BMW And Lexus Working On Supercar Project

BMW And Lexus Working On Supercar Project

BMW and Toyota are teaming up once again to bring out a supercar. The two car giants are already working on to create the next generation Z4 roadster and also a successor to the Supra model, through its Silk Road project. Now, there is news coming through that both BMW and Lexus have joined hands to bring out a mid-engine supercar. If everything goes well, Toyota Lexus will be getting a follow up model to the LFA car and BMW will be able to give the Audi R8 a tough run in the market.

There is a tussle going on between BMW and Audi, two of the leading luxury car manufacturers in Germany. BMW and Audi PR war never seems to drop with Audi claiming that BMW does not have a super car like what it has. BMW is looking to change that and this is why it has sought Toyota’s help in this regard.

There is information coming through that both the companies have already made the supercar prototype ready that has an all wheel drive and a mid engine layout. The design features of the supercar come with a carbon fiber tub that is coupled with an aluminum space frame. The electric motor will be seen driving the front wheels of the car.

The Powertrain that you could find under the hood of the BMW and Toyota Lexus collaboration supercar that BMW would be bringing out would be a bespoke, M developed twin turbo engine coupled with six speed gearbox and it will also be coming out with a plug in hybrid technology offered by Toyota.

There are also reports of Toyota testing the detuned Le Mans TSo40 race car’s 3.7 liter V-8 engine that would be fitted under the hood of the Toyota version supercar. This car from Toyota will not feature a hybrid power. The total power that you can expect from these two supercars would be close to 800 to 1000 HP.

The BMW fanatics and loyalists will be super excited to hear the news of the BMW supercar to come out very soon. There are many hurdles that Toyota and BMW will have to meet in order to bring out a viable rival car for the Audi R8. If all works out fine, this w2ould be a great East meets West partnership between Toyota and BMW.

The supercars from Toyota and BMW are most likely to arrive just in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


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