Blackberry’s Android Powered “Venice” Will Be Known As “Priv”

Blackberry’s Android Powered “Venice” Will Be Known As “Priv”

The first Android based Smartphone from Blackberry which was code named as “Venice” will be launched by the name “Priv” the shortened word for privacy, reports the tipster @ evleaks. The Blackberry Priv is expected to get launched in November 2015.

According to tipster, Evan Blass, Blackberry wants to avoid the code name Venice and use the name Priv instead of it. The new name indicates the focus given by Blackberry on the privacy and security on its Android phone.

Blass claims that the new Android device will be available with all the major carriers in U.S such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Corporation and T- Mobiles.

According to reports, Blackberry Priv will be a premium phone, but the pricing details for the Smartphone are not available yet.

Blackberry has not yet confirmed the features and name of its new Android phone.

Some of the specifications expected in Blackberry are 5.4 inch screen with QHD LCD screen, 5MP front camera, 18 MP rear camera, Snapdragon808 processor and 3GB of RAM.

There are speculations that the new phone will have a feature common with Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung. The screen of this phone is expected to slope down to either side. It will also have the glass weave pattern from Blackberry Z30.

A hands-on video revealed that Black berry comes with QWERTY keyboard with capacitive touch input features, which help the users to scroll the page just by touching the keyboard. The app, called password keeper is the standard feature in the Blackberry handsets and this offers the facility to manage and save user passwords and logins and to store any information in a safe and secure way.

Though Blackberry is all set to launch the first complete Android phone, the Canadian firm has laid off more than 200 of its hardware design staff.

In 2013, BB10 was launched by Blackberry and since then the company has been trying to achieve good sales volume for their Smart phones. However the company was able to ship only 1.1 units in the last quarter.

Though Blackberry CEO John Chen has said several times that the company will only continue the manufacturing of handsets only if it is profitable, the company has even found it difficult to achieve the break-even point.

The fate of Blackberry’s hardware business to a great extend depends on its upcoming Android phone. Blackberry is producing its software and hardware products, even though they are way back in its competition with brands such as Microsoft, Apple and Google.


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