appetite, one can drink a glass before every meal which will make them feel fuller. The WebMD website offers statistics which indicate that, drinking water before a meal will help to reduce consumption of calories by 75.

The other way to ensure that you are drinking enough water is to replace calorie laden drinks with water. Instead of opting for a fizzy drink or a fruit drink it will be more beneficial to opt for a glass of water that contains zero calories. The other fact that helps is that drinking cold water will help to step up the metabolism level as the body needs to work hard to bring down the water temperature, thus stepping up the metabolism rate in the process. While working out, drink water frequently as this helps to keep the joints lubricated and prevents muscles from cramping.


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The Barriers We Face Every Day For Modern Day Weight Loss
September 23rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Most of us are trying to keep off the excess pounds, but there are certain factors that work against us in our modern lives that make the process a whole lot difficult. The barriers that we face can be dealt with certain good habits and knowledge. The pitfalls that most working modern men and women face are discussed below.

The Dilemma Of Dining Out

Nowadays, most people are dining out every other day for several reasons. It is seen that an average American dines out about four to five times in a week. When one eats at a restaurant it might be more difficult to control the portion size as well as to reduce the fattening ingredients that are usually included in restaurant food. The solution could be to modify the portion by asking for half of the portion to be put in a doggy bag before you decide to consume the same. Also, one needs to try and eat and home where the portion sizes are more easily controlled.

Large Portion Sizes

Today portion sizes have increased, especially in cafes and restaurants. In order to counter the increasing costs, the food chain owners find it more lucrative to charge more for a larger size. Hence, a bagel that should contain 140 calories is sized such that it is close to 350. Even meat servings and carbs have increased in most of the eateries. In these cases, the solution would be to control the portion one consumes, no matter how much one purchases. One can also pack up half of the food or consume part of the meat serving and most of the vegetables served on a plate. It is also better to consume till one feels just about full.

Convenience Might Not Be Nutritious

Today, most of our food choices are based on convenience. The food items that are easy to prepare and have on the go are usually picked up by us during our busy work days. For those who are short of time and are unable to cook meals for themselves all the time, they can substitute unhealthy meals and snacks by wholesome vegetables and fruits or a cup of yoghurt which are convenient to grab on the way and healthy as well.

Short Of Time

In most cases, working parents will order in pizza when they have arrived home too late to cook dinner. In these cases it is best to plan ahead, preferably during the weekend and store cooked meals in the freezer which can be taken out and heated during the week. This will also inculcate healthy food habits in children.


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Weight Loss Surgery Gives Neal New Hope To Live
September 23rd, 2015 by Brad Micklin

Neal Shytles is no celebrity but he is definitely well known, his homeless situation is covered in the media a while back. This homeless man who resides in Norfolk has been given a new lease of life as he has recently undergone a surgery to shed his excess body weight. Even though his homeless situation has not improved, Neal can definitely look forward to a healthier life from now.

Neal was close to weighing around 500 pounds and he underwent gastric bypass surgery two weeks earlier which was covered by his Medicaid coverage program. He stated that his father passed away at the age of 56 and he is close to that age now. Hence, the impending health problems had been in his mind ever since. When he found that he was eligible for the surgery, he decided to go for the same. He is now undergoing an exercise and diet program as part of his recovery procedure and he is down by 75 pounds. He is currently staying at the Union Mission shelter where he is recovering from his surgery as his homeless situation continues.

He states that his goal is to lose about two hundred pounds more, whether others might find it hard to believe it or not. Neal might have lost a bit of the massive weight he has to lose but his confidence is back on. He stated that he wants to be the guy on television who holds out his pants and states that he has finally achieved the impossible. Neal is a happier person now than what he was at the time the media caught up with him last year in November. He stated that he would love to have a family as he hated being alone and the worst days were Thanksgiving and Christmas. He visited NewsChannel with a plea to find a family and this went viral online. Today he has several friends and gifts that have been offered to him, even from faraway countries like Britain and Germany.

He states that there is a Facebook page that is dedicated to him with about 3500 people following him. Hence, he no longer has a problem with whom to spend the holidays with but now he wants to address his homelessness situation. He hopes to get better and get a job as a painter or in retail though his dream job is to be a driver with a company like Uber.


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