Barack Obama Says Donald Trump Will Not Be Next President

Barack Obama Says Donald Trump Will Not Be Next President

US President Obama said that Donald Trump was “the exemplary unscripted television character” who had taken advantage of something genuine in the Republican Party yet was unrealistic to wind up as president.

“He is an awesome attention seeker – and during a period when the Republican Party hasn’t generally made sense of what it’s for rather than what it’s against,” Obama said of Trump amid a meeting on CBS’ “an hour” project airing on Sunday night.

Supposition polls put Trump at the front of a swarmed Republican field looking for the party’s nomination for the November 2016 presidential race.

The very rich person land tycoon and TV character has aroused controversy with his provocative comments on illegal movement. He has guaranteed to assemble a divider on the U.S.- Mexico outskirt and to expel the evaluated 11 million illegal immigrants as of now in the United States.

Obama said Trump had taken advantage of something that “exists in the Republican Party that is genuine. I think there is authentic hostile to outsider notion in the huge bit of in any event Republican essential voters.”

“He is, you know, the exemplary unscripted television character,” the Democratic president said, including it was not astounding Trump had gotten a ton of consideration in the crusade’s initial stages.

Inquired as to whether he thought Trump would in the long run vanish from the race, Obama answered: “I’ll surrender it over to the savants to make that determination. I don’t think he’ll wind up being president of the United States.”

Obama likewise said in the meeting that he didn’t think about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was his secretary of state however that it didn’t represent a national security issue.

“She committed an error. She has recognized it,” he said.

“I feel that the way it’s been ginned up is to a limited extent because of politics. Also, I think she’d be the first to recognize that possibly she could have took care of the first choice better and the divulgences all the more rapidly.”

Discussing Joe Biden’s conceivable section into the Democratic race, Obama called him one of the finest VPs ever and said: “In case you’re sitting right alongside the president in each meeting and … grappling with these issues, I’m certain that for him he’s adage to himself: ‘I could make an okay showing.'”

Inquired as to whether he thought he himself could be re-chosen if not intrinsically banished from a third term, Obama answered: “Yes.”

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