Blocking People On Gmail Is Now Very Easy

Blocking People On Gmail Is Now Very Easy

If you have been worried about some of your friends or unknown people sending some crap and nasty messages on your Gmail account, then you can easily get rid of it now on Gmail. Google, the search engine giant, has introduced the block sender feature on its Gmail email service for all its users who want to keep their Gmail inbox free for people with whom they do not like to converse.

Till now, you just had the feature of reporting an email as spam in Gmail so that similar emails went into the spam folder. From Tuesday, you can make use of the block sender feature to block a person by just clicking a button. Once you have clicked the block sender, Gmail will give offer you the option of blocking the sender for ever on your Gmail account. This is a very good feature to have on Gmail.

Filtering spam email addresses earlier took a lot of your time and also had confusing steps. But, the new block feature offered in the drop down menu of the email allows you to quickly block the sender and prevent the mails from the sender to enter your inbox. All future emails from the blocked address will automatically be sent to the spam folder and you will never find it come up on your Gmail inbox.

There is also an unsubscribe button option offered by Gmail for its users. You can now use this feature to remove your name from a mailing list that you do not want to receive mails from. These new options are now made available for all the Gmail web users. The block feature and the unsubscribe feature will be offered to the Gmail app users on Android mobile devices next week.

In order to use the Block feature, you need to press on the ‘More’ button seen next to replay button on a mail. Here, you will see an option to block the email address of the unwanted mail sender. You need to just click on the block option to block the sender and all future emails from the sender will directly go to your Gmail spam folder.

Gmail also offers you the option of unblocking a contact that you had blocked previously with the block feature. Once you unblock the contact, you will automatically start to receive all emails sent from the sender once again.


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