Black Cayman Edition Introduced By Porsche

Black Cayman Edition Introduced By Porsche

Porsche always looks to bring out the black edition of their popular cars. In May 2015, Porsche rolled out the special Black Edition 911 Carrera and the Boxster models. The classic black color exteriors and the interiors of the cars make it a unique one off car from Porsche. This time again Porsches has come out with a black edition car to woo its customers and the new car that is introduced by Porsche in black color is the popular Cayman car.

The black color looks to suit the Porsche Cayman beautifully and everyone will notice this black beauty on the road. Cayman now becomes the latest Porsche cars to join the team black cars from the automaker.

The Cayman black edition car is featured on the non S model. This means that the car will be offering a maximum power of 275 HP and the engine that is fitted under the hood of the black edition Cayman is the 2.7 liter engine.

All the standard features that are offered in the Porsche Cayman will be offered in this vehicle too. Apart from the standard features, the Cayman Special Black edition car will be offered with Bixenon dynamic headlamps, 10 inch classic wheels of Carrera, front park assist as well as rear park assist. The car comes with the option of opting for a black metallic paint or the classic black paint on the exteriors.

The interior of the special black edition Porsche Cayman car is quite different from the standard Cayman models. The car comes with new audio system, sports steering wheel, dual climate control, and navigation, black edition logos on the door sills, headrests with embossed Porsche crests, heated seats and rear view mirror with auto dimming feature.

Porsche has showcased the black edition Cayman car to tease all the Cayman lovers. The base Cayman car comes at a price of $53,595. The Black edition will not be offered at this price. The luxury and attractive looking Porsche Cayman car will be yours, if you are ready to shell out $60,195 from your pocket. It is about $6,600 more than the price of a standard Cayman car.

The Porsche special black edition Cayman car will be hitting the showrooms in the U.S only in January 2016. You will have to wait till then, if you want to buy the special black edition and to lay your hands behind the wheels of this attractive black beauty.
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